Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 900: The Second Silver Box
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Chapter 900: The Second Silver Box

After comprehending the law vein of the Destruction Palace, Chen Rui finally realized that the Destruction Palace should have been derived from an origin. In other words, the Destruction Palace was an illusion created by the origin.

Of course, this ‘illusion’ was not bluffing, but fatal.

The origin was in the palace, and it might be hidden anywhere or not anywhere. However, as long as the law of this palace was cracked, the origin could be found.

However, even Pseudo-Gods couldn’t bear the law power of the Destruction Palace, let alone cracking it.

The destruction law was not a single one, but it could derive myriad changes. Everyone’s understanding was different. With the special avatar of Shura, Chen Rui could touch a part of the origin power, but unfortunately, the comprehension and understanding were only in a relatively elementary stage. He could not reach the height of the true ‘origin’.

The Destruction Palace was a manifestation derived from the origin law. As far as Chen Rui’s current level was concerned, it was impossible to crush the law power of the palace, but he did not need to use absolute strength to suppress it. An ant hole may cause the collapse of a great dike. Theoretically, the palace could collapse on its own by influencing some of the nodes.

Only origin power could ‘influence’ origin nodes, so Chen Rui needed to use Shura’s power. Shura was another destruction entity derived from the silver box, which itself represented a part of origin. Of course, there was still a big difference between theory and practice. Chen Rui serached for a long time, and relying on the strength of [Deep Analysis], he only roughly understood the structure of the entire palace law, but he could not even find a node that could cause an influence. It was like a student who didn’t have sufficient writing skill. He wanted to try to revise the masterpiece of an adult writer, but he didn’t know how to start even though he obviously had a pen and a dictionary in hand.

Tiffany was in Chen Rui’s arms and didn’t struggle or interfere. She just watched him fly around the palace indifferently. She understood that this person was looking for the silver box, but even the ‘key’ like her had to use some kind of ritual and sacrifice some things to find the clue of the silver box. It was delusional for this person to seek directly.

The problem was that now she had fallen into the hands of this person, and she had to rely on that kind of life force and faith power to maintain the existence of her soul, so she must be patient and wait until this person was out of ideas before she could try to negotiate with him again.

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Chen Rui used the power of [Deep Analysis] to quickly calculate while thinking, but the more he calculated, the more complicated it was. This kind of comprehension thing was very mysterious, which could not be analyzed by simple data. After several failed attempts, he simply closed [Deep Analysis]. He no longer thought about cracking and influencing. He purely used Shura’s origin to feel the origin of the palace.

Gradually, this change had unexpected effects. After a period of mutual repel and cancellation, the 2 origins finally became complementary and merged together. Shura’s origin had grown a lot, or rather, the origin of destruction was more complete.

An inspiration flashed in Chen Rui’s mind. It turns out to be like this! As long as I can complete Shura’s origin to comprehend and master the most original destruction law, I can truly reach the peak of the Red Pole Star Emperor in order to break through to the next realm.

Chen Rui couldn’t help laughing because he had not only mastered the general mystery of the Destruction Palace, but he also clarified the way forward.

In Tiffany’s surprised gaze, Chen Rui pointed at a pillar of the palace. In Tiffany’s eyes, it was a pillar, but in Chen Rui’s eyes, it was a law node. Even a Demi-God might not be able to sense it, but Chen Rui could clearly see it.

He was not using Shura’s destructive power at this moment, but an extremely rich life force. Just like when he defeated Shura at the beginning, what he activated was the ‘creation’ power which was the opposite to destruction. Life was the greatest creation.

The life force was devoured by the destruction law in an instant, but the law node was also influenced by it. The pillar suddenly cracked, and even that part of the ceiling collapsed, instantly turning into a mist that could not be recovered.

Although Tiffany didn’t understand what was going on, she was very clear that the Destruction Palace was made out of the strongest destruction law. Even Teacher Satan himself would not be able to destroy it, and it was actually easily destroyed by this man!

Immediately afterward, Chen Rui quickly flew and pointed in the palace. Wherever he passed, a large area ??collapsed, making it seem incomplete. After his last move, the entire palace collapsed. Those mist seemed to be attracted by something and quickly gathered at one point. The silver light gradually became clear, and it condensed into a square box that floated in the air.

Silver box! Tiffany was shocked. This person actually found the silver box!

Chen Rui released Tiffany and flew toward the silver light. Of course, he didn’t forget to release a cluster of power to protect her.

The shock in Tiffany’s eyes gradually dissipated, replaced by despair.

Since he found the silver box, she had lost her use value. Even if he did not kill her and abandon her here, as long as the protection on her body was exhausted, her soul would vanish.

Chen Rui grabbed the familiar silver box. No doubt it was the same as the Dark Moon’s.

He thought about it and opened the box. In an instant, the flow speed of life force suddenly increased thousands of times.

Then, Chen Rui saw the destruction.

Destruction is the principle of the universe. Everything has a death, including the universe itself, but death does not mean the end. Instead, it is the transfer of energy, which is another kind of creation…

Chen Rui’s eyes were red. He had already realized something when he was exploring the Destruction Palace. Now the sense was clearer and more complete. Shura’s origin had become complete in this realization.

The destruction disappeared in an instant because Chen Rui had closed the silver box.

The silver box might have other more special functions, but for him, he had already gained something valuable of his own.

The only thing that was strange was that there was no small box inside this silver box.

Chen Rui remembered very clearly that inside the silver box of the Dark Moon, there was a smaller box. What’s going on?

What is that little box?

This kind of thinking was interrupted by the muffled sound on the side. It turned out that the life force devoured when the silver box was opened was thousands of times that of the ordinary state, so the protective power on Tiffany’s body had been exhausted in an instant. She was wrapped in destruction breath, and was about to die.

Chen Rui immediately shifted in front of Tiffany and waved his hand. A thick cluster of life force and faith power wrapped Tiffany, making her recover.

At this moment, a whirlpool-shaped exit appeared at the place where the silver box was initially floating. Chen Rui’s eyes lit up: Could this be the passage to exit the Chaos Realm?

“Kill me and you can get out of here.” Tiffany’s words confirmed his suspicions.

Chen Rui smiled slightly and stretched out his hand, “Follow me.”

Tiffany didn’t move. She just asked a little unexpectedly, “Why?”

“As I said, I came here for 2 purposes, the first is this box, and the second is to protect you.” Chen Rui shrugged, “Actually, I said it in the opposite order. My main purpose is to take you away safely. The silver box is secondary.”

Tiffany stared at him for a moment, and her eyes softened a little. She looked at the silver box, and shook her head, “You go.”

Without the silver box, it would be meaningless for her to leave this place as she would be dead anyway.

Chen Rui saw through her mind and asked, “Tell me, besides life, what else can you get with a silver box?”

Tiffany hesitated for a moment before finally saying, “Freedom, and… mother.”

Chen Rui knew that Tiffany’s mother was a human. Has she been imprisoned by Satan? No wonder she risked her life to this extent. If that’s the case……

“I’ll give this to you.”

Tiffany looked at the silver box in his hand in disbelief, and her body trembled a little.

No, not an illusion. it is true.

Chen Rui’s voice sounded, “As I said, the silver box is secondary.”

“Who are you?” Tiffany’s voice also trembled. She was filled with indescribable gratitude and excitement, but she just couldn’t figure out why.

This treasure is even coveted by Pseudo-Gods. This person tried so hard to get it, but he gave it to me so easily.

“Actually… We met a long time ago. Besides, this silver box is a dangerous thing, so I may not be able to keep it. En, besides that, there are many reasons… If you don’t mind, let’s find a more suitable place to sit down and have a good talk? By the way… my hand is a little numb.”

Tiffany’s eyes were getting red, and she didn’t say anything polite. She just nodded and held his hand tightly.

The 2 held hands and flew toward the exit together. They entered the exit, and the vortex gradually disappeared.

After a while, Chen Rui and Tiffany appeared on a small island surrounded by endless seas.

The radius of this small island was only tens of meters, and the area was very small.

“This is…” Chen Rui tried to activate the [Star Gate], and the light door appeared without hindrance. It seemed that they really escaped from that mysterious Chaos Realm.

“The Dead Sea.” Tiffany answered, and she gently released the grip of his hand.

“It’s the first time that the fishy sea breeze smells so good.” Chen Rui took a deep breath and turned off the outputs of faith power and life force, “Finally, I left that damn place.”

Tiffany asked hesitantly, “You said we’ve met before?”

Chen Rui scratched his head, “Remember… the game of ‘mistakes accumulate and successes disappear’?”

“So you are that Simon!” Tiffany’s eyes brightened.

Chen Rui didn’t expect that she actually remembered that pseudonym. Tiffany asked again, “Simon, tell me, why did you save me? Why did you give me the silver box?”

Chen Rui thought for a while, then he removed the necklace with the Bloody Ring from his neck and put it in her hand, “Before answering you, please accept 1 thing. I was entrusted to give this to you. “

As Tiffany looked at the ring in her hand, her complicated gaze was constantly changing before it gradually cooled down in the end. Just as she was about to speak, a strange light suddenly appeared from her waist, and a snake pattern badge gradually emerged. “Bang“, it exploded on its own.

“No!” Tiffany was utterly shocked, and she blurted out, “Run! My Teacher Satan is coming soon!”

TL: Can he fight against Pseudo God now after comprehending the destruction law? Maybe Satan will reward him, but he will still be hunted down by Sariel…

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