Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 671 - Egg
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Chapter 671: Egg

Chen Rui was surprised at the generous promise of the Holy Lady, plus her previous action of letting Paul go and leaving him alone. As the saying went, there must be an interest behind a move. ‘Richard’ was nothing but a ‘weakling’ with a beast taming skill. Was there anything else that Her Holiness Holy Lady could take advantage of?

Chen Rui reacted quickly and immediately showed a high-spirited expression, “Any 3 conditions?”

“Yes, the prerequisite is that you have to accomplish something.”

“No problem! I’m willing to join the Holy Blessing Hall and work for Your Holiness!” Chen Rui seemed extremely excited as if he had received the windfall. Although he didn’t know what the Holy Lady wanted him to do, he understood the so-called ‘any’ 3 conditions should not be unlimited. For example, if he really mentioned the Snow Dallet as a condition, perhaps he would be detained immediately.

Eudora walked down slowly, looked at him a few times, and nodded in satisfaction, “You can’t tell anyone including Paul about what you see next and what I want you to do. Otherwise... Everything you hope for will vanish, including your life.”

“Understood, Your Holiness.”

Although this was a pure threat, the kind voice of the Holy Lady seemed to have a magical power that made it almost impossible for people to have an adverse feeling.

“Take this and don’t let it go.” When Eudora waved, a ping-pong-sized white ball appeared in front of Chen Rui, “Come with me. Remember, don’t leave 5 meters away from me.”

Holding the white ball, Chen Rui shuddered as he felt the chills coming from the ball. He followed Eudora toward the back of the hall.

The 2 made a few turns and walked through 1 passage after another. In fact, Chen Rui could clearly see that he and Eudora only took 3 turns. The other turns were illusions made by a magic circle. In addition to the magic circle, there were... ancient runes.

Ancient runes were called the language of gods, and it was said that they could be used to glimpse the mysteries of the gods. Cherub Raphael was behind the Holy Blessing Hall. It was not surprising that there would be ancient runes here, but the nearby runes were very profound. Even some sentences and combinations were unknown to Zola. As Chen Rui’s mind moved, he activated the [Deep Analysis] to quickly analyze and record.

After walking for a long time, after passing a corridor with various hidden traps, a door appeared in front of him. Eudora’s mind moved, and the door slowly opened.

Once the door just opened, Chen Rui felt a blazing heat rushing toward his face. At this time, the refreshing cold air of the white ball effectively offset the heat, so he felt very comfortable.

This small palace was arranged like a volcanic environment, exuding terrifying heat. If it were not for the cold protection of the white ball, ‘Richard’ would definitely not be able to bear it with his Demon King strength level.

There was another person in the palace, Eliza.

Eliza’s clothes at the moment were very revealing. Except for some quirky accessories on her body, she almost wore a bikini. Her figure looked a lot more mature than her appearance. Although her breasts were not as rich as Celine’s, they were still plump. She had a graceful figure and white skin, exuding a layer of sweat. It had a different kind of temptation full.

Chen Rui’s [Analytical Eyes] could identify that Eliza’s necklace, armband, bracelet, and anklet were a set of equipment that could greatly enhance spirit power and sensing power.

Eliza sat on the ground in the center of the palace. Her body was steaming with white mist, and her hands were sending out strong spirit fluctuations toward something which was like a... bird’s nest. In the nest, there was a coconut-sized round object, wrapped in the white mist.

“Eliza, how is it?”

“Teacher.” Eliza stood up and bowed, “The runes have been amplified by twice in the past few days, but it is still the same as before. I sense almost no fluctuation.”

Eudora glanced at Chen Rui, “Richard, your soul language and beast taming skills have shown amazing magical effects in the riding battle which made me more determined to rely on your power. As you see, that demonic beast egg is very important to me...”

Chen Rui’s heart suddenly beat at a glance at the ‘demonic beast egg’. This detail was immediately noticed by Eudora. Her eyes flashed. Just as she was about to speak, Chen Rui covered his chest and showed a painful expression. It took a long time before he recovered.

“Your Holiness! What demonic beast egg is this?” Chen Rui seemed like he was still badly shaken.

“Can your spirit power sense it?” Eudora’s eyes lit up.

“It’s just a little bit. As soon as my spirit power touches it, my soul seems to be burned to death by the boundless flames. It’s really terrifying!”

“The feeling of burning?” Eudora took a deep breath, “Very well, the soul language you have is more acute than I expected!”

In fact, Chen Rui was indeed intensely electrocuted just now. The painful look was just to hide the shock of his mind.

In the [Analytical Eyes], the data of this egg appeared.

Race: Phoenix (Egg)

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: Unknown.

[Analysis]: Sleeping state, hatchable.

Holy Lady Eudora actually has a phoenix egg here!

‘Phoenix’ was no stranger to the Chinese on Earth. It was the king of birds. The appearance of the phoenix represented auspiciousness and it was also a kind of tribe totem.

In this magic world, there was also the existence of phoenix. Chen Rui only heard this name occasionally from Zola and Paglio. This was an ancient creature that had almost disappeared. It was older than the giant dragon family. As 1 of the top creatures ever, it possessed tyrannical and mysterious power. As it was ages ago, many records were incomplete. Only 2 attributes were known: Immune to all flame power and could be resurrected in the flames.

These 2 attributes of fire immunity and rebirth alone were abnormal enough.

“Wear this, it should increase your resistance.” Eudora took out a necklace and gave it to Chen Rui. “Now, adjust your power and try to sense with your soul language.”

Chen Rui took the necklace which was actually a legendary grade accessory. It would increase the wearer’s spirit power by 30%, shield spirit fluctuations, increase mental resistance, and reduce the damage of fire elements by 50%. It seemed that Her Holiness Holy Lady was no doubt very generous.

Chen Rui put on the necklace without hesitating and tried to really use the [Analytical Eyes] to communicate with the phoenix’s egg. Gradually, the phoenix’s egg, which had not reacted at all, seemed to sense some kind of intimate power hidden in him and began to radiate slight fluctuation.

Even Eliza could sense this special fluctuation. Eudora’s eyes suddenly exuded brilliant light, and her clothes fluttered slightly, seeming to suppress the excitement in her heart. The phoenix’s egg, which has been silent, actually has such an obvious reaction!

Chen Rui felt a familiar breath in this kind of fluctuation as if it had some resonance with his spirit power. The [Analytical Eyes] also sent the emotion of intimacy at the same time. He could not help but be slightly surprised. This breath... power of Nirvana!

Eudora and Eliza could not sense the intimate emotion of the phoenix’s egg toward Chen Rui. Due to the necklace’s function of shielding mental fluctuations, plus Chen Rui’s own S++ spirit power and [Breath Holding] skill, even Eudora could not detect the abnormality of his spirit power. However, the change of the phoenix’s egg alone utterly shocked both of them.

Chen Rui retracted his spirit power, wiped the sweat from his head and showed a tired look, “Your Holiness, my soul language can only barely sense its life and existence. It seems that I will not be able to live up to Your Holiness’ expectations.”

“You’re wrong, I’m very satisfied with your ability.” Eudora had recovered and shook her head gracefully, “You know? The change of the riding battle is actually due to my intervention. The purpose is to test your ability. I’m gratified that your performance exceeded my expectations. As I said, it will give you the best stage for your ability. As long as you can successfully hatch this egg, then I will honor my previous promise to satisfy any 3 of your conditions, including... Miranda.”

Chen Rui was surprised. Only then did he realize that the new rule of the original riding battle was actually changed by the Holy Lady in order to deliberately test him. The purpose is precisely for the phoenix’s egg. Also, Miranda is Eudora’s apprentice, and Her Holiness Holy Lady threw her out as a bargaining chip without even thinking about it. This is definitely the means of an ambitious and ruthless person. Then, once ‘Richard’ really hatches the egg, whether will Her Holiness Holy Lady fulfill her promise or kill me, only the damn Light God will know.

However, ‘Richard’ was also not an amateur. Perhaps even the damn Light God will not know who will cry or laugh at that time.

Thinking of this, Chen Rui nodded in joy, “Yes! Your Holiness!”

“Since this is the case, you make the Blood Oath of Light according to this contract.” The Holy Lady’s mind moved and a contract appeared in front of Chen Rui. Chen Rui was no stranger to the Blood Oath of Light. Samuel used this contract power back then to become Chen Rui’s subordinate.

“Your Holiness, to tell you the truth, I once promised Sir Paul to sign a subordinate contract after he becomes Divinity Temple Knight.” Chen Rui slightly pondered and showed an expression of hesitation.

“You fool!” Eliza shouted, “So many people eagerly wanted to be teacher’s subordinate, yet you are still hesitating at this time? Teacher can give you 100 times better rewards than what Paul can give you.”

“Of course I know, and the trust of Her Holiness Holy Lady makes me unable to refuse.” Chen Rui said sincerely, “I have only 1 request. After I made the Blood Oath of Light, I want to accompany Sir Paul until the end of the Divinity Temple Knight Selection Contest.”

“No problem.” Eudora’s voice had a hint of praise, “I admire this quality of finishing what one started. I’m glad to have a subordinate like you. From now on, you are the highest-level Holy Light Guardian Knight in the Holy Blessing Hall with the privilege of entering and exiting the Holy Blessing Summit. Of course, to enter this Hall of Flame, you must first get my permission. Otherwise, even if a Saint powerhouse tries to break in, he will lose his life with the multiple traps along the way.”

“I’m willing to serve Your Holiness.” Chen Rui bowed deeply and stretched out his hand to the Blood Oath of Light without hesitation.

TL: By the time he hatched the egg, he had already brought the phoenix back to the Demon Realm. He can already open a zoo to show off his collections 🤔

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