Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 586 - Athena’s Little Plan
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Chapter 586: Athena’s Little Plan

Chen Rui learned about the true level of the Demi-God realm from Zola. In fact, there were many things that Zola did not say such as the silver box, but he knew that the silver box must be related to the power of the Demi-God level. Otherwise, Paglio would not be sealed by a Demi-God powerhouse back then. He understood that Zola was not trying to take exclusive possession of the box. Instead, she was afraid that he would be over-ambitious and couldn’t bear the temptation to take a shortcut.

Isabella slept in the Fertile Yuan Realm controlled by Earth Elemental King. After Zola obtained the source power of the earth given by Earth Elemental King, she was eager to learn about it. Chen Rui did not stay in the Rainbow Valley and returned to sheriff’s house.

Dodo still played the role of the servant boy in the yard diligently, but Master Roman was gone and replaced by Athena.

When Athena saw Chen Rui appeared, her eyes lit up and she stood up, “You’re back.”

“I’m back.” Chen Rui was excited. The whole yard seemed to warm up.

Athena walked over and hugged Chen Rui with open arms. If it was Kia, she would definitely sniff his body to see if there was any other woman’s scent on him; but Athena was different, she just hugged him without hesitation.

Dodo hurriedly covered his eyes. Yet, a second pair of hands appeared and took the opportunity to constantly stuff the food into his mouth. The slime had always done this since the time at Mountain Xilang.

As Chen Rui felt the warm and charming body in his arms, a wave of guilt came into his mind, “I’m sorry.”

Athena raised her head, glanced at him, and smiled sweetly, “Don’t rush to apologize. Dodo has performed well recently. Give him something as a reward.”

It could be due to the bad influence of the environment. Dodo had been in contact with a few dragons for a long time, so he also picked up the hobby of collecting. However, the “treasures” of slime were not valuable. Small crystals, trinkets, plant seeds, empty wine bottles and all kinds of items.

Chen Rui listened to Athena’s words, plus Dodo also worked hard by frequently disguising as him. He immediately took out a few fruits and a useless ring and threw them at Dodo. The slime jumped up happily, caught these things, and hopped to the back corner of the yard to enjoy.

Athena yawned and said with a tired face, “I’m exhausted during this period of time with all the affairs every day. I didn’t know that being a lord was so hard. I really didn’t know how Princess Royal... Her Majesty Empress handle it. Furthermore, she was in a difficult environment at that time. I don’t know how long I need to be this representative lord. I really miss the barrack life in the past.”

“You have worked hard, my Madam Athena.” Chen Rui bent down, “Come, let me carry you upstairs to take a rest.”

Athena pursed her lips, leaned on his back and put her arms around his neck. Chen Rui carried Athena on his back and walked upstairs.

Athena closed her eyes lightly and pressed her face to his back. In an instant, both of them felt like they had returned to the tranquility and warmth they had at the beginning. They only wished that the longer the road, the better.

“Hey, sir leader, why are you carrying Athena on your back... and circled around the corridor? Are you having convulsions?” A discordant voice disrupted the vibe, and Athena opened her eyes.

Seeing the sir leader and future Sir Uncle’s eyes flaring, the nephew felt guilty. He fully activated his [Flash] talent and disappeared instantly.

“This bastard! Good that you run away fast!”

Chen Rui said with irritation. Athena grinned, “Let’s go back to the room. I, the general..., uh, madam lord want to have a good rest.”

Chen Rui carried Athena back to the room and put her on the bed. Athena stretched out, “Home is still the most comfortable. I am not used to living in the palace.”

Chen Rui sat on the bed, rested her head on his lap, and listened patiently to her telling about the troubles of being a lord. After a series of whining, Athena said with a smile, “Okay, I’m finished. You seem to have something to tell me just now?”

Looking at Athena’s bright red eyes, Chen Rui felt ashamed. After hesitating for a moment, he finally gritted his teeth and said, “It’s about... Isabella. I’m going to the Dead Sea with Earth Elemental King. “

Athena pondered for a moment, then she nodded slightly, “Okay, since you have decided.”

“Huh?” Chen Rui was taken aback, “You knew this?”

“It’s just a small part. Do you know why I asked you to reward Dodo?”

Chen Rui finally reacted: Dodo! This abominable slime was curled up in the corner pretending to enjoy the fruit, but he was eavesdropping on the conversation between Roman and I. Then, he reported it to mistress to get benefits!

“I’m sorry.” Chen Rui lowered his head. Athena was his first lover. His feelings for her were much deeper than his first woman, Her Majesty Empress. Even though the Silent Night Wetland’s accident did not count. Later he “hooked up” with Kia, Shea, and Zola one after another. Now there was another Isabella. In Chen Rui’s consciousness, he felt most sorry toward Athena.

“I knew that the secret can’t be concealed for too long.” Athena smiled a little more reluctantly, “Delia asked me to pay attention to Isabella long ago. I didn’t expect she really found her “Charles”.

Chen Rui said bitterly, “Isabella didn’t know initially. It was Roman that betrayed me!”

“Is it just that? So now? Why are you going to the Dead Sea?” Athena looked at him directly. Chen Rui did not dare to look at her eyes for a while, “My father is quite a man of integrity, and he still has more than a dozen wives. You now have me, Kia, Zola, Her Majesty Shea and her sister, and also the secret lover of Dark Shadow Empire. Even if you add Isabella, there are only 7. It’s not that many. I thought I could accept it, but when I heard Dodo talk about it, I still felt upset... You know that I’m not good at covering up, so I just say what is in my mind.”

Chen Rui didn’t explain that Alice was not included. He just stroked her red hair and said guiltily, “I understand, this is my Athena.”

Athena sighed, “However, after you accompany me to the house, I don’t feel so upset anymore for some reason. In fact, Isabella’s personality is very similar to mine in some parts. We both want to be strong, so we won’t tell our true feelings until the last moment, especially when she once died before... Remember what happened when we were in Mountain Xilang?”

“I remember. I will remember it for the rest of my life.” Chen Rui shuddered slightly as if returning to the life and death confession of Athena when he was facing the invincible enemy, Glorfin.

However, I still love you. Not like, but love.

Chen Rui leaned over and kissed her forehead, “Athena, I promise you that this is the last time, I will never make you wronged again.”

“If one day you return to the human world, there will be your relatives and your women...”

“Don’t worry about this.” Chen Rui shook his head with a determined expression, “My relatives are here. I will never leave you.”

Athena stood up from his embrace. She suddenly pursed her lips and took out a dagger. Chen Rui was taken aback. He immediately learned that it was the first dagger he gave to Athena back then. At that time, his metal proficiency was still very clumsy, but this dagger was always cherished by her.

“Stretch out your wrist.”

“Are you going to execute bloodletting punishment?” Chen Rui smiled bitterly and stretched out his hand.

“Do you know why I wanted you to make a dagger back then?”

Chen Rui shook his head. Athena’s face blushed with a faint red glow, “You will know right away... Although I have not become your first woman, I’m at least ahead of Her Majesty Empress, now there is one more thing to get ahead of her.”

With that said, Athena slightly cut Chen Rui’s right wrist. When Chen Rui deliberately put away the passive attribute, his blood slowly flowed out. Then, Athena cut a wound on her left wrist, put their arms on top of each other, held high, and let their blood combine together.

“There are many kinds of rituals for weddings in the Demon Realm. This is just the simplest and most direct one.” Athena looked at him seriously, “Chen Rui, are you willing to spend this life with this woman whose blood is mixed with yours and be by her side until death?”

Chen Rui was startled. A strong sense of happiness surged, “I do.”

“I, Athena. Wales, is willing to accompany this man until the end of life.” Athena’s face was filled with a blush of excitement and shyness, “Then, from the moment our blood mixes, I’m your official wife.”

“You are wrong.” Chen Rui shook his head, “Remember the vow I made when I returned from the capital and gave you that ring? For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. From then on, you have been my official wife and the first one. In the future, I will make up a grand gift to make you the most beautiful bride.”

Athena’s ruby-like eyes sparkled, and she plunged into his arms.

“Tonight you are going to accompany me alone. You are not allowed to add the little charming girl, Kia, in.”

“Of course, according to the rules of my hometown, tonight is our wedding night which belongs to only both of us.”

“I’m already your first legal wife. Even if you become Prince Consort Royal Highness in the future, it cannot be changed.”

(It turns out... it’s about the position in the crystal harem. Even Athena inevitably has such a little selfish plan.)


“If you dare to hook up with another woman, don’t blame that I, your wife, be calculative.”

(It turns out...)

“Huh? Got it... Ouch!“

“What do you want to do?”

“Doesn’t my madam wife need to fulfill her due... obligation?”

“Put away your lustful paws first. Tell me about Isabella and the Dead Sea.”


Chen Rui would naturally not do such a stupid thing like praising another woman in front of a woman. He mainly described Isabella’s tragic experience in detail. Athena felt sorry for her after hearing it. Not only that, Chen Rui also expanded his mission to the Dead Sea to find materials to help Guradam advance and restore the ancient alchemy castle. He also showed her the mysterious treasure map.

Athena leaned forward while snuggling in his arms, allowing his hands to take advantage of her more and more boldly. Chen Rui’s actions fully verified that “every man has a pair of hands in a compassionate suit.” Soon, they removed their clothes. The Madam Representative Lord, who hadn’t been intimate with her beloved man for a while, had an emotional red tide on her face, and her breathing became rapid.

At this moment, the treasure map thrown aside emitted a strange light like it was inspired by some kind of power. Chen Rui was startled. This was something that had never happened before. Even Athena, who was confused and infatuated, showed a surprised look when she found out the abnormality.

“Is the treasure map a perverted map that is related to the wonderful things we need to do?”

Sex Treasure Map? When Chen Rui, whose discipline value was already negative, thought of a wretched possibility, his wretched hand was groping toward the spring valley of the Beautiful Lord, but it was held by Athena.

“Wait!” Athena bit her lip and pinched him, “This fluctuation is coming from outside. Go check it out first!”

With this pinch, Chen Rui finally recovered some discipline. He sensed that the source of the fluctuation was indeed outside. He immediately stood up, opened the window and saw Dodo, who was at one side of the yard, making sounds while holding something high up.

Chen Rui was surprised. He came to the bed, picked up the treasure map, and whispered to madam lord, “I’ll be back, don’t wear back the clothes!”

When he came to the yard, he heard the smug laughter of the slime, “Sir Dodo is really amazing. You finally found a treasure of the highest quality!”

Chen Rui walked over and took a look. Dodo held a pair of glasses in his hands with purple lenses. There were fine textures on the silver frame. It exuded a scorching halo. The fluctuation of the treasure map was transmitted from the glasses. “Dodo!”

The slime was startled by his master’s voice. The glasses instantly turned into a ring. Dodo hid it behind him with a guilty smile on his face, “Master.”

Chen Rui gritted his teeth and walked toward Dodo step by step, “I can’t tell that you are a good whistleblower!”

The slime was exposed on the spot, so he quickly turned into a crying expression, “Master, don’t blame me, I was forced by mistress...”

“Hmph! Athena doesn’t know about Isabella at all. It is clear that you took the initiative to inform her to cheat for my reward. I will settle this matter with you later! Show me the glasses first!”

“Master! This is Dodo’s collection for many years! I steal it from a fierce demonic beast with great difficulty...” The slime wailed while trying to make the last effort.

Chen Rui’s eyes twitched, and veins began to appear on his temples. A collection of many years? Great difficulty? Fierce demonic beast?

Damn! This is clearly the “reward” that the slime took from me just now. That “useless” ring!

Damn slime!

Speaking of this ring, in fact, it has a great origin. It was a gift that was forcefully given to me when I first met Roman when I was a mining officer in Mountain Xilang.

The name of this ring is Purple Flame Heart. There is another name, which is named by the unscrupulous nephew who is controlled by his wife, called the “infatuation ring”!

TL: Infatuation ring and Sex Treasure Map🧐, good match? Does Dodo has some kind of talent to activate the ring? Athena seems to become more savvy in dealing with relationships, the harem life is destined to be more difficult...

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