Deus: We are all Lords

Deus: We are all Lords

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    With a wave of his hand, he shapes the land,

    An omnipotent king, his power grand.

    The sun and stars he sets in motion, And rules with absolute devotion.

    His words command the wind and sea,

    The mountains bow down, the rivers flee.

    All creatures great and small, they heed his call,

    And his power reigns supreme over all.

    In his kingdom, order and peace reign,

    And all who enter know his righteous reign.

    For he is the omnipotent king,

    And his power shall forever ring


    My name is Kingsley Seth and I along with all 7 billion+ people on Earth got transferred into a planet said to be 50,000x bigger than the Earth. Having no choice but to listen to a system whose only defining feature was it's absolute fair judgement.

    This is the story of me and those 7 billion people as we try to not only physically this world but Mentally as well. Well..... This is a story of how they try to survive, I live in a huge castle and accompanied by servants of all kinds.

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