Descent of the Demon God

Chapter 233: Epilogue (2)
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Chapter 233: Epilogue (2)

After many years had passed, the Sky Demon Order was still standing in the midst of waves and winds.


The sound of the last-page turning was heard.

[What happened on the three days of his disappearance is an incident not recorded in the history of Chun Yeowun, the 24th Lord of Sky Demon Order, who unified the Murim for the first time.]

Then, water dropped on the book the boy was holding.



The boy in robes was startled and wiped the tears from the book with his sleeve. He was worried that the paper would get torn as he wiped, so he checked.

And fortunately, the book was okay. Then he mumbled in disbelief.

“Why the hell is this book here?”

The boy looked around.

This was a story room on the last floor of the Sky Demon Order’s records hall. The boy who discovered this book felt tranced and read it until night.

“Why didn’t grandpa never tell me of this?”

This was something he had never heard of.

He was a boy who often stopped by the hall with his great grandfather, who recently passed away.

“Future? Vehicles? I cannot imagine.”

As he read the text, he wondered if such a world existed.

Would anyone believe it?

Despite reading it all, the first thing he thought was…

‘No can know the truth.’

It felt strange thinking about it. Had such a thing been there, it would have been an uproar.

It seemed like a nonsensical story. However, reading this made him want to see his great grandfather.


Who would have known that a man who reached immortality had passed? Yet, none of the members of the Sky Demon Order could accept the fact.


The boy who looked at the book thought…

‘Shall I take it?’

It was against the rules, but leaving a book about his great grandfather here would be a waste.

While he was contemplating it, someone came to him.

“Young Master Chun.”


Startled at the woman’s voice, the boy hid the book behind him. Looking back, he saw a beautiful woman standing there.

The woman sighed with a frown.

“Do you think I cannot see it because you are hiding it from my eyes?”


“The books can only be read here. Aren’t you familiar with the rule? In the past, people would memorize everything and leave the books.”

The boy was shocked at her and showed her the book he was hiding. When he handed it, it was evident that he felt bad.

“Young Master Chun.”

Just then, someone waiting outside showed up. Wearing a mask with a unique pattern, it was the Great Guardian, Marasung.

“Great Guardian?”

“The Lord is looking for you.”


He was going to ask if it was fine to keep the book with him just for a little while, but now that the Great Guardian was here, he couldn’t do that.

The woman smiled and said,

“I need to work. Young Master Chun, please go meet the Lord.”

Uhhhh, fine.”

He was sad he couldn’t keep it.

He couldn’t take it, but he knew where this book would be.

“I will come again.”


As his steps turned lighter, he felt like he alone knew the secrets of his great grandfather.

But he noticed something strange.

‘Was there a woman working on the last floor of the record hall?’

He didn’t see one before.


And at that time, the door was closed shut. The boy, who was contemplating, eventually followed the Great Guardian down the stairs.


Then there was a sound of something being scratched at the stone of sapphire located in the middle of the hall, which was tightly shut.

Someone was standing there with one hand behind his back and the other hand engraving something on the stone.

The sapphire stone, which should have been difficult to cut, had something written on it by hand.

It was strange that neither the boy nor the Great Guardian, who visited the place, didn’t seem to notice the existence of this person.

The woman, who sent the boy away, approached him from behind. The beautiful woman held onto the book then a fire flared out from her hand, burning it.


The treasure the boy would come to find again was now just ashes.

“I am deeply moved at the thought of that grandchild, Chun Ma.”

As she took a step ahead, her tied black hair was untied and turned golden. In addition, her eyes were also now gold.

She was none other than the Golden Gumiho.


The person who was inscribing something on the sapphire stone lifted his hand. And, of course, that person was Chun Yeowun.

The Golden Gumiho approached him with a smile and said,

“He said he wasn’t going to tell that to anyone. I wanted someone to remember that.”

At that, Chun Yeowun leaned back and said,

“Because that is what truly lives forever.”

At Chun Yeowun’s words, the Golden Gumiho stayed silent and then said with a smile,

“As expected, you are so similar.”

“You have been saying that for a hundred years.”

Huh. And I plan to do it always.”

Chun Yeowun shook his head. Her body shined in gold as she turned into a baby fox. Then she went up onto Chun Yeowun’s shoulder.

“You are officially dead. Where will we go now?”

At her question, Chun Yeowun grinned as he answered.

“Beyond the border?”

“Beyond the border?”

“He is waiting there.”

At those words, Gumiho's eyes widened cutely. Either way, when Chun Yeowun waved his hands, the scattered sapphire particles vanished, and so did they.

A whispering voice came out from her as they were disappearing from there.

“Chun Ma, is your ancestor there?”

“Why? Do you want to go there now?”

“Oh my! What am I to do? Two men will fight for me! Hehe.”

“I was waiting for a hundred years to let you go.”

“So mean!”

Then the two people in the hall vanished, leaving the place in silence.

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