Demon's Diary

Chapter 756: Luo Tiancheng and Dragon Tiger Hell Prison
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Chapter 756: Luo Tiancheng and Dragon Tiger Hell Prison

“Senior fellow apprentice, what are you looking for? Material, elixir or spiritual weapon?” At the entrance of the second floor, a long-faced man in his 30s, wearing deputy costumes, saw Liu Ming coming, and he hurriedly got up and said.

“I would like to ask if there is any void attribute material that can be exchanged.” Liu Ming asked straightforwardly.

“Void attribute material? Please let me check on it first.” The long-faced man flicked his sleeve, took out a crystal jade book, and checked on it.

After a while, he put the jade book away and said with a little regret.

“Sorry, senior fellow apprentice, I have checked all the materials of Precious Hall, and there is no such attribute.”

“Thank you.” Liu Ming said with a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

Even Precious Hall didn’t have such a thing, it seemed that he could only temporarily put this matter aside.

He then left the Precious Hall.

As soon as he walked out of the door, 2 escape lights, 1 black and 1 silver, landed in front of Liu Ming. It was 2 young disciples.

“Stop, you should be Liu Ming right?”

Among the 2, a slightly taller, rough-looking young man appeared in front of Liu Ming in a flash, stretched out his right arm to stop him and asked loudly.

Seeing this, Liu Ming had already guessed their intention. He turned and left without saying a word, but he was blocked by another handsome young man in a silver robe.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, I’m Luo Tiancheng, a disciple of the Mystic Sky Peak. This is my cousin, Fan Zheng, who was also one of the candidate disciples eligible to participate in the Tianmen Convention.” The young man in silver robe bowed and said slowly.

As Liu Ming heard this, a strange look flashed in his eyes, but it returned to normal in an instant.

How would he not know about this famous Luo Tiancheng, even Yin Jiuling mentioned this name especially to him.

As for Fan Zheng, he had also heard of him. Although he was not as well-known as Luo Tiancheng, he also had some reputation among the inner disciples.

“Tiancheng, don’t talk nonsense with him. Liu Ming, if you are smart, hand over the slot now. Maybe we will give you some benefits, otherwise don’t blame me to resort to using force.” Fan Zheng said with a fierce look and a gloomy face.

Liu Ming naturally ignored this proposal, smiled faintly, and appeared 50 meters away with a flicker.

“Hmph, insensible! Tiancheng steps aside, I have to teach this ignorant brat a lesson today.” Seeing this, Fan Zheng was furious. He raised his hand, and a black and white Tai Chi disk flew out of his sleeve.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Fan, did you forget where this is?” Liu Ming felt a spiritual fluctuation behind him, but he didn’t look back. Instead, he asked with a deep voice.

Fan Zheng turned a deaf ear to Liu Ming’s words, soared into the air and launched several symbols into the Tai Chi disk. The black and white spirit patterns on the surface of the Tai Chi disk flashed wildly, and it grew to the size of 60 meters. The Tai Chi pattern on the disk could be seen clearly. It covered the surrounding area. A burst of powerful wind of black and wind rose up.

When Luo Tiancheng saw this, he frowned and retreated in a silver light.

Liu Ming didn’t expect that Fan Zheng would dare to disobey the sect rules, so his reaction was slow by half a beat. When he was shocked, the black and white wind already trapped him inside a wind wall.

At this time, the violent spiritual power fluctuations had attracted the disciples nearby one after another to stop and watch the battle.

“Since Senior Fellow Apprentice Fan wants to fight, as you wish.” Liu Ming said with a fierce expression.

As he spoke, a black gas rolled out.

As he was about to break the wind wall, a violent wind gushed out from below. It tightened the surrounding space, stopping his movement for a while.

“Liu Ming, today I will put you in this Tai Chi Cage.” At the same time, Fan Zheng’s cold voice came into Liu Ming’s ears.

The next moment, Fan Zheng slapped down with 1 hand, and the entire Tai Chi disk was trembling strongly in the air, spinning faster and faster. The black and white colors immediately mixed together.

“Poof“, the black and white rune floated out from the center of the Tai Chi disk, and a huge was sucking Liu Ming toward the Tai Chi disk.

Seeing this, Liu Ming released the black gas like a huge wave, shaking off the imprisonment, then his figure stopped in the air. He tapped on his forehead. A golden light rolled out, and it turned into a 10 meters long golden rainbow.


As Liu Ming uttered a word softly, the golden sword rainbow instantly multiplied from 1 to 2, 2 to 4, and 4 to 8. 8 sword lights were launched at the surrounding dense black and white runes.

Suddenly, crackling sounds could be heard from the wind wall. The black and white Tai Chi runes were crushed by the golden sword lights, dissipating in the air.

Seeing this in midair, Fan Zheng was surprised. He once again slammed the Tai Chi disk with 1 hand, channeling all his spiritual power into it. Hundreds of Tai Chi runes gushed out, and they condensed into a 100 meters huge rune that slammed on Liu Ming heavily.


Liu Ming only felt a powerful spiritual pressure on his head, and he hurriedly recalled the divided sword lights. All 8 long sword lights gathered toward him, and it turned into a 80 meters long golden sword light that danced around him.

All of a sudden, the whistling sound was endless!

Long cracks appeared one after another on the black and white wind wall under the frantic attack of the sword light.

“Be careful.”

Seeing this, Luo Tiancheng, who was watching the battle, looked solemn as he suddenly said loudly.

But before Fan Zheng could react, Liu Ming’s groan came from below.

“Body and sword fusion!”

A dazzling golden light rolled Liu Ming’s figure and turned into a long rainbow that went at the giant Tai soaring into the sky, welcoming the giant Tai Chi rune.

As soon as the 2 contacted, waves of air wave instantly shattered the entire wind wall.

After the 2 resisted each other for only a moment, the black and white Tai Chi rune broke into pieces; a golden rainbow pierced through it immediately.

After the entire Tai Chi disk made a crisp sound, a big hole was opened up like a paper being torn apart along with a painful scream.

The light golden rainbow faded in the air, revealing Liu Ming who was holding the Void Flying Sword.


The entire Tai Chi disk suddenly flashed a few times, burst apart in the air and turned into countless black and white fragments that rained down together with blood!

Fan Zheng stumbled out of the fragments.

It was just that at this moment, his right arm was cut off, and blood was gushing out from the cut wound. He staggered a few times before losing his consciousness and falling to the ground heavily.

From Liu Ming releasing his true spirit flying sword to destroying the Tai Chi disk and seriously injuring Fan Zheng, it was just a few seconds. The disciples, who were watching the battle, were all jaw dropping.

At this moment, Luo Tiancheng appeared next to Fan Zheng in a flash. He waved 1 hand and retrieved the broken arm on the ground, then he stuck it back to the wound together with a faint blue talisman.

A blue light shield immediately enveloped Fan Zheng’s body, and the bleeding from the wound on his shoulder suddenly stopped and began to heal slowly.

At this time, Luo Tiancheng turned around with a gloomy face, looked at Liu Ming and said coldly,

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, it’s just a practice match between with your peer, you don’t have to cut of his arm.”

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Fan disregarded the sect rules and directly sneak attacked me. I felt that the lesson I just gave was too light.” Liu Ming replied nonchalantly in midair.

“Hmph, since Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu said so, I can only ask for advice from you.” Luo Tiancheng was furious, but his expression was blank now.

As soon as he spoke, he shook both arms, and silver flames gushed out.

A deafening roar of dragons and tigers!

4 dragons and 4 giant tiger phantasms rushed out of Luo Tiancheng.

He was also practicing Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, but unlike the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison that Liu Ming used, the dragon and tiger phantasms he transformed into were surprisingly silver.

The 4 dragon phantasms were almost 300 meters. Each of them had clear silver runes, and their eyes had silver flames flickering.

The 4 silver giant tiger phantasms were also 80 meters in size, and they looked extremely ferocious.

Some of the disciples felt a burst of overwhelming spiritual pressure rolled out as the phantasms emerged. They all stepped back in fear. Those who were near to the battle immediately retreated for 1000 meters before breathing a sigh of relief.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was naturally shocked.

Although the inner disciple could practice Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, due to the difficulty of this technique, it was his first time fighting with someone who had learned this technique. The opponent could also transform silver dragons and tigers just like him. He couldn’t help feeling astounded.

He put away the flying sword almost without thinking. After a groan, he also channeled the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison skill.

After Liu Ming was covered in black gas, the roars of dragons and tigers came. 5 100 meters black mist dragons and black mist tigers were condensed.

But compared to the silver dragon and tiger phantasms of Luo Tiancheng, Liu Ming’s mist dragons and tigers were significantly smaller.

“Dragon Tiger Hell Prison Technique! I didn’t expect you to also practice this technique, and you have even reached level 5! Good, very good!” Luo Tiancheng was also slightly startled when he saw the black mist dragons and tigers rising from Liu Ming, but he immediately sneered. Without doing any movement, the silver dragon and tiger phantasms pounced at Liu Ming viciously.

TL: Who is stronger in just Dragon Tiger Hell Prison alone?

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