Demon's Diary

Chapter 647: Training in the Illusion
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Chapter 647: Training in the Illusion

After a flash of silver light, the black hill was immediately enveloped by a huge thunderball, and it was crushed and dissolved in countless lightning arcs. Only a deep pit the size of a few acres was left in the original place.

The huge pit was scorched black, and the edges were abnormally smooth as if it was cut with a sharp weapon.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming was naturally overjoyed.

The blow just now was only 10% of the true power of the Heavenly Thunder Spell. It could have such terrifying destructive power.

If he went all out, even Real Pellet State cultivator would not be able to defend forcibly. As his cultivation grew, the more heavenly thunder power he could control. His power could continue to increase without a limit.

The only trouble was that, apart from a thunderstorm that occurred randomly, if he wanted to perform such an astonishing attack, he had to store a large amount of lightning power beforehand.

Now that he had achieved great success for Heavenly Thunder Spell, he immediately stopped practicing this spell. He used the Illusive Demonic Pupil to initiate another actual combat in the illusion.

Half a year later, in the illusion.

In a hall filled with a black flame sea, a half-human half-beastkin woman covered with black feathers appeared. It was Black Phoenix Fairy.

Under Liu Ming’s overwhelming strength after breaking through to the Crystallization Period, this woman had already transformed into this appearance not long after the start of the battle.

Black Phoenix Fairy fluttered her wings to launch feathers at Liu Ming while a black claw phantasm swept past simultaneously.

Liu Ming calmly made a gesture, and black gas rolled out and instantly formed 2 giant black palms.

The giant claw phantasm burst open as it contacted the giant black palms. Black Lotus Fairy was pushed back into the flame sea by a huge force.

But immediately she flapped her wings to reposition her body, then she ferociously spouted clusters of black flames at Liu Ming.

Suddenly, there was a burning smell in the air.

Upon seeing this, Liu Ming stomped the ground with 1 leg, turning into a black light that retreated for 200 meters.

A moment later, in the black flame sea, a huge giant bird phantasm was charging toward Liu Ming.


From the mouth of the giant bird, a thick golden flame was launched.

Liu Ming made a gesture, and silver lightning sparks gathered at his hand, turning it into a punch size silver lightning ball.


Liu Ming shook his wrist, and a thick silver lightning ball greeted the golden flame.

Suddenly, there was a loud whistling sound in the air.

The silver lightning went straight at Black Phoenix Fairy through the golden flame.

“This Heavenly Thunder Spell is really powerful!” Liu Ming couldn’t help but think secretly seeing this. He only used less than ⅓ of his spiritual power to cast the Heavenly Thunder Spell this time.

At this moment, Black Phoenix Fairy seemed to realize that the situation was not good. She fiercely flapped her wings to launch a gust, and her body began to fade away.

The next moment, the silver lightning arc flashed past the phantasm left by Black Phoenix Fairy, but she had already left the hall.

But Liu Ming wasn’t surprised by it as he made a gesture with both hands.


A pale golden sand curtain surged out from several entrances which was the Golden Fallen Sand released in advance by Liu Ming.

On a golden sand curtain, there was a sudden tremor, and a huge hole was broken with a “boom.“

“Got you.”

Liu Ming smirked and flicked his sleeve. A small green sword shot out. After making a sword gesture again, he used the body and sword fusion and pursued in a green sword rainbow.

After a while, there was a miserable scream came from the tunnel.


2 years later.

In the illusion, still in the dark hall, a bloody shadow and another black shadow were colliding fiercely. It was Liu Ming and the Blood Emperor who swallowed the small bloody figure.

Some time ago, Liu Ming used his demonized form to deal with the Blood Emperor. Now that his strength had greatly increased, he could easily kill the Blood Emperor in just a few rounds.

At this moment, he was in a fierce battle with the Blood Emperor without demonizing.

Suddenly, a bloody palm phantasm pressed down from the top of Liu Ming’s head.

Liu Ming’s body split into 2 phantasms under the rolling black gas. He avoided the bloody palm and appeared a dozen meters from the side of Blood Emperor.

Immediately afterward, Liu Ming made a sword gesture. 3 spiral invisible sword qi were launched, dissipating the blood sea around Blood Emperor.

After Blood Emperor let out a sneer, he spat out a bloody bead, and the 3 sword qi released by Liu Ming were strangely sucked into the bead.

Liu Ming frowned slightly. He immediately launched a lightning arc from his palm, piercing through Blood Emperor’s chest in an instant.

With a strange cry, the Blood Emperor spat out a bloody light beam.

Liu Ming knew that this blood pillar consisted of the vitality of Blood Emperor; it was infinitely powerful. But he still wanted to test how powerful this Heavenly Thunder Spell was after mastering it. Therefore, he channeled spiritual power into his palm again, and the silver lightning arc skyrocketed several times in an instant. He had used up all his spiritual power.


There was a burst of sound in the void, and the bloody light beam was penetrated by Liu Ming’s Heavenly Thunder Spell.

But before he could be happy, he suddenly sensed a bloody breath coming from behind.

“Oh no.”

Liu Ming slightly moved his body sideways and turned his head, then he saw a bloody figure clawing against his chest.

Liu Ming roared. A silver leather armor appeared on his body after a gust of wind. He also launched a punch at the bloody shadow.

With a “bang“, Liu Ming’s punch pierced through the bloody shadow first while the opponent’s 5 fingers only left five 5 deep claw marks.

Liu Ming spouted another surprise silver lightning arc from his mouth...

The surrounding scenery became was blurred, and he reappeared in the gray mysterious space.

Although he had advanced to the Crystallization Period, it was still not easy to kill Blood Emperor whose strength could rival the Pseudo Pellet State cultivator without being demonized.

Basically, with the aid of the beast armor and Heavenly Thunder Spell, Liu Ming could kill the opponent only once or twice out of 10 times. For the rest, he either died with the opponent or Blood Emperor get away in a bloody escape light.

In the following time, Liu Ming repeatedly fought against Blood Emperor for hundreds of times day and night. Finally, after he was familiar with Blood Emperor’s techniques and spiritual weapons, the number of times he killed him gradually increased.

4 years later, he was able to kill Blood Emperor the opponent on the spot with a win rate of 90%.

Liu Ming was quite satisfied with this. After all, he was just at the early stage of the Crystallization Period. Once his cultivation level advanced to the intermediate stage, he could completely crush Blood Emperor at will.

For the rest of the time, he had a whim to change the illusion again, trying to challenge Jin Lieyang whom he met in the Green Sky Illusory Palace.

He had also entered the illusion to simulate a battle with Jin Lieyang before, but at that time he only learned the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique. Instead of confronting him head-on, he was just dodging and fleeing all the way.

At this time, Liu Ming had not only entered the Crystallization Period in his cultivation, his spiritual power had been greatly improved, and his physical strength was more tyrannical. With the addition of the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison’s 3rd level and the Heavenly Thunder Spell, he was naturally eager to spar with Jin Lieyang Phantom.

After such consideration, he once again pointed his forehead to release the spiritual power of the mind imitation insect and entered the illusion again.

As soon as Liu Ming opened his eyes, a chill quickly approached. A golden sword light appeared within 30 meters of him in just a flash.

In shock, he hurriedly made a gesture and forcibly turned his body to barely dodge the sword light, but the sword light already slashed out a shallow mark on his green robe.

Liu Ming did not hesitate to retreat for dozens of meters. With a gesture, black gas rolled out. On his arm, 3 tiger phantasms could be seen clearly. Behind his back, 3 black mist dragons were staring ferociously at the golden human figure in the air.

With a shout, he threw a punch. 3 black tigers rushed out after a gust of wind; the 3 black mist dragons also blasted out simultaneously.

The golden human figure moved his arm and launched a sword strike. The 3 mist tigers and dragons were dissipated by the sword light without resistance.

Liu Ming seemed to be prepared for this long ago as he was still making gestures. The collapsed black mist turned into a large black light and rolled toward the young man in a golden robe.

After making another gesture again, the golden figure was immediately trapped in the Hell Prison transformed by endless black light.

But what Liu Ming didn’t expect was that after just a few seconds, golden sword qi shot out from all directions in the black light.

Before he managed to change his gesture, the Hell Prison burst apart instantly, disappearing into black light spots.

At the same time, a dazzling golden sword light had already come before him again.

Liu Ming lifted up with one hand, and a thick silver lightning arc that had been condensed for a long time suddenly shot out from his palm, colliding with the golden sword light above him.


Under the violent impact of the silver lightning arc, the golden sword light resisted for a while before it broke apart and turned into little golden lights.

The power of the silver lightning arc was also exhausted in the air, causing a crackling noise in the surrounding space.

This was the first time that Liu Ming completely crushed Jin Lieyang’s sword light. A hint of excitement flashed in his eyes.

At that moment, the golden figure on the opposite side just slightly shook one arm a few times, then several golden sword shadows were slashed out in succession, making Liu Ming act in a hurry.

After 2 flickers, the golden figure appeared ghostly in front of Liu Ming.

With these repeated trainings, will he be able to rival the Pseudo Pellet State powerhouse?

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