Demon's Diary

Chapter 533: Thousands Associations Chamber Of Commerce
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Chapter 533: Thousands Associations Chamber Of Commerce

Liu Ming took the green insect egg into his hands.

At this time, the black spots on the insect egg had disappeared without a trace.

After taking a look, he carefully placed the insect egg close to his body.

“Alright, I have told you what you need to know, you can leave now.” Luo Hu said lightly, then he waved his sleeve robe, and a gust of wind swept across.

Before Liu Ming managed to ask other matters, his vision blacked out. The next moment, he returned to the quiet room on the third floor.

When he saw this, he could only smile bitterly. It seemed that this treatment was not the first time.

The feeling that Luo Hu gave him was as if he didn’t want to be in contact with Liu Ming at all.

After Liu Ming pondered for a while, he became worried about the blood essence of the thousands year old turtle.

After all, things like thousands year old turtle were hard to find.

At least these days, he did not see similar things selling in the shops he visited.

After Liu Ming thought about it, he removed the enchantment in the secret room. He walked downstairs after that.

For the next three days, he would leave the shop every day as soon as he was free. He would visit the shops of all sizes that caught his interest.


Three days later, a place near the central lake in the free trading area had a huge hexagonal building covering an area of ??more than ten acres and a height of more than ten feet.

Two tall men in white robes were standing motionless on both sides of the gate. Judging from the aura, they faintly had the cultivation of the Condensation Period later stage.

On the huge plaque hanging high at the door, the five golden words “Thousands Association Chamber of Commerce” glowed with a dazzling golden light under the afterglow of the setting sun, which looked particularly eye-catching. From time to time, some people entered and exited through the door. All of them were in different clothes; they didn’t look like the people of the sect.

This was where the largest auction hall in the Changyang Market was located.

On the notice board on the side of the building, a middle-aged man in a green robe was looking at the notice on it.

“Four months later...”

After the man in green robe muttered to himself faintly, he turned and walked toward the gate.

“Mister, this is my first time coming to the Changyang Market. I wonder if there are any restrictions on the people participating in the auction held by your chamber of commerce?” The man in green robe bowed slightly. He asked the guard in white robe with a smile.

The man in white robe didn’t mean to bother him at all; he still looked ahead blankly.

Seeing this, the man in green robe shook his head and turned and left.

“This brother, please wait, I’m Zhuo Ji of the Jian Chuan Association. I’m one of the auction’s person in charge of the Thousands Association Chamber of Commerce. May I know how do I address you?” At this time, a handsome young man in his twenties with a faint red robe walked out from the big hall and stopped the middle-aged man very politely.

“Mr. Zhuo is polite. My surname is Ye, just a casual cultivator.” Hearing this, the middle-aged man turned around and asked unhurriedly.

“It turns out to be Mr. Ye. If it is your first time coming to the Changyang Market, you may not know our Thousands Associations Chamber of Commerce very well. Our Thousands Associations is actually composed of nearly a thousand chambers of commerce of different sizes. Although the sphere of influence of the various chambers of commerce is not large, the business alliance is formed by thousands of chambers of commerce. We don’t dare to compare ourselves with the four ancient sects and the eight great families, but we still have a place in the Middle Sky Continent.” The young man in red robe slowly explained.

Hearing this statement, the middle-aged man showed a slight surprise on his face, but he instantly recovered his calmness.

“Mr. Zhuo, as a casual cultivator, can I join this auction?” The middle-aged man asked after giving it a thought.

“There are no restrictions on this auction. You just need to bring enough spirit stones to participate in it. If you have something that you want to auction, I can also introduce you to the appraiser of this auction house. After passing the appraisal, you can participate in the auction. After the transaction is completed, we only charge 10% of the commission.” The young man in red robe said after he laughed.

“Thank you, Brother Zhuo. I still have to go to the market to buy some materials, so I will leave for now. Four months later, I will definitely participate in the auction.” After the middle-aged man cupped his fist, he turned around and left.

After the young man in red robe flashed a strange expression on his face to watch him leave, he immediately turned around and strode into the auction house hall.

Not long after the middle-aged man walked into a deserted alley with twists and turns, a young man in a green robe slowly walked out of it.

The young man was Liu Ming.

“I didn’t expect the influence of the Thousands Association Chamber of Commerce to be greater than I imagined.” After a faint sigh, he walked in the direction of the Bai Lian Pavilion.


In the quiet room on the third floor, Liu Ming’s face was blank, His eyes flickered as if he was thinking about something.

In the corner of the quiet room, there were several jade boxes on a wooden table.

After wandering around in the previous few days, he had a clear understanding of the general situation of the entire market. He also carefully selected a few of the many shops that he believed to be more reliable. He planned to sell the remaining cold condensing pills in batches in a few days.

But for the remaining flawless grade elixirs, he didn’t have a plan yet.

After all, flawless grade elixir was not better than normal grade elixir. If it was not handled properly, it might cause unnecessary trouble.

After Liu Ming’s thoughts turned sharply, he made a decision. After keeping away the jade box on the wooden table, he meditated on the futon and adjusted his breath.

At noon the next day, Liu Ming turned into a different appearance. After going around in the market, the cold condensing pills were divided into several batches and sold to the relatively reliable shops that he chose in the previous few days.

Then, he turned into the largest Bat Clan elixir shop.

When he came this time, in addition to the servant in black clothes, there was a man in his thirties who was like a shopkeeper. As soon as he saw someone entering the shop, he walked out from behind the counter and greeted Liu Ming with a smile.

“I’m the shopkeeper here. May I know whether you want to buy elixir or alchemy materials?” The Bat Clan Shopkeeper said kindly.

“I want to sell some elixir in exchange for some matured alchemy materials.” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and said directly.

“Oh? Here is not a good place to discuss that. Please follow me to the third floor to discuss in detail.” The bat people took a look at the young man in green robe in front of him. After his eyes rolled, he said with a smile.

Liu Ming nodded and walked to the stairs right away.

“Yan’er, help me take care of the business fir a while.” After the bat people instructed, he quickly walked upstairs.

The third floor of the pavilion was a separate elegant room. There were four rooms in total; two of which were open, and the others were closed as if there were people inside.

Seeing this, Liu Ming immediately released his mental power and scanned. There was no way to get into the elegant room. It was clear that there was a rather advanced enchantment that blocked Divine Thought.

Then he chose an open elegant room and walked in slowly.

The elegant room was only about sixty meters in area. There were a few pots of green plants displayed around it. In the middle was a wooden table and a few chairs. A painting was hung on one side of the wall. The man in black with two wings on his back was fighting with a purple evil dragon.

On the other side of the wall, there were some dark red runes inscribed in it. Liu Ming released his mental power to investigate, but he couldn’t penetrate it. The originally dim rune suddenly flashed with bursts of red dazzling halo.

Liu Ming retrieved his mental power and sat on a wooden chair.

“The rune on this wall is our Bat Clan’s unique partition enchantment which can cut off all mental power. Even if you have a high cultivation, you can’t probe inside. You can rest assured. As for the painting you saw before, it was a battle between our Bat Clan ancestor and an evil dragon tens of thousands of years ago.” The Bat Clan Shopkeeper walked in not long after Liu Ming sat down, holding a cup of freshly brewed hot tea in his hand. He said with a smile.

“That’s great.” Liu Ming nodded when he heard the words.

“Sir, please enjoy a spirit tea first.” The bat people put the tea on the table, and he waved and closed the elegant room’s door.

“Alright, sir can tell me what materials you need, and what elixirs do you want to use to exchange?” The bat people asked with a slight smile after sitting down.

As Liu Ming heard this, he took a green jade box from his waist and put it on the table.

“I want to change some green condensing fruits that are five hundred years old and above. As for what elixirs I’m using, shopkeeper will know at a glance.” Liu Ming gently pushed the jade box in front of the man in black clothes, then he took a sip of tea.

The bat people reached out to take the jade box, and he lightly patted it with one hand. After a flash of green light, the jade box opened slowly. A burst of chill suddenly spread, revealing seven sparkling elixirs in the jade box.

“Cold condensing pills!”

The man couldn’t help but exclaimed, then he carefully picked up one of them with his slender fingers and took a closer look in front of him. He saw two silvery spirit patterns faintly visible on the shining elixir.

Immediately after the man in black clothes put it back in the jade box, he picked up another one and looked at it.

“Seven of them are all Pellet Grade!” After inspecting all seven elixirs, the bat people looked at Liu Ming with a surprised expression.

“I wonder how many five hundred years old green condensing fruits can be exchanged for these cold condensing pills?” Liu Ming said unhurriedly.

“If you want to exchange all of them for five hundred years old green condensing fruits, our shop is willing to exchange them with fifteen fruits.” The bat people thought slightly after hearing this, then he gritted his teeth and made an offer.

Liu Ming’s face changed slightly when he heard it.

He had already inquired about it before. He knew that the five hundreds year old green condensing fruit should be at least thirty thousand spirit stones. Could it be that this man was expressing his kindness for offering fifteen green condensing fruits?

Sure enough, before Liu Ming could speak, the bat people said again.

“If you have a higher grade elixir, our store may even exchange it with a thousand years old green condensing fruit.” The man said eagerly.

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