Demon Maiden Poison Maiden – Lilith and Sara's Faithless Journey

Chapter 3: Sin and Punishment
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Chapter 3: Sin and Punishment

Translator : levi | Editor : Kirasar





This place was a funnel shaped room.

The auditorium seats and altar are established in the room in a way that they are able to look down on the table placed in the center. Standing in the middle of the lowest floor, Sara looks up at the light that filled the room from above with blue face.

Nobody answers Sara's question.

Instead, there's the sound of a plate smacked with wooden mallet.

"Investigator, you may go to the front"

Without anyone speaking, a girl with a black coat walks to the front, her black hair waving.

"Yes, your honor."


That girl is Amelia.

Sara stood up in fear. She looked up at the black-haired girl as if she was locked in a birdcage.

"Why have you done this..."

Amelia looks very charismatic as she reads the paper within her hands.

"After completing the investigation, I can confirm that this young lady doesn't have any sense of justice."


What is she talking about now?

Everyone begins jeering at her.

"What a disgrace of a woman!"

"Doesn’t have any sense of justice, you say..."

"Such woman can enter this country; I can't believe it!"

The audiences are insulting Sara as they please.

Sara alternately looks in front of and behind herself.

She didn't understand why she was being blamed.

But the real disaster was about to begin.

Amelia began to speak again.

"and then about the sin that this woman committed, we would like to hear the account from the witness."

After Sara looked up, their eyes met each other.

Amelia looks at Sara as if she is looking at a slave.

The witness is on the audience chair.

The first one to stand up is the gatekeeper, who examined the luggage that Sara and Lilith brought at the time when they were about to enter the country.

"She let her companion bring all of their luggage while she was standing here watching her companion without doing anything. I can say that such lazy behavior is without a doubt an act of evil."

The sound of everyone's whispering became louder.

Their tone made it apparent that they criticized Sara.

‘Impossible...’ Thought Sara while shaking her head to the left and right.

"No! That's wrong! It is because Lilith wanted to do it for me, I -I...."

Her voice was too small to reach the ears of anyone in a room filled to the brim with evil intentions.

"I remember well about this blonde little girl. When I dropped my fork, she pretended that she didn't see it and walked right past me. Even though she clearly saw where it was, you know. I am terrified to see someone without sympathy for others. This is the first time I have seen such a cold-hearted woman like her."

‘No, you are mistaken!’ Sara wanted to scream those words.

But there's no sound coming out from her throat.

Her chest hurts as if someone is pressing down on it.

She became breathless.

She felt extreme pain in her head and heart. While enduring the jeers from the audience, Sara bit down on her lips.


Responding to Amelia's words, another person stood up.

Sara remembered his face.

In this era, I know that trouble will follow anyone who ventures out on an adventure. That's why I had decided to take her in as my daughter. I would have treated her the same as I treated my deceased daughter. I wanted to give her warm soup and some pretty clothes. My intention was true from the bottom of my heart.

The well-built man makes a frustrated face.

He waved his arm and start screaming.

"That request that I proposed from my good intention! Of all things, that cruel girl shook away my hand! Without spilling a single tear, she looked at me as if she had seen a monster! As I watched her figure running away from me, I tasted desperation. Really, to have experienced such a thing as this!

The man hit his face with both of his hands in agony.

Tears spilled from his eyes.

" Now I've not only lost my daughter, but I have lost the good intentions from my heart! If it were not for the kindness of this country's people, I probably would have hung myself! Is this what I must live for, to be treated with such behavior!?"

"No! You don't deserve that!" the audience said that.

The fervor from the audience frightens Sara, and her body is trembling.

Sara truly felt that she didn’t have any allies in this place.

"Clearly there's a monster hidden inside her heart! Nothing but a terrible monster without any justice! Please eliminate that monster! Looking at her would only make my chest explode in disgust!

The testimony continued afterwards.

The old woman who forcibly sells her flowers shouted with a shrill voice, saying that she is injured after being pushed by Sara.

Another man that saw Sara walking down the road claimed that he had an argument with his wife because of Sara. He said that Sara's beautiful figure is like a poisonous fang that deceived him.

Sara simply keeps her head lowered, waiting for the time to pass by.

And the last one is Amelia's testimony.

She smiled calmly as she looks down at Sara.

"Sara, I have helped you out a lot, apart from those kind intentions..... are you enjoying it?


"Can you tell me where that arrogant attitude came from!?"

Amelia makes her way down from the altar and slowly approaches Sara.

Sara's eyes were filled with fear as she looked up at Amelia, her shoes clacking on the hard floor as she approached.

"You know that you are beautiful. That's why you think that accepting good offers from everyone is natural for you.”

"You are mistaken...."

Sara's mere resistance is crushed by a look of hatred from Amelia.

"That blonde hair! That lustfully beautiful face that lures any man! Those naughtily exposed breasts and thin legs you have! Even after being blessed with such God-given gifts, y-you!!!!!"

Amelia grabs and pulls Sara's hair.

She is looking at Sara with bloodshot eyes, her face distorted with hatred.

"I have turned myself to become evil! Even my fingers are dyed in evil! I know that you are looking down on me! How does it feel when I ruin your looks? Please tell me!"

Even though she was asked how she was feeling, deeply Sara just wanted her to stop.

'Please leave me alone'

'Everyone, please stop bothering me.'

'I know that I'm evil.'

'Don't torture me anymore.'

'And don't come near me."

If you don't, you...

You all might die.

"Defendant Sara."

Feeling satisfied, Amelia leaves Sara.

Sara looked at the light with gloomy eyes.

The ten judges look down at Sara.

"Is there anything you want to say?"

Her chest hurts more and more.

It's very difficult to breathe.

Her illness is getting increasingly worse.

She begins muttering to herself, “I need to drink the medicine, if I don’t...

The disease might just come bursting out of my chest....

If that happens, it will develop into a difficult situation.

My vision is all red.”

Without any energy left, Sara opens her lips.

"I'm sorry…"

After being on the receiving end of their good intentions, Sara couldn't do anything but apologize.

She didn't understand why she should live, and tears began spilling from her eyes.

Silence descended upon the room.

Then, the judgement was set.

"Defendant Sara will suffer the punishment delivered by the Court.“

'What the heck...’

"Death penalty!"

Sara opened her eyes.


Something smashed into the back of her head, and something came out of her nose.

She felt the pain just after that. A warm liquid began flowing down through her hair. She immediately understood that it was her blood.

Sara turned her head spontaneously.

She couldn’t believe what she saw after that.

It was not long ago that the audience was seated, but now they were standing.

Each one of them grasp a stone in their hands.

Sara then understood what had happened.

"I can't believe it..."

Men and women alike threw the stones one by one,

happily aiming for Sara.

Sara curled up her body and covered her head. Stones were hitting every inch of her body. The pain was overwhelming, and after a short while she cried out in agony. It was pure torment.

"I love this feeling!"

"I will punish every evil with my very own hands!"

"Ah~Ah~, I live for this pleasant sensation!"

“In the name of justice, death to evil!”

Each word was followed with a thrown stone.

It only happened because she didn't bring her luggage.

It only happened because she didn't pick up the fork.

It happened because she turned down an impossible request and left.

It happened because she didn't express any gratitude.

Is it a sin big enough for someone to be killed for?

I see, so that was it.

Sara stopped thinking and she just closed her eyes.

At that moment.

A loud sound suddenly comes from the side of the audience seats.

It's the sound of a joint that came flying from the door, and it drops to the ground, broken into pieces.

Everyone stopped throwing stones before they were told to.

Sara slowly raised her head.

Looking through her blurry eyes, he saw a girl standing alone.

A girl with shiny gray hair.

It was Lilith.

"I came to pick you up, Sara."

She extended her hand while smiling.

She came to save Sara.

Sara's body became weak.

Everyone began clapping their hands.

Not for the confused Sara, but for Lily, because she smashed through the door.

Everyone was smiling.

Soon, a man walked toward Lilith.

"Splendid! You came to save her!"

"Yes, of course!"

"Such place like this, all on your own.... what a courageous person! You are the true possessor of justice!"

The man smiled and then began shouting.

"Coming here to save such evil woman, what a kind heart you have! We will declare this woman as an exemplary inhabitant of The Country of Justice! Now, everyone, big applause for our new friend once more!"

The clapping then morphed into thunderous applause.

"Of course! If there's a person such as Lily, we will believe justice even more!"

Amelia is smiling at Lilith’s arrival as well.

Before Sara’s very eyes was a girl in the midst of many people’s thunderous applause looking like a high being.

As the people continued to cheer, Lilith slightly smiled.

"I see, so I am the embodiment of Justice."

"Yes, of course. As one who can show such mercy and gratitude like you are.....--!"

Lilith smiles like an angel.

She expressed her appreciation.

"Thank you..."

In the next moment, Lilith’s eyes became red, and she unsheathed her sword.

The Demon Purging Sword. The weapon that was created to slash down humanity's opponents, came down on the man's neck.

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