Demon Lord Shapeshifting System

Chapter 94 Where All Things Never Last
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Harker took care of matters in their research. As it turned out, during the times that he was gone Maeve had warmed up to Lila. He can see all three girls going out together for lunch now, and he even caught Maeve pat Lila's head. Sarasvati looked pleased that they were getting along.

He nudged the little girl a bit to ask how she did it. "You and Maeve seem to be going swell now. Everything alright?"

"Yes. Maeve admitted to me how she didn't like that someone so young would be working with them on a project, and she worried that I might mess things up." Lila said.

"I knew it!" Harker chuckled. "Envy is really the root of all evil."

"Funny you say that, because that wasn't the only thing Maeve envied me for." Lila said, adjusting her ponytail. "She also admitted that she didn't like seeing me get along with Sarasvati so much and take her time with her."

"Oh, because they're best friends." Harker nodded. "I get it. My best bud was like that too sometimes—"

"No, they were more than that. I only learned about it recently and it makes sense now."

Harker blinked. "That's…. definitely unexpected."

But then again, it's almost the end of the 20th century, and even though there's still some tension from the AIDS epidemic back in the 80s, Harker doesn't really mind this news much. Who cares? Good for them.

Lila suddenly sighed. "You're lucky you're not involved in some love triangle, Harker. I mean, I wasn't even aware I was included, and I am just a kid. I'm more like an unexpected third wheel. Sarasvati sees me as a little sister. And Maeve knew that, she just didn't like me taking away her alone time with her girlfriend."

She gave him some advice. "So be careful. Some people are just more possessive than others. And that's mostly because they've never met anyone else that gave them that much attention and care before. Sarasvati said she was Maeve's first girlfriend, so she's special to her."

"Yeah…. The first really is special." Harker agreed.

Harker did keep that in mind as he went to work in BBB after school. He planned to meet up with Roland and Mina after his shift to tell them about his conversation with Professor Seward.

However, there's no way in going about it that wouldn't leave Mina suspicious.

The moment he mentioned his professor, he noticed her nose scrunching up in annoyance. But Mina tried not to act jealous and just listened to the boys talk while shoving a burger in her mouth to stop herself from saying anything.

It still failed since Harker knew now how Mina behaves when she tries to keep her cool. That's the perks of being together, he could empathize with her so much and read her like a book now.

"Anyway, Professor Seward doesn't know much besides guessing she must be in Jamestown Virginia." He tried to cut off any mentions of his professor right there and changed the topic. "How about your end, Roland?"

"We found a route underground near the area where the laboratory exploded." Roland said. "However, it's very complicated and possibly goes for miles. There were also a lot of fake passages and dead ends. It's like a labyrinth down there."

"Labyrinth?" Mina asked.

"A maze. If you don't know that either, Harker should take you to one. It's basically this place with many different pathways but only one escape route." Roland informed her.

Mina looked away. "I guess I'd like to see that…. If Harker isn't so busy anymore. Which I doubt will happen anytime soon, since he'll want to go with you to look for Victoria or guard his family from possible danger. I'm fine just being there when he needs me."

Harker knew she wasn't saying this to make him feel guilty that he wasn't spending time with her that often. Mina genuinely means it and believes she'll just be a bother to him if she asks for a date because she knows how much he cares for his family.

But he still felt guilty anyway. He felt that he should spend more time developing this relationship. He does care about his family, but as he promised, Mina was also his family now too.

And more than that, she's his beloved. So he had to make her feel like she mattered, that she's special.

Harker smiled at her. "Actually, maybe we could go to a small maze park this Saturday.I don't feel like working here at the restaurant with how things are going with Victoria. And the last couple of days had been hectic at school so…. I could use some time to relax and have fun."

Mina's eyes brightened at this, but she tried to hide it quickly. It was a very quick reaction, but he found it adorable.

Roland agreed. "We all could use some time off now that the finals are coming up. I'll go look into Jamestown this Saturday. It's a good excuse to ditch Angela's party anyway."

Harker frowned as he was reminded of that bitch again. "What party was it this time?"

"She's celebrating being nominated for Supermodel of the Year. She already knows she will win because of her father's money." Roland sighed.

"Is your Dad forcing you to go?" Mina asked.

The last time they checked, Mr. Faust seemed considerate about Roland's wishes to not get engaged with Angela anymore. But seeing how he's still wearing the engagement ring, it still hasn't been formally taken care of.

"My father told me to give it some time to decide.He had to convince the MacBheatha family to postpone the engagement until I graduated with my PhD in Law. Which is still at least 5 years away." Roland scrunched his brows. "I don't really need any time to decide though, but he'd only accept my refusal after 5 years."

"That sucks…. But at least he's giving you a choice?" Harker tried to sound optimistic but failed miserably.

This was the very same man that Roland wanted to murder. He couldn't understand exactly why because Mr. Faust was such a genuinely kind man, and the way he spoke about the engagement seemed like he had good intentions for it. He just wanted what he thinks what's best for Roland.

But then again, it's not Harker's place to trifle that much in their family matters. And just as his father told him, he couldn't get it twisted and assume things.

Roland shrugged and changed the topic. "Anyway, if you two need a ride on Saturday, just give me a call. Alejandro can take you wherever your date spot is. While you go exploring maze parks, I'll be exploring the maze where Victoria must have gone through and figure out where it leads." Please visit 𝒇𝒓𝗲e𝔀𝗲𝚋noѵℯƖ. c𝑜m

"I hope it really is in Jamestown." Harker said. "That's our only lead so far."

"And the GPS." Mina reminded them. "If only Father Gerard Schmidt didn't explode himself too, then we could get some answers from him. Maybe Victoria told him where she's going."

"Yes. It's a shame." Roland said as he left BBB. "We weren't even able to salvage what's left of Mrs. Jones' body too. I'm sorry."

Harker frowned at this reminder. His mom's grave was now empty, and her body was destroyed.

But he didn't want Roland to apologize for that. He forced a smile. "It's ok, you did your best given the situation."

Roland seemed to know what Harker was thinking despite that smile.

"Then I'm sorry for bringing it up, I just… I know how hard it is to… Nevermind. I better get going."

As Roland closed the door behind him, Harker's face turned sullen.

Mina noticed this change in expression, and held his hand under the table. Harker couldn't look her in the eye or else she'd notice the tears starting to form. But he gently squeezed her hand back to acknowledge that he appreciated the gesture.

Mina felt like she should apologize too after seeing that pained reaction. "Harker….. I'm sorry for what happened in the bathroom. If it weren't for that, we could have stopped Father Gerard sooner and Chloe wouldn't be in danger."

Harker shook his head. "No…. It's not our fault. It was a little irresponsible at the time, but we never would have known."

Mina hugged him. "Thank you. I just hoped you wouldn't hate me for it. I will try to control myself. I just don't want you to leave me."

"I know." Harker hugged her back tightly. "I would never do that."

Science itself had proven how special first love was, and how people never forget them. It leaves an imprint on our mind on what love truly feels like, and changes our perception of it.

So we tend to hold on dearly to our first love…..

Despite knowing that it may not last.

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