Demon Lord Shapeshifting System

Demon Lord Shapeshifting System

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    In 1997, Harker Jones woke up in a bloody hotel bed with a headless girl. Turns out his dream of his crush transforming into a man-eating demoness was actually real, and he somehow ended up killing the demoness himself!

    Harker lived in poverty with his family, and work hard on part time jobs and his studies to support them. He had no time for girls.... Until a demoness named Xi Hua came to his life.

    After realizing that he had eaten Xi Hua's head in one bite, an eyeball with bat wings and a deep voice appeared by his side:

    [Greetings, new Demon Lord of the West. I am your humble assistant, Yan. Let's determine your cultivation type.]

    [ DING! Cultivation type determined. Your type is:

    Shapeshifting through DNA Absorption]

    Harker was forced to join a world of monsters and cultivators.... As a demon lord who can shapeshift into various creatures that he encounters.

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