Demon Hunter

Book 1 Chapter 5.1
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Book 1 Chapter 5.1 - Welcome to the Jungle! 𝑓𝓇ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝑏𝑛𝘰𝑣ℯ𝘭.𝘤𝘰𝘮

Outside of Asmo’s large gate, there were already over a hundred people, consisting of mercenaries, hunters, and several officers. Hunters and mercenaries were usually domineering and fierce, and they looked down on women. In their eyes, women were mere tools meant to satisfy their desires no matter how valiant or pretty they were. However, they weren’t stupid. When they saw that even the guards and officers that should interfere stood quietly from the side, they chose to act the same.

A hundred individuals, a hundred pairs of eyes that contained hostility or offended expressions; these were all like air to Li.

The sound of engines rumbled again outside Asmo. Two off-road vehicles suddenly rushed forward another ten meters, and their hoods practically touched the Asmo’s barricade. As they advanced, the two anti-aircraft machine guns adjusted their aim. When the vehicles stopped, the pitch-black muzzle perfectly placed the surrounding people within its range. The two operators’ eyes were cruel and bloodthirsty. It was clear that they were a bit impatient and wanted to pull the trigger.

Seeing the two anti-aircraft machine guns, Grace Company’s officers became even more gloomy. They did not want to become enemies with Roxland Company for the sake of a single hunter even though Roxland Company’s actions were close to provocative. Under the current situation, as soon as conflict sparked, the two companies would start a war. Ordinary mercenaries and hunters might not know, but the officers were higher level figures within this bitter land, and so they naturally knew a bit more than ordinary people. Starting a war against Roxland Company was equivalent to suicide.

Su slowly raised his hand and began to loosen the ties around his cloak.

Li’s pretty eyebrows jumped as she watched Su’s movements. Her eyes became more and more bright.

Bang! Bang!

Two abrupt and enormous gunshots shook through all of Asmo. It was to a point where even Li was affected by the explosive sound waves of those attacks!

“I died?” After hearing these two gunshots that could even overwhelm the sounds of machine cannons, this thought instinctively emerged within Li’s mind. A black cloud submerged her vision, her body lost its balance and fell onto the ground.

The instant her back touched the ground, her waist suddenly erupted with force, allowing her to bounce back up. She furiously pulled off the cloak covering her head just to see Su run away at a shocking speed in a camouflage suit. He went straight for the wire netting surrounding Asmo, and without reducing his speed in the slightest, he leapt into the air without stopping for a second. It seemed to violate the laws of physics as his entire body soared over the meter and a half tall wire netting. He was as light as a feather, and upon landing, he quickly ran towards the depths of the wilderness.

Meanwhile, the modified motorcycle that was ridiculously bold and powerful flopped over on its side. Both tires had a bowl sized hole, clearly opened from Su’s gunshots just now.

Ta ta ta! One of the anti-aircraft machine guns on top an off-road vehicle roared, causing earth to splatter behind Su’s back. Earth and rocks flew towards the sky, and then they would fall back down on top of his retreating figure, as if it buried him within! It was clear that the two shooters of the vehicles had at least one level of proficiency in heavy weaponry.

Su suddenly changed direction, removing himself from the anti-aircraft machine gun’s trajectory. He continued to run frantically towards the distant forest ruins.

“Stop fucking shooting!” Li furiously howled.

She ferociously jumped and rushed towards an off-road vehicle at a speed that didn’t lose to Su’s. She grabbed the shooter on top of the vehicle and fiercely kicked him off, sending him flying several meters outwards. With a pu tong sound, the shooter tumbled about on the ground like a sandbag. Even though his body was strong and robust, a single move made him momentarily unable to crawl back up. Li pulled open the car door and similarly threw the driver out several meters before sitting herself in the driver’s seat.

The off-road vehicle roared and backed up several meters. Then, the rear wheels began to spin extremely quickly, causing earth and dust to fly everywhere. The car trembled momentarily before rumbling and rushing outwards!

The off-road vehicle drew a powerful arc and drove around Asmo. It then sped in pursuit of Su.

Right as the off-road vehicle fell back, a tall male dressed in an officer uniform jumped off of the other vehicle. He rushed to Li’s vehicle with a few steps and barely managed to jump into the secondary piloting position. As for the unfortunate former driver in this position, he was similarly flung out several meters. He began to groan together with his two comrades.

The other off-road vehicle was given an order. They stayed in their original position without following them. In addition, since it was Li who was driving, they couldn’t catch up to her even if they wanted to.

In the boundless plains, Su dashed at a speed that should have been impossible for an ordinary person. His steps were graceful and fast, and each time he leapt up and descended, the streak his bent body drew out would appear rather elegant. However, his speed far surpassed that of an ordinary individual’s. There was still approximately two kilometers between himself and the forest ruins. With Su’s current speed, he only needed two minutes to complete this short distance, but behind him, dust rushed into the skies. The off-road vehicle howled as it chased after him, and the distance between the two was quickly closing.

Li clenched her teeth and fiercely stamped down, pushing the gas pedal all the way down. The off-road vehicle ferociously charged straight towards Su’s back with a speed that made the four wheels seem like they left the ground. Right when the distance between the car and Su’s back was less than a meter, Su suddenly turned into a sphere and rolled out to the side, preventing the off-road vehicle from colliding into him.

The off-road vehicle immediately rushed past, and following an ear-splitting braking sound, the off-road vehicle made a perfect 180 degree drift, drawing out a semi-circle wall of smoke and dust. However, as soon as the vehicle turned around, Su’s figure rushed out from the smoke and dust like an apparition and seemed to move right along the off-road vehicle. Su and Li’s faces were less than a meter apart through the car window.

With a breaking sound, the instant they crisscrossed, Su brandished his dagger and sliced off the off-road vehicle’s rear view mirror. Then, like a startled elk, he quickly sped towards the distant forest ruins.

Li once again stepped on the gas pedal until it reached the ground.

The off-road vehicle made another 180 degree turn and rushed after Su.

With simple movements, Su once again avoided a collision from the off-road vehicle. Then, when the vehicle’s speed was reduced, he suddenly appeared from its right side and continued to sprint forward.

Within the vehicle, the tape recorder had already been turned to the loudest volume, and the song that was playing was ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, a song created by the rock band Guns N’ Roses during the olden era. The peculiar voice and powerful rhythm mixed together perfectly reflected the mood within the car.

Li’s teeth were tightly clenched, and her sinisterly smiling face actually revealed a unique type of beauty. Veins appeared on her two hands, and the steering wheel created from plastic began to create cracking sounds. If there wasn’t a metal alloy forming its interior framework, it might have been long crushed by her. Despite this being the case, each time Li turned the wheel at a frightening speed, the steering wheel would always release a groan from not being able to bear the burden. Under this kind of spinning, this sound would be produced every few seconds. Li’s legs continuously clutched, braked, and accelerated in a crazy manner as well.

The off-road vehicle was like a wild beast as it howled and shook while chasing after the fleeing Su. Even though the window was closed, the violent shaking of the car made her short hair fly everywhere as if the wind was blowing through it!

With no safety belts fastened and legs that were sloppily crossed, the male sitting in the auxiliary seat should have been flung outside of the vehicle, had his neck twisted, and probably even most of his bones broken, he sat smoothly and steady on top as if he had previously superglued his buttocks to the seat.

His age didn’t seem that great either, likely under thirty. However, the stubble around his face made him seem different. He wore a leather suit that didn’t seem like the clothing belonging to the army. In addition, half of the buttons in the front were unfastened, revealing a chest that was full of curly chest hair.

The male watched Su who was as nimble as an antelope with interest. After releasing a whistle, he said, “This little fellow truly isn’t bad! It seems like his speed should have already reached sixty kilometers per hour or higher. He’s been at it for a whole minute already too. Are you sure that he has never promoted any abilities in the Combat Domain?”

Li gnashed her teeth in anger and said, “Don’t be stupid. Would someone I want be lacking? I’m willing to bet that he definitely has no abilities in the Combat Domain! Hey, give me a smoke. You know what I want, so don’t think about giving me anything half-ass!”

The male immediately revealed a helpless and reluctant expression. However, he brought out a genuine cigar from his jacket pocket, and with a light movement, he removed the top portion of the cigar. Afterwards, he brought out a blue flame to ignite the cigar before passing it crudely to Li’s mouth.

Li took a teep breath, and a stream of smoke came out from her nose. Her mind was immediately stimulated. She used her teeth to bite down on the cigar. She laughed crazily while saying between her teeth, “Little darling, I want to see just how far you can run!”fr(e)ewebnovel

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