Demon Hunter

Book 1 Chapter 4.4
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Book 1 Chapter 4.4 - Trouble

Sweat continuously flowed down from Berne’s bald head. He, who was previously already seventy to eighty percent drunk, suddenly sobered up a large amount. Berne looked at Su, loosened his shoulders, and laughed bitterly. “Your luck really isn’t bad. You actually provoked the worst person in Roxland Company, their murderous dictator. Right, her name is Li, not Lizzy. However, from what you said, I already know that it’s her!”

Su calmly waited for Berne’s next words, for example, anything about the murderous dictator’s past deeds or any of her unique abilities. This was extremely important information. However, Berne seemed like he wanted to say something, but then after looking left and right, he sighed and closed his mouth.

Su continued to swirl the alcohol in hand. Even though Berne didn’t say anything, he knew that it was possible Berne knew quite a bit. In order to become the commander of a large company like Roxland Company, she definitely had to be exceptional. However, how could she subdue those elite soldiers that did not care about law or natural morality? Moreover, she even had intimate contact with Su before, yet Su couldn’t sense any of her abilities.

Someone like this, who was still so young, definitely had a status within her that far surpassed Berne’s level of status. If trouble really did come knocking on his door, then forget about Berne, not even Grace Company could save him.

From the two times he’s interacted with Li, what left Su with the deepest impression was the wildness and stubbornness in her eyes. Su did not doubt for a second that she remembered every word he said. As for himself, there was one fierce sentence Li said that he had to keep in mind...

Su suddenly felt as if there were tiny beasts of sweat in his palm. He felt extremely uncomfortable.

Right at this time, Berne suddenly looked at Su, and a vague smile appeared on his face. He intentionally lowered his voice and quietly said, “This might not necessarily be a bad thing. If you truly end up in the hands of that murderous dictator, then she probably wouldn’t want to kill you. Heh! I’m someone with experience. Listen, if we are talking about how men look at women, Li is definitely a beauty.”

Su naturally didn’t tell Berne everything that happened, so after hearing these words from Berne, he felt like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Inside the bar, he naturally wouldn’t wear the thick cloak. Instead, he wore the camouflage that was popular among mercenaries and hunters as well as a pair of black gloves. Despite having half of his face covered by bandages, his green eye and his pale lips still possessed considerable attractiveness. The black eyepatch covering his right eye gave him a rather rough and mysterious style.

As if to further prove Berne’s words, with a dang sound, a bottle of brandy from the olden era was placed in front of Su. An already half drunk young woman sat next to Su, and at a distance where she was practically sticking to him, she said to his ear, “Hey! Pretty boy, why don’t we have a drink together? Look, this alcohol isn’t bad, and I’m not bad either!”

From Asmo’s standards, she truly wasn’t bad. Normally, after having just completed a mission, Su would have some pent up desires. However, tonight, her timing was just too poor, appearing right after Berne spoke that sentence. Su did not have the slightest interest in her.

His troubles seemed to always stem from women. Before Su had even decided how to reject her, a big hairy black hand smashed down on Su’s alcohol glass and completely crushed it on the bar counter. Afterwards, the black arm flung around cockily in the air. The glass fragments gradually fell onto the ground with slight sounds. Meanwhile, there wasn’t a single scratch on his hand.

Standing behind Su was a two meter tall large man. The muscles around his body were like a layer of leather armor. He was like a bear as he stared at Su and fiercely said, “Brat! Are you trying to seduce the woman that I have my eyes on?”

The entire pub became quiet, and everyone seemed to look in this direction. There were hunters, soldiers, and women here that needed to put food on the table tomorrow, as well as Grace Company’s members. Security stood at the side with their arms crossed, as if they were watching a play.

“You’ve dirtied my glass,” Su calmly said. His voice was soft, sweet-sounding, and extremely alluring. The half-drunk woman’s eyes shone after hearing it.

“Son of a bitch! What did you say?!” The robust male seemed to have been humiliated, and the veins around his neck continuously throbbed. The muscles began to quickly wriggle about as if there were bugs wriggling under his skin. The people here immediately erupted into a clamor. They commented on the woman’s appearance and began to discuss among themselves. For his muscles to reach this this type of transformation, it proved that this male’s strength was third level at the least. Of course, this level of power wasn’t enough to let him do whatever he wanted, but at the very least, no one was willing to provoke him for no reason.

The robust man coughed once, and a thick clump of spittle had already been gathered in his throat. He prepared to spit on top of that weak-looking small white face and then punch his neck.

However, when the spittle reached his throat, he wasn’t able to spit it out.

The robust man opened his mouth and widened his eyes as he stared at the modified pistol that had been stabbed into his mouth. He didn’t where this gun came from at all. However, the large fifty centimeter gun immediately reminded him that it could easily blast his brain to pieces, which was not worth the result of just breaking a cup.

Following a soft sound, Su pulled back on the safety device. The face of the robust male immediately paled. Without even giving the robust male a chance to think about the situation, Su had already pulled the trigger!

Ka ta!

The sound was completely overwhelmed by the horrified scream the robust male released. However, the tremendous gunshot that should have sounded did not emerge.

The already fainted robust man fell onto the ground, knocking down two tables as well as several bottles of alcohol and numerous glasses.

The women in the bar continuously screamed, not out of fear for the robust male, but rather out of excitement for Su.

Su lifted the extremely expensive bottle of brandy and poured some of it on top of his gunpoint. Then, he set it aflame. Only after the light blue flames finished burning did he open up the barrel and put in six new bullets with his right hand.

Those that had stayed in Asmo for a bit all knew not to lightly provoke Su. This peculiarly dressed individual that seemed quiet, reserved, and even a bit weak was actually vicious and merciless. The robust male only came to Asmo for a few days and didn’t know about this, so everyone in the bar was waiting for his downfall.

After experiencing this ordeal, he naturally didn’t feel like drinking anymore. Su left the bar by himself and walked towards the hotel he was staying in. He prepared to organize his equipment and get a grasp of what goods he had to replenish. The next day, he would get rid of the genetic medicine, and after restocking his ammunition and supplies, he would leave Asmo.

After leaving, Su had no plans to ever return. Even though this meant that the license he worked hard to obtain from Grace Company would be equivalent to a useless piece of paper, Su did not feel any regret. He hated trouble, and this Li with unusually high status in Roxland Company was the very embodiment of it.

Night quickly passed.

At nine-thirty, most of Asmo’s large stores had just opened up, yet Su had already completed the things he needed to do. After selling the genetic modification medicine, he received 4000 yuan, which he exchanged for two bulletproof plates, a set of fine tools, and several rounds of special bullets. After purchasing these, Su became completely impoverished again. There were no banks in this era, and what remained was just coins. Most money signified a burdensome amount of weight, so there was only meaning in using it. Moreover, there were too many areas for Su to spend money on. At the very least, he wouldn’t find himself with too much money to spend in the near future.

At nine-forty, Su had already finished preparing all of his equipment. With his entire body covered by the thick cloak, he walked out from Asmo.


A hundred meters before the exit, Su suddenly stopped. The ground lightly trembled, and dust surged from the distance. Then, the sound of engines rumbled from far away, breaking Asmo’s tranquility.

The soldiers guarding the entrance became nervous, and they hid behind the obstacles set up at the base. Then, their weapons were all aimed towards the roiling dust. Under the nearly crazy rumbling sounds, two all terrain Jeeps emerged from the dust. They roared towards Asmo with two streaks of smoke behind them. These two off-road vehicles were armed with bulletproof vehicle armor, so the weapons of Asmo’s guards posed almost no threat to them. Meanwhile, the 12.7 MM anti-aircraft machine guns sitting on the Jeeps was not something that the sandbags set up in front of the entrance could handle.

The faces of Asmo’s guards were pale, and sweat continuously poured down from their helmets. The pitch-black muzzles of the anti-aircraft machine gun placed their lives in danger, but the glaring tank sign on the off-road vehicles made it so that they didn’t lightly pull the trigger. This was Roxland Company’s insignia.

It was as if there was a tyrannosaurus rex roaring among the dust. The howling noise covered the rumbling sounds of two Benz. Soon after, a dark black motorcycle leapt over the two off-road vehicles and rushed towards Asmo! This motorcycle was modified to an extremely coarse and wild appearance, and the rumbling sounds of the motor completely matched its inconceivable speed.

The motorcycle seemed to completely ignore the guards at the entrance and directly rushed through. Only after rushing through Asmo’s great gate did the rider step harshly on the breaks!

The ear-splitting screeching metallic sound reverberated through Asmo. The glass of the houses near the great gate shattered, and the motorcycle caused the earth around it to rush into the skies. After experiencing the harsh hundred meter breaking, the motorcycle made a final jerking motion before steadying itself, reflecting the driver’s near perfect control of the vehicle.

The motorcycle properly stopped roughly three meters from Su’s position. The rider of the motorcycle wore a black skintight leather suit. The two legs that stretched across the motorcycle revealed an impressive length. She didn’t wear a helmet, so her maroon-colored short hair flew crazily about.

The motorcycle would release a muffled roar from time to time, making the surrounding people feel an even greater pressure from the pits of their stomach. This was clearly a wild beast!

In front of everyone’s faces, Li pointed towards Su and spoke, one word after another, “From today on, you are mine!”

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