Demon Hunter

Book 6 Final Chapter
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Book 6 Final Chapter - Dream

When an expanse of incomparably vast and profound space appeared before Su, he knew that he had indeed arrived in the Lord’s country. Moreover, this was a country filled with life, one that was still growing.

The skies were dark red in color, from time to time, beautiful ribbons of light fluttered across the sky. Islands floated above, while what Su was standing on, was a giant piece of land comparable to a continent in size, unable to see its limits even with his perception. There were forests, mountain ranges, rivers, and wetlands. The wind carried a fresh and clean feeling, all types of beautiful and strange creatures lived in their own territories, these creatures forming a complex, wonderful, and balanced life system. Moreover, every single floating island had its own system, the ecosystems on them entirely different.

In front of Su towered a lofty palace. Even though the hundred meters tall palace and the similarly tall snow-white pillars were quite far, they were still grand and majestic.

This was a palace that carried strong human characteristics, as if it was arranged specifically for Su’s visit. Its existence truly made one doubt whether the human race truly was the heart of the universe, just that they still hadn’t developed yet. Otherwise,why would a human palace be built at the very center, in the country of the Lord whose individual power could overwhelm all ultra life forms? This most likely meant that the lord was closely related to the human race, to the extent where he might very well be human.

In the olden era, this was an inconceivable thing. However, in the new era where ability users ran amuck, this wasn’t something completely beyond reach. Ability theorists had previously speculated that once one person obtained mastery over abilities from levels one to twelve in all five domains, a new ability would be formed: World Customization. To put it in a nutshell, whatever one willed, it would appear, even if it was a complete world! Through this, the ability theorists came to the conjecture that the Lord truly existed, the first, as well as the only one who had complete abilities in all five domains. However, this conjecture could only remain on a theoretical level, because when this hypothesis was brought up, they were still in an age where even sixth level ability users were extremely rare.

Meanwhile, there were ability theorists who went even a step further. When an ability user had an endless amount of evolutionary points, yet no longer developed any abilities, what would happen then? However, not even the craziest theorists could come up with an answer to this.

Su always believed himself to be a human, but now, he actually knew why a palace would appear in the Lord’s country. This was the perfect palace in Su’s view, with Su’s arrival, what was within Su’s heart was revealed, moreover appearing before him. If Su was another incomparably powerful creature, what he saw would be an entirely different scene.

This wasn’t an illusion, but rather a hundred percent reality. This was a country that could alter reality! This already couldn’t be described with the world miracle, however, where was the Lord who made this country? Even if it was destroyed, the country was still in existence. Meanwhile, based on what Su experienced, in his opinion, how could an existence who could create this type of miracle possibly be completely destroyed by the apostles?

The young lady silently stood still behind Su, no matter what kind of inconceivable scene appeared before her eyes, she still remained unmoved. As long as she was at Su’s side, she didn’t fear anything. Meanwhile, for Su, Madeline’s existence similarly served as an anchor in a world of chaos, preventing him from losing his way.

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As for this world, the crimson dome, as well as wisps of heat that continuously descended from the heavens, the truth behind it all already appeared before Su’s eyes. This was a starship, the application of spatial technology already reaching a divine level, the interior space countless times larger than the ship body itself. Meanwhile, the starship was currently hidden within the core of the sun, borrowing the star’s heat and energy to replenish itself and the country’s expenditures.

Su decided to take a look around the palace. If the Lord left something behind, then it would definitely be here.

The palace was extremely vast, the interior also much larger than what it looked like from the outside. Meanwhile, within this palace that was of such a giant scale, apart from an aloof and remote throne, there was nothing else. As soon as they saw that throne, Su and Madeline both knew that this was the Lord’s throne. Its size was perfect for seating one ordinary human. Even though, when compared to the palace, the throne was like a drop of water in an ocean, its presence was still incomparable. As long as a creature entered, they would immediately see it, and then be captivated by it.

Su’s expression was pale, his body also involuntarily trembling. However, his precise perception ruthlessly reminded Su that that this seat’s dimensions perfectly suited him, not the slightest bit too big, not the slightest bit too small.

Su looked at Madeline, but the young lady displayed exceptional bravery, firmly nodding towards Su.

Su took a deep breath. Even though this movement actually lacked all meaning, it calmed him down out of habit. Then, Su still walked up to the throne, slowly sitting down.

In that instant, the entire country flared up!

Meanwhile, right before Su’s eyes, an incomparably massive scroll unfolded, millions and millions of years of time condensed into an instant, flashing past his eyes. The Lord’s incarnations were endless, and it was incomparably massive. Most of the time, it was an incredibly vast expanse of darkness, slowly growing, extending out in space. The Lord didn’t belong to this universe, even though it was also an ultra life form. The lord belonged to the mysterious Bisindle civilization. Unlike other ultra life forms, all of the Bisindle were perfect life forms, their evolution having no end point or limit. They could expand endlessly, and could also condense into extreme points that were almost impossible to measure. The Bisindle’s most terrifying weapon was precisely like this, when it grew to its greatest size, they would then endlessly contract, the tremendous amount of energy would produce unparalleled gravitation force, from this form a black hole that could devour star systems. This was the Bisindle civilization’s weapon, as well as a method for them to eat. All creatures, all matter, were food for Bisindle. When they carried out their final feast, the entire cosmos would collapse as a result, from this condense into one point. This place would have no matter, no space, and no time, only endless energy. After eating, Bisindle would rely on this to jump to another space, and then carry out another instance of foraging, conquering, and evolution, this cycle continuing endlessly.

What appeared before Su, were precisely this Bisindle’s memories. Most of the time, it turned into a massive darkness, wherever it passed, all life would be destroyed, only deathly still planets left behind. Meanwhile, in the distant future, when it evolved to a certain degree, these dead stars would become its food.

The apostles were its creation, the vanguard that scouted out unfamiliar stellar domains. The Lord who inherited knowledge through the Bisindle language possessed overwhelming superiority over all life, including civilizations with ultra life forms. There was only one exception, which was precisely the apostles it created itself. At one point in time, the apostles suddenly betrayed it. When it just began to eat, they delivered a fatal blow to its source of consciousness! The apostles were the Lord’s creations, similarly inheriting the power of Bisindle, which was why most of the Lord’s defensive measures were useless before the apostles.

The Lord was destroyed, but this was only temporary.

The apostles’ betrayal was due to seeing the truth regarding the Lord. They had their own instincts, particularly survival instincts. Meanwhile, when the lord carried out its final feast, they would also become a part of the food.

The moment before destruction, the Lord’s retaliation similarly destroyed the material existence of the apostles. Meanwhile, this planet that the human race inhabited just happened to be the prison the Lord chose to incarcerate the apostles’ wills. The Lord used its omnipresent consciousness’ power to make the human race’s overly giant nuclear arsenal fire simultaneously, ultimately condensing it into a cloud layer of radiation that covered the entire planet. The intense environmental change and powerful radiation stimulated the evolution of all creatures. Moreover, the last thing the Lord did, was unlock the evolutionary restrictions of all life in the prison.

When the crazily evolving creatures’ wills gathered into one entity, it formed the will of the world. For the sake of its own existence, the planet’s existence, the apostles became its natural enemies. Meanwhile, the lord was waiting for a chance to revive. The opportunity would perhaps be the apostles’ fear, perhaps it would be the sudden growth of some remains, to the extent where it was just like Rochester said, if the apostles even thought of it a few more times, the Lord would also revive through their consciousness projections.

However, not even the Lord itself would have expected that the opportunity for revival actually originated from an insignificant human’s wildly ambitious project: Perfect Life Form.

The original intention of this project was to create a super soldier with eternal life and limitless evolution potential, thus removing all physiological and genetic evolutionary hindrances. This was a crazy plan, the Creator never thought about how with the human race’s current level of science and technology, once this type of creature was created, what kind of disaster it would bring. The Creator was a genius, and also had incredible luck, actually almost creating a life form with endless evolutionary potential. Meanwhile, Rochester’s help turned this project from a dream to reality, thus, an ultra life form that could evolve limitlessly was thus born.

To be more precise, reborn.

Su slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the young lady, a somewhat weak smile on his face. The young lady was extremely quiet, but her eyes carried a concern and resolution that was difficult to hide. She also sensed it, which was why she already prepared herself to face her fate.

Su raised his hand, not releasing destructive energy, instead pulling her hand, walking out from the palace. The young lady’s mind was in disarray, as if she returned to eight years ago. However, waves of sorrow continuously battered her mind, tears uncontrollably flowing out. Time was still flowing on, but now, it was no longer like back then, and there was no way to return to the past. She was no longer the pure and beautiful little girl, Su was no longer the brave and fearless young man.

What was in the past, would forever be left in the past.

Su’s heart was calm. Actually, when he stepped into the country, he already understood the truth behind everything. He himself, was the last Bisindle in this universe. Meanwhile,every universe, in the end, could only hold one Bisindle, and it would ultimately be destroyed following the Bisindle’s growth.

The current Su was still ruled by the will of this world, however, he knew the power of the Bisindle instincts, they were powerful to the point where there was no chance of victory.

Su was silent. He held Madeline’s hand, leaving the Bisindle country. The method of leaving was extremely simple, Su who could operate the Bisindle divine language’s power at will reached out his hand, drawing out a transport gate in front of himself, and then stepped through this transport gate, appearing before Persephone and O’Brien.

Arthur Family’s survivors didn’t continue towards Dragon City, instead choosing to stay in another small town ruins rich with natural resources. A day and night of tidying up already patched up the small town to some extent. Su and Madeline’s sudden appearance left O’Brien and Persephone shocked, and then the former was enthusiastic, while the latter was ecstatic. Su was still smiling, he greeted O’Brien, and then hugged Persephone, moreover complimented Eileen’s beauty. Madeline was still ice-cold and unapproachable, standing far from everyone, only quietly speaking a bit with Persephone. Almost none of the Arthur Family’s survivors recognized Su and Madeline. Even though there were a few youngsters who were shocked at the young lady’s beauty, they were stopped by her faint but sharp killing intent, not daring to hit on her at all. The entire interaction’s atmosphere was warm, friendly, but seemed a bit rigid and strange. Su even more so felt a bit of unnaturalness from O’Brien’s body.

Regardless of whether it was the manner of speech or his expressions, there were no flaws to be found in O’Brien’s bearing, even more so would no one find an inappropriateness. However, Su was different, ever since he sat down on the Bisindle throne, he understood everything around him like the back of his hand. It was precisely the extremely slight change in O’Brien’s heartbeat and bloodflow, and even brain activity fluctuations that sold him out. If Su wanted, he could even directly ‘translate’ O’Brien’s thoughts.

As a result, Su shut off his own perception.

At nightfall, a small scale but lively banquet was carried out in this inhabited area, as for those who participated, aside from Su’s group of five, there were also a few individuals from Arthur Family with high statuses, as well as the bravest soldiers who joined them. The Arthur Family had accumulated wealth for a long time after all, there was also enough time for this withdrawal and relocation as well, which was why the dinner party was quite refined, especially the aged wines that were even more precious. A customary convention of the new era was that ability users, when drinking alcohol, would not use any of their abilities to resist the effects of ethanol. This would completely erase the meaning of drinking, as well as waste the extremely precious wine.

After the dinner party, Su and Persephone remained alone for a long time. Everyone knew what they were doing, but no one knew what they talked about.

Then, Su returned to his own room and laid down on the bed, silently staring at the ceiling. He already hadn’t laid down like a human to rest for a long time. Rest, there was no such thing in the Bisindle language. As all of his thought centers stopped their activity, Su’s consciousness truly entered a state of blankness. This was extremely rare, as well as possibly the final moment of peace. To not have to think about anything, this was truly a type of bliss.

A light knocking sound could be heard from the room’s door. Su whose perception had already been sealed didn’t know who was outside, and was quite curious who would look for him at this time. Was it O’Brien, or was it Eileen? Both of them had a chance of appearing. O’Brien’s body was clearly on the edge of collapse, while Eileen’s situation wasn’t that good either. Her abilities were extremely deformed, the more powerful the abilities she used, the more damage she would bring upon her own body. The most important thing was that their abilities were sufficiently powerful, if they improved just a step further, there was a chance of entering the ranks of ultra life forms. That meant that they would live lives at least in the tens of thousands of years, compared to normal humans, this was already equivalent to eternal life. For every ability user, or for every human, this was an irresistible enticement.

Su, who could create a biological army, similarly possessed the power to turn humans into ultra life forms. Meanwhile, he who had obtained Bisindle’s inheritance, could even more so create apostle level ultra life forms again. The latter might still be unknown, but the former, through continuous battles, was already no longer a secret. After the banquet, Eileen already found the chance to hint that she was willing to become an ultra life form, no matter the price.

However, when the door opened, the one who stood behind it was Madeline.

“You...” Su was a bit surprised.

The young lady’s face was just as ice-cold as before, while her body was cold and stiff like a frozen mountain, even her voice electronic, lacking even a trace of emotion, actually a bit similar to Helen’s. She said, “Helen had a regret she could not let go even to her last moments, I do not want to be like her!”

“What regret?...” Before Su finished, Madeline already threw herself into his embrace! The powerful impact stopped all of his following words, and then the door was nailed shut with the shock wave that followed!

If one had infrared sight, even through the door, one could see the temperature in the room suddenly shoot up, becoming as hot as flames.


Only when it was almost daybreak did Su wake up from his slumber.

He already didn’t experience the feeling of sleep for a very, very long time, moreover a sleep that let everything go. Madeline was curled up in his embrace, still not awake, her silver-gray long hair scattered across Su’s chest, the soft hair extremely comfortable. The young lady was no longer as tough as metal, only looking like a charming kitten, her hands and feet tightly latched to Su’s body, as if she was trying to strangle him.

Su laughed, feeling an unprecedented feeling of peace and happiness, if... if he could forget many things.

Right at this time, an intense pain suddenly transmitted from Su’s chest! His body convulsed involuntarily, his skin even more so developing a layer of abnormal redness. Su suddenly stood up, coughing heavily, entire body contracting, in the end spitting out a mouthful of purple black blood. The blood that was spat on the ground continuously wriggled about, releasing a pungent smell, moreover having a preliminary consciousness of its own. It even extended out long tentacles, continuously searching for Su’s position in the air. This was something highly toxic, belonging to a biological toxin, the toxin’s activity couldn’t be compared to Su’s early stage intruder cells. For the human race, being able to develop this type of toxin really was inconceivable, moreover, there was no chance of detoxifying.

Unfortunately, the one who was poisoned was Su. Even if he didn’t obtain the Bisindle’s inheritance, his body’s intruder cells could still wipe out all of the biological poison.

The human race, many times, were extremely presumptuous, yet oftentimes, because of their ignorance, appeared extremely stupid.

However, Madeline’s low groan suddenly made Su’s mind tighten! He turned around, the young lady currently curled up in pain, her expression pale, body temperature terrifyingly high. Biological poison that could even make Su feel a bit of pain would be much more harmful for the young lady. Meanwhile, the poison acted perfectly, when she was completely off-guard, which was why Madeline immediately lost consciousness.

A wave of anger suddenly rose in Su’s chest! Both him and Madeline intentionally closed off their perception, wishing to enjoy the feeling of being human again, but he never expected that even this final bit of extravagance would be destroyed.

The poison had no chance of threatening Su and Madeline’s lives, but it would stimulate the growth and awakening of their instincts. When the biological poison grew to a certain point, threatening their lives, their ultra life form instincts would awaken, moreover act out. The process of removing the poison wouldn’t be more difficult than cleaning a room, but each time the instincts awakened, it would become a bit stronger, become more difficult to suppress. The will of the world already completed its mission, it wouldn’t become any more powerful. At the same time, after the purge, the world’s will was seriously damaged, close to eradication.

That was why the human race, because of their ignorance, would appear stupid.

Su hugged Madeline, with this simple movement, his perception already locked onto all biological matter within the young lady’s body, and then the destructive poison immediately all died. The young lady’s body temperature returned to normal shortly afterwards. She gradually opened her eyes, looking at Su with a somewhat confused expression. Then, her eyes immediately widened, with a cry of alarm, her body temperature went ice-cold, her body even more so becoming harder than steel!

Su didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, only able to embrace her, bury her face in his chest. However, even after doing this, the young lady still didn’t raise her head for a long time.

“We should leave, the people here clearly don’t wish for us to be here.” Su said gently.

“I’ll go with you.” The young lady didn’t dare let Su see her own face, her voice ice-cold and rigid. However, her motion of tightly grabbing Su’s arm exposed a bit of her thoughts.

Su nodded.

A moment later, they already put everything in order, but in reality, it was just putting on some clothes. Meanwhile, in the eyes of ultra life forms, the creation of clothes was nothing more than a thought. That was why they would always have suitable clothes, at least what they themselves found suitable.

Madeline wanted to open the door, but she was stopped by Su. He said with an insipid voice, “Even if we are going to leave, we should leave those who welcomed us something to remember us by.”

When Su’s words sounded, with him at the center, the entire room suddenly fell in all directions, and then it was crushed, destroyed. Less than half a minute later, this room they stayed in completely disappeared from this world, while Su was still standing in place. Madeline looked into the distance, her gaze unexpectedly reaching exceptionally far. It wasn’t just this room, with just a few words from Su, all of the buildings, machines, and installations in this small town went up into ashes. Meanwhile, everyone still maintained their various postures, some busying about, some asleep, and some currently conspiring something, like a movie scene’s freeze frame. However, their beds, their household goods, and even fuel, all disappeared from this world, as if they were all standing on an incredibly level plaza. Meanwhile, Eileen stood there alone, her expression overwhelmed with shock and despair, and then all power left her body. She wanted to cry out, but no sound came out, her powerless body falling.

In the entire plaza, there was only one house left, this house appearing rather tall now.

When cries of alarm sounded, Su and Madeline had long disappeared.

In the last room, O’Brien was currently looking at his own older sister with a bitter smile, while Persephone was absolutely furious.

“What is this?!” Persephone raised an empty bottle of alcohol high up, inside of it still a few drops of alcohol. Right now, the alcohol had long dried and solidified, but it still flickered with a faint light, moreover corroded a small hole at the bottom of the bottle. Stored within the bottle, was the old red wine originally prepared for Su and Madeline.

“Alma Castle Red Wine, dated ten years, prepared for Su and Madeline, inside of it Eileen’s newly developed biological poison.” O’Brien’s voice was sunken, but he was direct and straightforward, not hiding anything.

“Why?!” Persephone screamed out. She already raised her power to the peak, ready to fight a battle to the death with O’Brien at any moment.

“This is our human race’s planet, we do not need apostles or other ultra life forms. We cannot control them, sooner or later, one day, we will become their food or slaves.”

“Those are Su and Madeline! They have no interest in ruling this planet at all!”

“They do not need to rule, they only need food. Moreover, their instincts haven’t awakened yet, but they will eventually, am I wrong?” O’Brien replied coldly.

Persephone suddenly felt like she couldn’t continue talking. Everything O’Brien had said, they were precisely the words Helen left behind. She said that the apostles were not ordinary ultra life forms, their instincts were incredibly powerful. Sooner or later, one day, Madeline’s apostle instincts would reawaken, at that time, she would become the enemy of all life. No matter how powerful one’s will was, it couldn’t contend against this type of instinct, just like the Spider Empress Lanaxis couldn’t.

Meanwhile, Su might very well be an existence even more terrifying than the apostles.

O’Brien’s choice couldn’t be said to be wrong, at least from a human perspective, he was right. However, Persephone definitely wouldn’t forgive him because of this. Her gaze was ice-cold as she said, “You do not understand Su at all, nor do you understand Madeline! I have never thought you would be this kind of a coward!”

With a pa sound, O’Brien’s face received a painful slap. Persephone immediately kicked open the door, turning around to leave. Everything outside the room had long become a great mess, hundreds of survivors standing on this vacant public square, completely confused as to what happened. Persehone knew that things would be like this, only swaggering off, disappearing into the night.

Meanwhile, O’Brien watched her departing figure. He stroked his short beard, a bitter smile appearing. He said quietly to himself, “I’m sorry, older sis, I had no choice... as for the harm I brought you, I will pay the price for it.”

He was leaning against the edge of the fireplace the entire time, and as such, Persephone didn’t see the empty goblet on the fireplace’s shelf, the few drops of red wine left in it similarly starting to release glimmers of light.

The light in the room dimmed, shadows swallowing up O’Brien.


At the highest point of the world, Su was currently sitting peacefully, his beautiful eyes slightly narrowed as they gazed at the gradually rising sun in the distance. The clouds of radiation in the sky had unknowingly when became much thinner, in the direction where the sun gradually rose, there was even more so a lofty and azure sky.

“It is quite a beautiful world, don’t you think?” Su said in an unhurried manner.

“It is, but...” For some reason, Madeline couldn’t continue. After pausing for a moment, she leaned on Su’s shoulder, saying quietly, “Forgive me, I’m not as brave and strong as older sis Persephone, I still want to be with you.”

“Indeed, very few have courage like hers.” Su patted the young lady’s hand, and then raised his head, gazing towards the gradually rising sun. He released a long breath of air, and then said softly, “Actually, I am only an extremely ordinary person, I never thought about saving the world. All I wanted to do, is allow those at my side to live a bit happier...”

In the dark void of the spiritual world, two identical Sus were currently standing opposite of each other. One coldly said, “You know this is pointless, the day will come when I will revive, and then continue to devour this universe. At that time, you will no longer exist.” The other Su revealed a calm and tranquil smile, saying, “However, that is something that will happen a very long time from now, am I wrong?”

As such, will, instincts, and life force merged into an inseparable entity, everything passing away.

Su’s voice gradually fell, eyes also slowly closing. The radiance in his green pupil stopped, froze, all life force extinguished bit by bit along with his will.

Madeline leaned against Su’s shoulder, tightly embracing Su’s arm, no longer able to suppress her tears anymore, now pouring down. She wanted to accompany Su, and as such, her body also gradually became ice-cold...

As such, at the peak of the world, under the setting sun, two interdependent beautiful figures, finally obtained eternal rest.


On a mysterious and beautiful continent, three human children were currently chasing each other around, their speeds shockingly fast, to the extent where the vast forest also became a playground that wasn’t all that large, even reaching the point where the floating islands above were turned into springboards. Meanwhile, next to a beautiful and peaceful lakeside, Persephone was currently chewing on a pencil, somewhat lazily sketching something on a canvas.

Behind Persephone knelt a black-haired, black dressed young lady, her beautiful little face releasing a bit of a blank expression, currently focused on Persephone’s drawing. On the easel was a plain pencil drawing, but the lines were simple and lifelike. In the middle was Su, Persephone and Madeline snuggling up against him, one of the left, one on the right. Meanwhile, the short haired Li’s hands were supporting her chin, crouching in front of Su’s legs. Two steps from them, Helen had one hand resting in front of her chest, one head propping her jaw, currently thinking about something. Nearby, Snow and Star were currently chasing each other, while Little Luo hung from Su’s body, trying to crawl to the top of his head, a small hand grabbing Su’s short hair.

“What is this?” The black-haired young lady Pandora used her trademark somewhat naive voice to ask.

Persephone lowered the pencil she was biting, then gave the picture that was close to completion a look, and then said with a sigh, “A certain person’s dream.”

Pandora’s large clear and bright eyes quietly swirled, and then she suddenly pointed at a blank area on the drawing, saying, “There is still a blank space here, why don’t you add me on there!”

“No!” Persephone said angrily.

“Come on!”


“Just add me, come on...”

The surface of the sun suddenly sprayed out an extremely majestic and magnificent coronal streamer, and then it formed a solar wind, powerfully blowing towards the depths of the universe. No one could see it, but inside the blazing flames, a strange spaceship was currently exiting the center of the sun, carrying a certain person’s dream, flying into the depths of the universe.

Meanwhile, on the beaten planet, it welcomed a new day in ignorance.

Sally still woke up extremely early, but the moment she pushed open the door, she was suddenly dumbfounded. In the distant horizon, a sun was currently rising, even though the sky still carried thick clouds of radiation, the horizon started to reveal an azure and lofty sky. Sally rubbed her eyes with disbelief, feeling the warm sunlight that scattered on her skin, her mouth couldn’t help but release a groan of happiness.

Was winter finally over?

The inhabited area became lively, children in groups of three or four were currently chasing each other around, their shouts and sounds of laughter brought much radiance to this harsh era. When she looked at them, Sally also couldn’t help but smile. As long as there were children, there would be a future, there would be hope.

Meanwhile, not far out, several small children were currently seated together, playing a game of speaking about their dreams.

“In the future, I want to become a strong fighter!” The first child said.

“What is so special about that? I want to become a general!” Another child said in disapproval.

When all of the children spoke about their dreams, only a skinny and reserved boy didn’t say anything. As such, everyone urged him, and only then, under the pressure, did he stand up, using a tender yet serious voice to say:

“I... I want to become a scientist! I am going to create the most powerful, most perfect human! I want him to be able to evolve endlessly, possess limitless abilities!”

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