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Chapter 52: What’s Wrong?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

She was overjoyed and wanted to go in. As for the excuse, she would say that she had barged in after losing her way, and that she had gone in to thank him after chancing upon him there and recalling how he had called out to the Eldest Princess that day.

With this back-and-forth, wouldn’t the Young Marquis slowly fall in love with her?

Bai Yu’er’s mind was racing as she made calculations, but before she could pass the moon gate, an arrow shot over and hit the tree in front of her!

If she had taken another step closer, the arrow would have hit her neck!

“Who is it? This is Young Master’s courtyard. You can’t enter without reporting.”

Bai Yu’er leaned against the root of the tree in shock. “I… I accidentally barged in.”

Xiao Zheng was carrying a bow on his back. The arrowheads in his quiver flashed with a cold glint. He frowned. “Accidental? Where were you going?”

It felt a little familiar, but Xiao Zheng could not recall who it was for a moment. 𝒇𝒓𝙚𝙚𝒘𝙚𝙗𝙣𝒐𝓿𝙚𝙡.𝙘𝒐𝓶

“Going to the Wind-Retaining Courtyard. I’m Bai Yu’er. My uncle is Bai Yuannian of the Kingdom-Stabilizing General’s Manor. I was injured at the banquet that day. The Eldest Princess had asked me to recuperate here.” Bai Yu’er stuttered. There was a murderous aura around this man. She was very afraid.

Xiao Zheng touched his nose. Only now did he remember that there seemed to be such a thing. He had even mistaken Bai Yu’er for Fifth Miss Bai because she had also come in the carriage from the General’s Manor. If he had looked at her a little while longer, he would not have made the mistake…

However, he had also lived in the capital since he was young. He had never heard of the Kingdom-Stabilizing General’s Manor having a daughter from the second branch, so he had not paid attention.

“The Wind-Retaining Courtyard is over there.” Xiao Zheng pointed the way for her.

Bai Yu’er looked at the man in the study with some reluctance and revealed a pitiful expression. “Kind Brother, I see that Young Marquis is also inside. Can you help me pass a message? I wish to thank him personally. That day, he had helped me stop the Seventh Princess. I’ve remembered it in my heart. Now that I’ve coincidentally encountered him, can you do me this favor?”

Xiao Zheng had goosebumps and said strangely, “Just call me Xiao Zheng. Young Master has something on now. I’ll convey your thanks to him.”

Bai Yu’er cursed in her heart. At this moment, Xie Xingyun’s voice suddenly sounded.

“Xiao Zheng.”

The voice was abnormally cold and soft, but Xiao Zheng still heard it. He jumped down from the tree, pulled his bow twice, and bowed. “Young Master.”

“It’s too noisy.”

Xiao Zheng knew that Xie Xingyun was unhappy, so he immediately chased her away. “Miss, you can leave now.”

They were about to meet, so how could Bai Yu’er leave? She immediately raised her voice. “Young Marquis, I’m Bai Yu’er, who was slapped by the Seventh Princess that day. I’m here to thank you. Can Young Marquis come out to meet me?”

“What are you doing?” Xiao Zheng frowned and wanted to drag her away. “Miss Bai, please don’t take offence…”

“Bai Yu’er…” A deep voice came from inside.

It was more like he was recalling the name.

Bai Yu’er pushed Xiao Zheng away and said happily, “That’s me. Do you still remember me, Young Marquis?”

Xie Xingyun actually pushed open the door, but his expression was dark.

After seeing her face clearly, he narrowed his eyes. “…I remember.”

Bai Yu’er’s face quickly turned red.

In his previous life, if she had not been causing trouble in the dark, how would Bai Xianyu have known about him taking a concubine? She did not even give him a chance to explain before saying that she wanted to marry Lin Xingjian.

Xiao Zheng looked back and forth between the two of them. He felt that something was wrong..

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