Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 531 - Letting The Dog Bite
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Chapter 531: Letting The Dog Bite

Gu Yuanyuan clenched her fists and said to Gu Xuexue, “You socialize here. I’ll go and keep an eye on that b*tch and see what she’s up to!”

Gu Xuexue rolled her eyes and suggested a plan. “Sister Yuan Yuan, didn’t that ‘General’ that your father raised just obtained first place in the championship competition? I think I saw your servant bring that ‘General’ to the pet beauty shop next door for a cosmetic surgery just now. Why don’t you bring her over? A dog’s nose is the most sensitive. It will definitely be able to follow her smell and find that b*tch…”

General was Gu Enlong’s competition dog.

It wasn’t big, but it was extremely fierce!

Just now, in the Asian Fighting Dog Finals, it had bitten a Chow Chow that was three times its size and won the championship.

Thus, Gu Xuexue’s rotten idea wasn’t to let Gu Yuanyuan find someone at all.

She was clearly hinting to Gu Yuanyuan to let the dog bite her!

It would be best for it to bite Gu Qiqi until she was beyond recognition! Blood would splatter on the spot! That would be satisfying.

Indeed, Gu Yuanyuan understood and smiled. “This suggestion is good.”


The second floor of the flagship store was a rest area. There were no customers and the lights were dim.

Gu Qiqi fumbled forward and suddenly tripped.

A little boy was squatting in the corner. He buried his head in his knees in loneliness and his shoulders were still twitching.

He seemed to be crying.

Yet, he seemed to be holding it in.

Gu Qiqi’s heart softened.

Unfortunately, she was still in a hurry to find Xiao Ning and didn’t have much time. She only rubbed that boy’s thick black hair lightly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t bump into you, right?”

The boy didn’t look up and hummed gloomily. “Men aren’t that afraid of pain.”

Gu Qiqi smiled.

What a brat!

“Where’s your family?”

“I don’t have a family.” The boy was unhappy.

“Why not? Didn’t your parents bring you here?”

The boy was silent for a moment. “Dad is going to marry my stepmother.”

These words expressed all his sadness.

He had come up to look for Bai Lang just now, but he heard Bai Lang calling someone outside the washroom.

In order to be polite, he didn’t enter to disturb him and only waited quietly outside.

But as he listened, he realized that something was wrong!

“Gong Jue, are you really going to marry her? Can you not tease me? What? You sent the marriage token to the Gu family?! You’re crazy! You’re really overwhelmed by this little vixen! Where’s your son? Aren’t you going to consider your son’s feelings? Aren’t you going to ask him if he accepts this stepmother? Gong Jue, you’re too selfish… What? You’re saying that this isn’t selfish? You’re the one who’s going to marry a wife, not them? Damn it. Do you still dare to say something more infuriating?… Hey, hey, hey, why are you hanging up on me…”

Bai Lang’s every word pierced the boy’s heart.

He initially thought that his father was just dating her first. He didn’t expect that he was already talking about marriage.

But Dad didn’t care about his opinion at all.

How infuriating.

When he married Little Sister in the future, he definitely shouldn’t inform that d*mned dung!

When Bai Lang came out, the boy didn’t approach him. Instead, he squatted alone in a dark corner and silently licked his wounds.

For some reason, Gu Qiqi felt a little sympathetic when she saw how sad this boy was. His small face was completely buried in his knees and he refused to look up no matter what. She actually felt terrible!

“I don’t know how to comfort you, but I know that people will encounter many difficult things in their lives. The only thing we can do is to change what can be changed and accept what can’t be changed. Do you understand?”

She thought that this logic was too difficult and profound.

Unexpectedly, the boy actually moved and slowly looked up…

“Yes, I understand.”

Just as those big black grape-like eyes were about to meet Gu Qiqi’s eyes…

Suddenly, a dog bark came from the corner of the staircase!

A short and valiant crowned hound rushed over.

Its sharp fangs were bared. It was obvious that someone had stimulated its fighting spirit and made Gu Qiqi and the boy its target!

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