Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 530 - The Mans Strength Made Her Uneasy
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Chapter 530: The Man’s Strength Made Her Uneasy

Amidst everyone’s envious gazes… Only Xiao Ning knew that this wasn’t the truth!

Uncle seemed to be angry!

As for why he was angry, she didn’t know!

She only knew that nothing good would happen next.

Indeed, there was a price to pay when Uncle saved the situation.

Bai Yeyuan’s exclusive chairman suite had a bed in the Medical Hall!

How terrifying.

The gala was still going on downstairs, but she was going to be caught and raped…

Would her voice be heard by others? Would the matter between them be exposed like this? She sobbed and she left halfway. Would Qiqi be able to handle those hateful rich wives and Bai Yingzhu and the rest by herself?

Was Qiqi confident about tonight’s plan alone?

Just as Xiao Ning’s heart was in a mess and she was panicking…

Gu Qiqi, who was in the crowd, looked over suspiciously.

Did she hear wrongly just now?

Why was Xiao Ning also calling Bai Yeyuan “Little Uncle” and not her eldest uncle?

Bai Yeyuan wasn’t the eldest young master, but was Bai Lang the second young master? In terms of seniority, why was this term a little strange? Or had she heard wrongly?

A bad premonition surged in her heart.

If she didn’t hear wrongly, and if Bai Yeyuan was really that “Little Uncle” that Xiao Ning was talking about… That scumbag Bai…

It was as if he could feel Gu Qiqi’s cold gaze on him.

Bai Yeyuan stopped in his tracks.

He stopped halfway up the spiral staircase.

Lowering his eyes slightly,she blew into Xiao Ning’s ear. “Little Lemon, be good. Turn around and greet your little friend. Tell her that your mother is here…”

Xiao Ning had a bitter expression on her face. She really didn’t want to lie to her best friend.


Did she have a choice?

She couldn’t implicate Qiqi. Qiqi had a lot of important things to do tonight.

If she could lure Bai Yeyuan away, at least, it would be a huge obstacle removed for Qiqi. It would be beneficial to take care of Qing Yuxuan and those bastards later.

Thinking about this, Xiao Ning gathered her courage and hid the panic and anxiety in her heart. She looked back and raised her voice at Gu Qiqi. “Qiqi, my Mom is here. I’ll go and see her for a while. You walk around first. I’ll come down to find you later!”

Although these words were filled with lies, Gu Qiqi couldn’t help but believe them because they were said by Xiao Ning herself and she was even smiling so innocently.

However, an inexplicable vigilance still made her take a few more looks at Bai Yeyuan.

She still didn’t believe it!

The gloom and dominance that man exuded made her very uneasy.

She couldn’t reveal her relationship in front of so many people. The person who would be harmed would probably be Xiao Ning. A girl’s reputation was always more valuable than a man’s.

But this didn’t mean that she would sit idle and ignore it!

Lan Ting was important. It was important to take care of Gu Xuexue and the rest, but her Xiao Ning was more important!

Gu Qiqi’s eyes darkened. She already had a plan in her heart.

“Yes, go ahead.” She nodded lightly and looked like she completely believed Xiao Ning’s words.

Furthermore, she turned around and patiently answered a reporter’s question.

However, when Xiao Ning and Bai Yeyuan’s figures disappeared around the corner of the staircase… Gu Qiqi turned around again and her eyes turned cold!

She found an excuse and left the crowd. She asked the waiter about the washroom’s location and walked up the stairs!

Gu Yuanyuan was the first to notice that Gu Qiqi was leaving.

She frowned. The cocktail party was about to start in a while. As Qing Yuxuan’s executive director, she had to speak in public.

It would be a pity if Gu Qiqi didn’t see this glorious moment with her own eyes and feel the natural difference between them!

She couldn’t let that country bumpkin leave!

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