Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 1052 - The Final Champion Is...
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Chapter 1052: The Final Champion Is...

Xiao Bei listened and asked curiously, “But why did they stop in front of our Furong Pavilion?”

Gu Meifeng and Gu Xuexue’s hearts skipped a beat. They looked out again. Indeed, a flashy extended Hummer had stopped in the middle of the road!

The door opened and a man stepped out of the car who was six-foot-two. In the dim light of the night, she could vaguely see him helping the woman out.

Gu Xuexue said excitedly, “Brother Liuchuan, did you invite someone from the presidential palace to our engagement ceremony? Could it be Gong Sheng and Ms. Song?”

Mu Liuchuan was drunk and said vaguely, “Hmm… hmm?”

Gu Xuexue, on the other hand, was extremely excited. She couldn’t wait to welcome the esteemed guests and proudly introduce them to everyone. The esteemed guests of the presidential palace were also here to witness her and Mu Liuchuan’s hundred-year-long marriage.

At this moment, Mu Liuchuan’s drunkenness, the Mu family’s abandonment of her engagement for an illegitimate child, and her unhappiness at Mu Liuchuan and Gu Qiqi’s meeting the day before her engagement instantly disappeared.

So what? As long as the people from the presidential palace could attend her engagement ceremony, it would be a huge honor!

However, in the next second…

Just as she was about to pull Mu Liuchuan out to welcome the guests,

The man and woman walked across the road!

They weren’t going to their Fleur House at all.

Instead, they were going to the banquet hall of the presidential palace!!!

The lights blazed. They were many times brighter than they were here at Fleur House.

Gu Xuexue was a little disappointed. “So they’re not our guest…”

Gu Meifeng comforted her. “Maybe there’s some state banquet at the presidential palace? Alright, let’s hurry up and leave. The reporters must be waiting anxiously. It’s not good to be late…”

Gu Xuexue took a deep breath and composed herself.

She was too happy just now, so her disappointment was especially fierce. A big shot like Gong Sheng was actually not here to attend her engagement ceremony… It was best if the other party was holding a state banquet. Otherwise, she really couldn’t take this lying down.

Apart from the state banquet tonight, what banquet could be more important than Gu Meifeng’s daughter and son-in-law’s marriage?

They finally dragged themselves to the ballroom.

Gu Meifeng looked at the reporters who had accepted the money. Although she was a little impatient, she still waited for them patiently.

Moreover, the moment Gu Xuexue and Mu Liuchuan appeared, they immediately raised their cameras and took photos of them.

The scene was especially lively. Gu Meifeng was extremely satisfied.

Indeed, those unhappy moments just now were just a small interlude.

She smiled and asked Old Master Gu to officiate the marriage. Then, she went to the side to instruct the sound equipment debugger and began to play one of the engagement procedures on the big screen in the background. The daily warm scenes of the man and woman were shown.

A few images had just played.

Suddenly, it switched to a live broadcast!

This was the scene of Gu Qiqi waiting for the judges to announce the results on the laboratory stage just now.

As the live broadcast was actually delayed by about ten minutes, this scene actually happened ten minutes ago.

Gu Meifeng had clearly deliberately asked the debugger to switch to this live broadcast. At this moment, she pretended not to know anything and exclaimed, “How could this be? Our Qiqi is sad enough tonight. Not only did she lose the competition, but she was also scolded by the judges. Hurry up and stop it! Stop it! Show the happy moments between Xuexue and Liuchuan…”


She deliberately reminded them, but the reporters didn’t have any reaction. No one asked her what they thought about Gu Qiqi’s defeat.

Gu Meifeng frowned.

She had clearly planned everything. The contrast between Gu Qiqi’s failure and Xuexue’s engagement was too strong. Didn’t reporters like to dig up gossip about wealthy families?

How could they not come and ask?

Finally, one of the reporters lifted a microphone.

Gu Meifeng’s face lit up.

However, the other party’s words stunned her instantly. “Mrs. Gu, Gu Qiqi is clearly the champion of this finals. How much do you not care about your niece?”

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