Dating the Strongest Boss

Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

“Motherf*cker, how long will it take! It’s been an entire morning! Class isn’t over, breaks aren’t allowed, and we have to even request to go to the bathroom! It’s already noon! Are they going to let us starve during lunch?”

“Right, right, isn’t it just a suicide? It’s not as if it’s murder! Why are they making such a big deal out of it?”

The students started whispering, their voices growing louder and louder as time went on.

“Quiet! All of you be quiet!” The students’ mood was increasingly excited, leaving the teachers helpless. The higher-ups gave firm instructions for them to calm the students down, but they were stuck in a deadlock.

Liu Chunming looked at the students under stage, gritting his teeth as he said, “Within three days, two lives were lost in your class! Do you guys not know how to reflect on yourself?!”

As the head teacher, he would be held responsible and blamed. The school authorities had already begun to clean up the situation. He was even considering the idea that to become a good teacher, he needed to pay attention to the student’s psychological education.

It was Xu Sheng first, then Bai Qiaoqiao. It wasn’t easy for the school authorities to suppress the news of Xu Sheng’s death so that it didn’t spread and influence the public. Unfortunately, Bai Qiaoqiao’s matter happened. What’s more, it occurred on campus, and too many students had seen it. There were a few students who were so scared they fainted on the spot. Even if the school wanted to conceal it, they couldn’t. Not only that, but two deaths in a row attracted the police’s attention.

One is the bully and one is the victim. The time between their deaths was no more than three days. Excluding the fact that it was suicide, many reporters in the city wanted to cover this for their next news article.

“Hey, do you think that Bai Qiaoqiao was so stimulated by Xu Sheng’s death that she committed suicide out of guilt?” A boy used his elbow to jab another boy next to him in the chest, whispering this.

“How is that possible? You don’t know the character of Bai Qiaoqiao, this person. I would rather believe that Xu Sheng turned into a ghost and came back for revenge!” The other boy snickered.

“Hahaha.” The people around them laughed together.

“Peng!” The table was fiercely smacked.

“All of you be quiet for this father!” It was Wang Tong.

The scattered discussions abruptly stopped, and there was a period of silence.

Wang Tong’s expression was dark, and his hands were clenched tightly into fists. His legs were crossed in a relaxed posture, like he was a stranger to the rest of his classmates.

The two boys looked at each other and did not speak.

If there really was a ghost, then wasn’t it Wang Tong’s turn next? Who didn’t know that it was Wang Tong who led people to humiliate Xu Sheng in the bathroom that day.

The two boys’ brains were magically connected by radio waves, and they both felt a little like they were watching a good show. But they completely forgot that they too had coldly observed the bullying that day. If Xu Sheng wanted vengeance, he wouldn’t spare any of them!

Gao Xuhan was in her seat, glancing at her surroundings mockingly. The original owner of her body had a low presence. She sat silently in the corner by herself. Especially in such a tense atmosphere, no one perceived her existence. And when Gao Xuhan wrote something in her notebook, nobody cared. 𝒇𝐫e𝑒𝔀𝒆𝚋no𝐯𝘦𝘭. c𝑜𝗺

Bai Qiaoqiao → Liu Chunming → Wang Tong → Zhou Qingqing → Li Ni → Xiao Chen → Massacre.

She recalled the contents of the movie, writing the killing order while also peeking at Liu Chunming, who was sitting at the podium. She then moved her gaze to Wang Tong, who was in his own seat, radiating chilliness. She sneered.

The next one is Liu Chunming.

Gao Xuhan was actually a little excited. She was not only a fan of horror movies, but also a fan of novels. She enjoyed the romance genre, but in particular, novels about ghost wives and ghost marriage.

The sole reason why she watched “Thriller High School” was because there was a romantic relationship including the ghost. In the ending of the movie, Gao Xuhan dazedly passed by corpse after corpse, before walking out of the school campus alone. In the moment she left, a large fire began to spread. Later, the post-credits scene showed Gao Xuhan and Xu Sheng in love as they shared an umbrella.

The end.

Gao Xuhan secretly had some expectations. Actually, she really wished to see Xu Sheng because she remembered that he was played by a popular movie star. That star had a pair of peach blossom eyes and a very high nose bridge. He was simply Gao Xuhan’s ideal lover. Based on appearance, the main characters and cannon fodder played by actors were not similar to their counterparts in this world. However, their personalities and outfits were exactly the same.

Furthermore, she had examined Wang Tong and Bai Qiaoqiao. They were not inferior to the actors in the movie. If this was true, Xu Sheng would not be worse either.

In her mind, Gao Xuhan had even made up a love story with Xu Sheng, complete with a bit of mystery.

She smirked. Whether everyone lived or died had nothing to do with her.

Gao Xuhan lowered her head and raised the corner of her mouth.

If needed, she didn’t mind helping Xu Sheng kill someone herself.

Liu Chunming had a headache. He supported his forehead with a hand as cold sweat dripped down his skin. Somehow, his chest also started to feel stuffy. He quickly drank a sip of water, but only found that his body was cooling. The soles of his feet began to sweat, and he had slight trouble breathing.

He put down the thermos, sighing. When he stared at it again, the goji in his drink had actually transformed into a redworm. It was slowly wriggling, its body twisting and turning.

“Retch.” Liu Chunming violently threw up, wanting to spit out the liquid he had just swallowed. He rolled onto his side and dry heaved, using all his strength to thump his chest, but was only able to let out saliva. His hands struck increasingly harder as he felt more and more nauseous. He almost looked like he was coughing up blood. All the students in the class raised their heads at once, gawking at him in horror and hoping it was all an act.

After Liu Chunming found that what he was doing was useless, he unexpectedly began to scratch his throat with his hands. The students in the first row could clearly see that his sharp, black nails pierced his skin. Bright red blood leaked out.

At this time, Liu Chunming didn’t vomit. Upon discovering him, the girl sitting under the podium was hit by an overwhelming sense of disgust, causing her to empty out her stomach. A revolting yellow haze of sourness pervaded the air, mixed with undigested rice, snacks, and fruit from lunch.

Instantly, several people followed the girl, making the repulsive smell even worse.

Others might not have noticed, but Gao Xuhan ’s focus had always been on Liu Chunming’s shadow. At first glance, she had located a replica of Liu Chunming in the shadow. This Liu Chunming grabbed his own neck, appearing like he was about to commit suicide.

Gao Xuhan flipped through her memories of the plot. She distinctly remembered that when Xu Sheng killed people, he controlled the souls within his victims’ shadows during the day. Once night fell, he slaughtered without restrictions.


Gao Xuhan’s body shivered.

Xu Sheng is now in the classroom!!

But her shaking did not stem from fear, but from anticipation.

Xiao Chen looked around. At the only place where the security cameras were broken, he nimbly jumped and climbed up the nearest camphor tree. He smoothly ascended until he was at the same height as the top of the wall. Then, he leapt off. His movements were like flowing water, as if he had practiced countless times.

The campus was still, not to mention students, even teachers couldn’t be seen walking out.

Xiao Chen had pulled someone over and asked them where Xu Sheng’s classroom was. Xu Sheng was a first year student. Before the idea in Xiao Chen’s mind could be confirmed, he had to go to Xu Sheng’s class and ask someone about the current circumstances.

As Xiao Chen circled around to the back door of the first year teaching building, he saw a bald man suddenly push open the door and hurriedly run out. The man had a beer belly and the typical ‘Mediterranean’ hairstyle. His overall appearance was very greasy. The man gripped his chest and kneeled down on the patch of flowers outside the building.

With a briefcase in his hand, Liu Chunming returned to the classroom expressionlessly. The hygiene in the classroom was barely restored by two or three students who were in charge of cleaning duty that day. They could only pinch their noses and reluctantly do the work.

When Liu Chunming entered, all the students had basically returned to their seats.

Liu Chunming had a mysterious aura. He stood on the podium and lifted the corner of his mouth. “I am a sinner.”


Confusion was written all over his students’ faces.

Liu Chunming’s eyes were empty, ignoring everyone else as he continued, “I have long known that Xu Sheng was targeted by bullies. Whether it be when he was locked in the bathroom stall, when you guys deliberately threw his books in the garbage can, or when you guys put nails on his seat. I pretended to realize nothing because I had an agreement with Bai Qiaoqiao. As long as I disregarded this matter, her father would transfer me to a key high school in the city instead of dwelling here and being an ordinary teacher.

”What?!” All the students exclaimed.

“I’m a sinner. Even the death penalty will not compensate for my sin. I should be responsible for Xu Sheng’s death.” Liu Chunming emotionlessly finished his words. Then, he took out a knife from his handbag.



All the students were so frightened that they shrieked, but it was not like they didn’t want to rush out of the classroom. Their legs seemed to be fixed to their chairs. They desperately attempted to control their bodies, but it was futile. Even their eyes couldn’t be moved by them. They could only stare at the scene, a blink turning into a luxury as their eyes dried.

Liu Chunming sneered. As if he couldn’t feel pain, he ruthlessly thrust the kitchen knife into his abdomen. But immediately after the blood splattered out, his originally impassive face changed into an appalled one. His expression twisted hideously, but he could not produce any sound. His blood-curdling screams were muffled as his mouth remained closed. The hand holding the knife relentlessly penetrated his flesh, as if his hands weren’t numb as he savagely stabbed himself.

Do you guys know?

Near death, there is a kind of desperate pain where one can only despairingly watch as their life drains away. I will let you guys experience it too! The Bible says, “The joy of sin only lasts for a moment, but its suffering is forever.”

T/N: Wow, this chapter was really troublesome. There’s eight translator’s notes, if you were wondering. Also, if any reader out there knows where the quote from the Bible came from, please comment! I spent more than an hour solely on attempting to find this elusive sentence.

“Mediterranean” hairstyle: a catalogue

Which one would you like? 🙂

Peach blossom eyes: the characteristics

挑花眼 are known as peach blossom eyes. On men, these eyes are full of charm and affection, giving off a radiant and tempting feeling.

– corners of the eyes are parallel to each other (important)

– when smiling, they curve into crescents (important)

– blush in the corners of the eyes (important)

– double eyelids (important)

– thick and long eyelashes

– shaped like the petals of peach blossoms

– glassy like morning dew

– hazy gaze, like being drunk

– can’t be too slender

– large curvature of the upper eyelid

Key high schools: more facts

重点高中, key high school. High schools in China are divided into “key” and “ordinary” schools. Key schools are distinguished from ordinary schools by their academic reputation and are generally allocated more resources by the state. Their original purpose was to quicken the training of highly needed talent for China’s modernization, but another purpose was to set up exemplary schools to improve teaching in all schools. These schools are giving numerous privileges, including the best teachers and learning materials. Students from key high schools make up an overwhelming majority in both normal and elite universities.

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