Dating the Strongest Boss

Chapter 29 - 29: "The Grim Reaper Is Coming"
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Chapter 29: Dating the Strongest Boss Chapter 29: "The Grim Reaper Is Coming"

"Liang Jing, I'm not sick! Are you crazy? Take me away! Take me away !!!" Wang Xing struggled like crazy on the bed, her two legs were bound to the two corners of the bed, just Even the waist was tied by the rope, one hand was tied by the rope, and the remaining hand was tightly wound by the bandage because of the injury.

Wang Xing's eyes were split, her expression was so ugly and abominable, she struggled with all her strength, but she was fixed.

Liang Jing stood at the head of the bed without saying a word.

"I tell you! Do you think you sent me to a psychiatric hospital, and no one knows what you are doing? You are a lunatic! You are a murderer !!" Wang Xing snarled and struggled, looking at Liang Jing's His eyes seemed to be looking at the enemies who killed his father and his mother, and he wished to rush up to bite a piece of his blood.

Liang Jing's original expressionless face cracked a little, but he quickly converged and his eyes became colder and colder.

Seeing the patient's emotions getting more and more intense, he even started talking nonsense. The two nurses next to him looked at each other. One of them hurried forward to hold Wang Xing's shoulder, and the other hurried forward to give her a tranquilizer.

Liang Jing clenched his fists, watching the crazy woman in front of him slowly calm down, and then fell asleep with cold eyes.


She was now sent to a mental hospital, so no one would know what he had done, he did n't have to worry about it all day, but also to prevent her from betraying him.

How good!

Liang Jing withdrew his gaze, his expression immediately became flattering, and said to the nurse, "My girlfriend has binge eating disorder, even self-mutilation, and now my brain is not good enough, please take care of her!"

Both nurses gave him a numb look, not thinking about it, and did not reply to him.

Where is the mental hospital? Here are a group of lunatics! Take care? joke! These people are all dangerous elements, as long as they are obedient, they will certainly take good care of them! !

Liang Jing did not care about their indifference, and there was a moment of ecstasy in his heart.

Finally got rid of this woman!

"Eh, this is the first time I saw this kind of mental illness, and it was the woman who sent me today!" A female nurse poked the other nurse's arm with her elbow.

"Not really! Overeating, self-mutilation, hungry to eat your own meat, and speculation."

"Oh, it's really a big tree that has all kinds of birds!"

When the night was quiet and it was already ugly, the hospital was quiet. Only the two female nurses were responsible for the night shift.

Nevertheless, because this hospital is very special, various sounds can be heard every night.

The patient's self-talking speech, the harsh sound of scratching the door with his finger, the cracking sound of smashing things ...

The night here is very calm, but they have long been accustomed to it.

"Bloating!" Something seemed to be smashed.

"This sound is a little strange, shall we go and see?"

"What's so beautiful! It's like this every night! This is not the first time we are on night shift! It's time to get used to it!"

"makes sense."

Wang Xing was paralyzed on the bed. The chandelier originally hanging on the ceiling hit the right side of her right hand. She could grab the debris of the chandelier with a little hook.

In fact, she did. She glared and cut the rope with her hand holding the debris, trying to break free.

Her cold sweat came out, and this pose made her a little strenuous. But she still cut the rope in an awkward posture.

Even simply, the rope is not too thick. When she has no strength, she finally cut it off! fre(e)webnov(l).com

She broke free from the bondage! !

So hungry ...

Her eyes widened, her stomach began to twitch, and the pain was terrible. Not only that, she was dizzy and wanted to nausea.

So hungry! I am starving!

She looked around, the entire room was terrible and empty, let alone eat, even without water.

She was paralyzed on the bed in despair, and the whole person started to twitch.

"Anyone? Anyone? Help me!" She shouted wildly, her voice echoing in the empty room, but no one answered.

I do n't know how long it will be. Her throat is about to be shouted, and her stomach twitches more. She is about to faint, and she opens her eyes confusedly, holding a chandelier Debris.

And this time, her eyes fell on her lap ...

Xiao Chen has always been bold. His hands are directly interlocked with men's fingers. Even the clothing is matched with black and white colors, which looks closer to the style of men.

"Xiao Chen?" Liang Jing saw Xiao Chen's figure from afar, and was still in a trance. It seems that since Yuan Zhong's accident, he has never seen Xiao Chen again.

When Liang Jing could see the figure of the man beside Xiao Chen clearly, his body could not help becoming a bit stiff.

And when he shouted the word "Xiao Chen", the man glanced back at him coldly, without any emotion, but made him chill uncontrollably. This simple glance even made him know why Some guilty conscience.

Xiao Chen heard someone shouting at him and turned around. After seeing Liang Jing, his eyes narrowed uncontrollably. He did not let go of the man's hand and led the man over.

"Long time no see! What about Wang Xing?"

Liang Jing choked, and his heartbeat was inexplicably accelerated. His eyes on the man who looked at him were a bit vacant, and he couldn't even speak a bit. In the end, he could only support us. We have time to sit down again and have a good chat! "

At the end of the conversation, Liang Jing immediately waved his hand, intending to escape from the scene, and even the pace at his feet was somewhat frivolous.

Xiao Chen didn't speak. His eyes noticed the three numbers printed on Liang Jing's T-shirt. He couldn't help hooking his mouth. Some cunning glances looked at the man and said, "I guess he will die soon."

The man looked down at Xiao Chen and touched the child's face with another free hand. He said spoiledly, "You are getting smarter and smarter."

Xiao Chen smiled. He almost saw the three numbers on Liang Jing's T-shirt at 180.

180 is ozero in English, if you read these three English slowly, you will read wantdieserious (want to die seriously), and in the 26 letters, the word D is ranked in the fourth I is the ninth E It is the fifth one, 4 + 9 + 5 = 18, 4 × 9 × 5 = 180, so 180 is the number of deaths.

After all, before any fatal accident, there will be a notice of death.

Xiao Chen took out the big white rabbit toffee from his pocket, then stuffed it into his mouth, chewing, and said vaguely, "Let's go to the playground! I haven't played that kind of project since childhood."

The man looked at Xiao Chen's profile in a funny way.

Children often encounter various accidents from childhood to old. These accidents happen to others without pain and itching, but once they reach the child, they are likely to die.

In other words, a person who is cursed by the **** of death, if he goes bungee jumping, the rope will break 100%! If he goes on a roller coaster, his seat is absolutely unsafe! Death will happen!

So kids never play these things, but which kid does n't like to go to the playground?

Reaper sighed, staring at Xiao Chen's bulging face, could not help but squeeze the soft meat, "If you want to play, then play!"

Xiao Chen was like a little fart kid who was peeping into careful thinking, his eyes rolled, "It's not me, I want to play, I think you want to play! You must have never played!"

The man's face didn't blush and he said, "Well, I want to play!"

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Amway about Jiyouwen:

"My home and I are locked [entertainment circle]" BY Dong Nansheng

Countless top-level traffic Jiang Yedu missed the global award, and it was his dead rival Zhou Zhi (zhì) who won the award.

Zhou Zhi put the trophy into Jiang Yedu's arms seriously.

Jiang Yedu: "???

Zhou Zhi bowed his head and his ears were reddish: "Senior, you must keep it safe."

Jiang Yedu: "!!!"

Anger rushed to the head-this is provocation! Absolutely provocative!

The two of them have grown together!

Of course, this is only unilateral, in fact-

Zhou Zhi faced with red ears and opened a variety show a few years ago. The men inside were mature and steady.

The man smiled and said: "No one can refuse to use the global award trophy as a gift for courtship, and I am no exception."


All entertainment circles believe that Zhou Zhi and Jiang Yedu do not agree, even Jiang Yedu thinks so.

Until Tian Zhouzhi posted on Weibo that Jiang Yedu was his ideal type, he forgot to switch the trumpet.

The whole entertainment circle is shocked!

Jiang Yedu was also shocked!

Jiang Yedu: "I am your ideal type? !!!" [Century Puzzle.jpg]

—The author does not mix circles, all rely on blind breaking.

-In the year to come, the seniors will be attacked, and the juniors will be attacked.

—No prototype! No prototype! No prototype!

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