Dating the Strongest Boss

Chapter 29 - The God of Death is Coming
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Chapter 29 - The God of Death is Coming

Translator: Yuzu – Chapter brought by Ko-fi donations! Thank you!(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

“Liang Jing, I’m not sick! Are you out of your mind? Get me out of here! Take me away!!!” Wang Xing struggled on the bed like a madwoman. Her two legs were bound to the corners of the bed, ropes bound her waist, one arm was tied, and the other was tightly bandaged because of her injuries.

Wang Xing’s eyes were anguished, her expression incomparably hideous and hateful. She struggled with all her might, but she was firmly immobilized.

Liang Jing stood in front of the bed without saying a word.

“I’m telling you! Do you think no one will know what you’ve done if you send me to a mental institution? You’re crazy! You murderous devil!!!” Wang Xing hissed and struggled. She looked at Liang Jing as if looking at the enemy who had killed her parents and could not wait to rush up and bite a piece of his flesh.

Liang Jing’s originally expressionless face somewhat cracked, but it quickly tightened up, and his gaze grew colder.

Seeing the patient’s emotions become more intense and even starting to speak nonsense, the two nurses beside her looked at each other. One of them rushed forward to press down on Wang Xing’s shoulders, while the other rushed forward to inject her with a sedative.

Liang Jing’s fists clenched, and his eyes were cold as he watched the crazy woman in front of him slowly calm down and then sleep.

This is good too.

She’s in a mental institution now, so no one will ever know what he’s done. He won’t have to spend all day fretting and having to guard against her betraying him.

How great!

Liang Jing withdrew his gaze. His expression immediately became flattering, and he said to the nurse, “My girlfriend has bulimia and has even self-harmed. Now, her brain has become bad, so please take care of her!”

Both nurses looked at him numbly, not taking it to heart, and didn’t say anything back to him.

What was a mental hospital? There’s a bunch of crazy people here! Care? Are you kidding? These people are every bit as dangerous, and as long as they do as they’re told, they’ll certainly take care of them!

Liang Jing didn’t care about their indifference and was secretly happy.

Finally got rid of this woman!

“Eh, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen this kind of mental illness, the woman who was just sent here today!” One nurse poked the other nurse in the arm with her elbow.

“Isn’t that right! Overeating, self-mutilation, starving to the point of eating their own flesh, and mythomania.”

“Heh, it’s really a forest full of all kinds of birds!”

It was late at night, the hospital was quiet, and they were the only two female nurses in charge of the night shift.

Nevertheless, because this hospital was very special, all kinds of sounds could be heard at night.

The sound of patients talking to themselves, the screech of scratching the door with their finger caps, the crack of smashing things...

It was a rough night here, but they were used to it.

“Puff!” It was like something had been smashed.

“There’s something strange about that sound. Should we go check it out?”

“What’s there to see! It’s the same thing every night! It’s not like this is our first night shift! It’s long past time to get used to it!”

“That’s right.”

Wang Xing’s entire body was paralyzed on the bed. The chandelier that had been hanging from the ceiling smashed straight into the side of her right hand, which was bound. She only had to hook her hand a little to grab the pieces of the chandelier.

In fact, she did. She stared at the rope, trying to cut her way free with the hand that gripped the shard.

Her cold sweat was coming out, and the position was causing her some effort. But she still cut the rope in an odd position.

The rope wasn’t that thick, and she finally cut it when she ran out of strength!

She broke free!!!

So hungry...

Her eyes widened, her stomach began to twitch and ache. Not only that, but she was also dizzy and wanted to vomit.

So hungry! I’m so hungry!

She looked around. The whole room was horribly empty, not to mention food, there wasn’t even any water.

She collapsed on the bed in despair, and her whole body began to convulse.

“Anyone? Hello? Help me!!!” She shouted frantically, her voice echoing in the empty room, but no one answered.

She didn’t know how long it had been, but her voice was about to be hoarse from shouting. Her stomach convulsed even more, and she was close to passing out from the pain. She opened her eyes in a daze, still holding the pieces of the chandelier in her hand.

And this time, her eyes fell on her lap...

Xiao Chen had always been bold; his hand was directly linked with the man’s hand. Even his clothing was matched with two colors, black and white, which looked closer to the man’s style.

“Xiao Chen?” Liang Jing saw Xiao Chen’s figure from afar and was still in a trance. It seemed that he hadn’t seen Xiao Chen since Yuan Zhong’s accident.

When Liang Jing clearly saw the man’s figure beside Xiao Chen, his body could not help but become a little stiff. f𝒓𝑒e𝓌e𝚋𝘯૦𝘷e𝗹. c૦𝒎

And as soon as he shouted the word ‘Xiao Chen’, the man glanced at him coldly. There was no emotion, and he couldn’t help but be chilled. This simple glance even somehow made him feel a little guilty.

Xiao Chen heard someone call out to him and turned back. After seeing that it was Liang Jing, his eyes narrowed, he didn’t let go of the man’s hand and led him over.

“Long time no see! Where’s Wang Xing?”

Liang Jing choked and his heartbeat inexplicably accelerated. He felt a bit weak as soon as he looked into the man’s eyes and was even unable to speak. In the end, he could only fidget and say, “It’s a bit complicated to talk about these things. When we have time someday, the two of us will sit down and have a chat!”

After saying that, Liang Jing immediately waved his hand, intending to flee the scene, even the pace of his footsteps was somewhat frivolous.

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything; his eyes noticed the three numbers printed on Liang Jing’s T-shirt. He couldn’t help but hook the corners of his mouth; he slyly glanced at the man and said, “I guess he’ll die soon.”

The man lowered his head to lock eyes with Xiao Chen, touched the child’s face with his other free hand, and said, “You’re really getting smarter.”

Xiao Chen smiled, and he immediately noticed that the three numbers on Liang Jing’s T-shirt were 1-8-0.

In English, 1-8-0 is one eight zero. If you read these three in English slowly, it will read “Want die serious”. In the 26 letters of the alphabet, the letter D in the word DIE is fourth; I is ninth; E is fifth. 4+9+5=18, 4×9×5=180, so 180 is the number of death.

After all, any fatal accident would be preceded by a warning from the God of Death.

Xiao Chen took out a white rabbit milk candy from his pocket, then stuffed it into his mouth. As he chewed, he said in a vague voice, “Let’s go to the playground! I haven’t played there since I was a kid.”

The man looked amused at the side of Xiao Chen’s face.

Children often encountered all sorts of accidents from a young age. These accidents didn’t hurt when they happened to others, but once it came to a child, it was very likely that they would die.

In other words, if a man cursed by death goes bungee jumping, the rope will 100% break! If he goes on a roller coaster, his seat is definitely not safe! Death is bound to happen!

That’s why kids never play with these things, but what kid doesn’t like to go to the playground?

The God of Death sighed, staring at Xiao Chen’s bulging face. He couldn’t help but get his hands on the soft flesh and squeeze it, “If you want to play, then play!”

Xiao Chen was like a little kid who had been caught, his eyes rolled, “No, it’s not that I want to play, I think you want to play! You certainly haven’t played!”

Without blushing, the man replied, “Hmm, it’s me who wants to play!”

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