Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 14
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Chapter 14: The Doctor

Translator: Lonelytree

“He is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and the world revolves around him. Because of that, he has a heavy savior’s complex, he has to save the world and everyone in it. In his immediately surroundings, I’m the perfect candidate for him to show off his charitable heart. By marrying me, it’ll highlight his devotion, universal love, kindness and loyalty.” I offered lightly, “I’m sorry but I refuse to be another person’s prop.”

Jing Tian didn’t say anything.

I smiled. “You said he liked me since he was young. How young was that? I have no memory at all of my childhood. So since the Young Master Ning says he likes me, I have to like him back? Where’s my own agency?”

Staring into Jing Tian’s face, it took everything I had to not reach out to him.?You fool, it’s also because I love you!

“Teacher, if you were him, would you have push me down the stairs?” Jing Tian still silent. I chuckled self-deprecatingly. “Likes me?! He pushed me because I saw through his ploy and his embarrassment propelled him to harm me. If he liked me, he wouldn’t have pushed me down such a tall flight of stairs.”

“Why didn’t you have any memory of your childhood?” Jing Tian suddenly asked.

Hmm??I was confused, this sudden change of subject caught me by surprise.

“You don’t remember anything from your childhood?” Jing Tian repeated.

I nodded and turned to look out the window. “They said it was because of my brain fried from trauma. It is why I’m so dumb.”

Jing Tian suddenly reached out to caress my hair. “You’re not dumb, you’re just pretending to be dumb.”

I turned around abruptly. Jing Tian had already turned away and had his eyes closed as he leaned against the backseat.

I reached out to touch my hair.?Did I just imagine that?

When the car stopped, a nurse was already waiting with a wheelchair. I was stunned.?What kind of special treatment is this?

Jing Tian got down from the car and carried me in his arms before placing me gingerly in the wheelchair. He thanked the nurse for her offer and personally pushed me into the doctor’s consultation room.

The doctor in the room stood up as soon as he saw us. “Where did you kidnap this young beauty? Why is she hurt?”

This was Lin Ran, Jing Tian’s good friend. In my previous life, he treated all of my injuries. He pulled me back from the brink of death time and time again. He was my savior.

I studied his face closely. “You’re the most handsome doctor I’ve ever seen!”

Lin Ran was startled before he guffawed. “Now, you’re officially my favorite patient!” I knew from my past life that Lin Ran loved when others complimented his looks. He could be quite narcissistic but he was a good man.

Jing Tian pointed at my right ankle.

Lin Ran knelt down, pulled the sleeve of my tracksuit to examine my ankle. He suddenly asked, “Girlie, between me and the man standing behind you, who is more handsome?”

I sucked in a deep breath from the pain, “You’re more handsome, because my teacher is not a doctor!” He grabbed my ankle and twisted it slightly. I howled, “But if you can be gentler, you’ll be so much more handsome!”

Then I heard a crack from my ankle. As tears fell down my face, I yelped, “I take it all back, you’re no more handsome than my teacher!”

Lin Ran stood up and pointed at Jing Tian, “He’s your teacher?” Then he turned to ask Jing Tian, “You’ve taken a student?”

Jing Tian asked him, “Is she going to be alright?”

Lin Ran clapped his hands. “The ankle has been fixed, but it’s better to go and take an X-ray. If there’s fracture, she will need a corticosteroid shot. Regardless, she’ll be in the wheelchair for quite some time. She’ll need time for recovery. By the way, what happened to her?”

Jing Tian was silent before he answered, “She fell down the stairs.”

Lin Ran tutted but didn’t comment. Instead he turned to the nurse and said, “Bring her to take the x-ray. The teacher, you need to stay.”

Jing Tian picked the tissue from the table and handed it to me to wipe my tears. “Does it still hurt?”

I glared at him. “Teacher, next time, let me push you down the stairs and you’ll find out.”

The corners of Jing Tian’s lips curled up slightly. He handed me to the nurse.

As I was pushed out from the room, I heard Lin Ran ask, “Was this the girl who saved you when you two were kidnapped when you were young?”

I whipped my head around but the nurse blocked my line of sight. As I was pushed towards the x-ray room, Lin Ran’s words echoed in my mind,?“Was this the girl who saved you when you two were kidnapped when you were young?”?

Were they talking about me??

I saved Jing Tian??

When did that happen??

How come I have no memory of it??

When I saw Jing Tian again, my feet was plastered in a thick cast. I looked at Jing Tian with a saddened frown.

Jing Tian frowned and turned to Lin Ran. “Does she really need to have a plaster cast? Isn’t this a bit too much?”

Lin Ran shrugged, “This is the best way to heal a broken ankle. Unless of course she wants to take the drugs and all their accompanying side effects.” Then Lin Ran leaned forward to ask me. “Girlie, now honestly, who is more handsome, me or him?”

I pointed at my cast. “You know, doctor, I’ve decided that my cast is the most handsome.”

Lin Ran chuckled and tapped Jing Tian’s shoulders. “You truly have found an interesting student!”

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