Dark Blood Age

Chapter 775 - Kill three birds with one stone
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Chapter 775: Chapter 775 Kill three birds with one stone

Translator: Doggotranslation

“Dead?” The voice said coldly, “Even if you died, I would still be alive.”

Chu Yunsheng really did not expect that the silhouette that came from the Seven Divine Nails was still alive. When the ancient book was battling with the Seven Divine Nails, he clearly felt that its life force was sucked away by the black energy, so how could it be still alive? Were beings above the Deity realm really that powerful?

This silhouette was one of the people that he was afraid of the most. The level of fear caused by it was even greater than that of the heir of Seven Divine Nails. After all, that person was too far away from him, but this Silhouette Being was inside his zero-dimensional space.

In the face of the most dangerous enemy in his life, Chu Yunsheng could only be highly vigilant, and he must stay as calm as possible. While gathering the black energy on a large scale, he was trying to find out where the Silhouette Being was hiding, “You have been hiding in my zero-dimensional space all these years?”

“Are you stupid?” The voice snorted coldly, “If I could enter your Consciousness Layer, you would’ve been dead by now. A zero-dimensional space can only have one consciousness. Once... Wait, I think I know a way.”

“What way?” Chu Yunsheng didn’t have time to care about its arrogant attitude. While talking to it, he continued to search for its location with a high degree of concentration.

The zero-dimensional space did not have the concept of size or direction. It was brighter only because of the cube, but except for something that was as obvious as the black energy vortex, it was difficult to determine a specific location. Not to mention that Silhouette Being claimed to be outside of his zero-dimensional space. However, there was only a deity cage outside of his zero-dimensional space. If it was not inside his zero-dimensional space, where could it possibly be?

He must find it. Compared to the strength of the Silhouette Being, he was too weak. If he couldn’t find its location, once the fight broke out, he would be completely at a disadvantage.

The voice seemed to have seen through Chu Yunsheng’s intention. However, as if it didn’t mind telling Chu Yunsheng, it quickly said, “Hey, Little Thing, restrain your energy a little, I’m currently at the outer spiral arm of the vortex. If you can help me get inside, I can help you lift the Deity Seal. You are really lucky. You are just a lowly life form, but not only do you have Godhood, but you even have a Deity Seal, this kind of legendary thing. I really don’t know how you are able to survive until now with those things with you.”

The voice still talked condescendingly. It was as if it had completely forgotten the fear it used to have when facing the vortex and the fact that it had once begged him for mercy.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng would not listen to it. Not only that, but he even increased the power of the vortex when he knew that it was outside the vortex. He wanted to kill this dangerous enemy as soon as possible. Only after that, he would no longer have any worries.

As for breaking out of the deity cage, he still had confidence that he could do it on his own. He didn’t need the Silhouette Being’s help. Besides, he didn’t trust this Silhouette Being at all. He still remembered that it once said that it would help him to claim the throne, but its real purpose was to take his body and get the godhood for itself.

As soon as the vortex was sped up, the Silhouette Being immediately shouted in a deep voice, “Little Thing, if I’m scared of this trick, I wouldn’t have told you where I am. Yes, your energy is very powerful, but you haven’t mastered it completely. You may be able to kill me if you have the strength of Cardinal Source Gate. But now, you would only be able to force me into dormancy. Do you think that higher beings at the deity level are so easy to kill!?”

“I know I can’t kill you, but it still won’t stop me from trying it. If you have the ability, you can break in and stop me!” Chu Yunsheng continued to ignore it. From its words, Chu Yunsheng could tell that it was really not scared of the vortex anymore, but he still increased the power of the vortex and injected pure black energy into it.

Letting it in was a very dangerous thing, even if it could help him break the deity cage, he would not do it. His own safety was always his first priority. To the Silhouette Being, this cage might be a good thing, but to him, he no longer needed it anymore. After all, he should’ve passed the space tunnel already. It had served its purpose.

“Wait! You won, okay!” The Silhouette Being hurriedly stopped him and said, “However, don’t you dare think that I am afraid of you. I just don’t want to fall into a dormant state anymore. I haven’t seen the outside world for many years. It’s driving me crazy! You can also calm down. We can discuss it peacefully. You see, you won’t be able to get rid of me, and I also can’t kill you. With your talent, who knows how long you will be able to reach the peak of Cardinal Source Gate. It means that if I don’t help you, I will be trapped here with you for ages. You probably don’t mind it. But I don’t want to stay here. Since there is a chance now, we can help each other. I promise you that, once I get out, I will definitely help you to claim the throne.”

“Why should I do this for you?” Chu Yunsheng still didn’t restrain his energy. No matter what the Silhouette Being said, he still didn’t believe it.

The Silhouette Being said angrily, “Are you deaf! Didn’t I say that I will help you to claim the throne? Think about it, based on your biological level, even if you have a divine edict, the people of the kingdom of God will not admit it, no one will be on your side, they might even want to kill you.”

Chu Yunsheng mocked, “You? Help me to claim the throne? With what? If you have that kind of ability, how did you get stuck in the Seven Divine Nails for so many years?”

The Silhouette Being snorted coldly when it heard Chu Yunsheng’s mockery, “Mock me all you want. But how many deities do you know? Nowadays, apart from me, who else will support you? At least, I can gather my old acquaintances to form a group to help you. Moreover, if you have a chance to meet any other higher beings in the future, you can also ask them how many people can survive the attack of a Venerable God’s primary weapon? You are just an ignorant lowly creature. You don’t even know anything, but you still have the audacity to look down on me!”

“So what if I’m looking down on you? If you don’t like it, then come inside and fight me. Don’t forget that I’m the one who is in control of your situation here!” Chu Yunsheng said provokingly, “By the way, I also want to tell you one thing. If you are still alive in the future, you can also ask your old acquaintances about the fight I had with the new Venerable God. I even injured her before. You think I can’t do anything to you? Lowly creatures? Lowly creatures can also step on your head and look down on you! ”

Thinking that the Silhouette Being still thought that he had godhood, Chu Yunsheng realized that it probably didn’t know anything happened after the fight on that pacific island. So he tried to use the fight above the arctic base to scare it.

He knew that it would not believe him easily, but he had other ways to convince it.

The Silhouette Being laughed. It clearly didn’t believe him, but it was expected by him. “You think I would believe you? You? Fighting with the new Venerable God? Haha... What kind of stupid joke is this?”

Chu Yunsheng sneered and said, “I knew you would not believe me. But you can feel it yourself. Can you feel the existence of the Seven Divine Nails? With my strength at the time, who do you think can take the Seven Divine Nails from me?”

The Silhouette Being fell silent after it heard this. Only after a while did it ask seriously, “Was it really the new Venerable God?” There was a trace of surprise and suspicion in its tone.

Chu Yunsheng continued, “If it was not her, who else could it be? ?”

Actually, Realm Messenger Ge could also do it, but since it didn’t know what happened after he came out of the zero-dimensional space, Chu Yunsheng naturally would not be so stupid to tell it that.

The Silhouette Being was even more surprised, “Why didn’t she kill you?”

Chu Yunsheng asked, “What makes you think that she didn’t want to kill me?”

The Silhouette Being was silent again. This time it was silent for a long time. Only when Chu Yunsheng almost ran out of his patience, did it say in a deep voice, “There is something you are not telling me. With your ability at that time, there is no way you would be able to survive the new Venerable God’s attack.

“Besides, other people can also take the Seven Divine Nails away from you, it doesn’t have to be the Venerable God. But still, no matter who it was, the people who had the ability to take the Seven Divine Nails away from you definitely had the ability to kill you. But why are you still alive? Could it be some kind of protection measures left by the old Venerable God?... No matter what, I admit that you do have some abilities.”

Chu Yunsheng waited for it to finish and then said unceremoniously, “If you still talk to me in this tone, there is no need for further discussion. Although I’m not talented, I will eventually be able to reach the level that I can kill you. But you, I will make sure that you will sleep forever before I reach that level.”

After he finished speaking, he once again increased the power of the vortex.

The Silhouette Being didn’t panic at all. Instead, it was very excited, “You are willing to have a discussion with me? Fuck yeah! I’m so tired of being trapped in here! If I don’t get out soon, I think I’m going to lose my mind.”

It had “eaten” many people before and had been in contact with many people on earth. It was not that surprising that it would suddenly speak in a way that Chu Yunsheng was familiar with. But from its reaction, it could also be seen that it was really scared of falling into a dormant state.

“We can have a discussion, but only I can make conditions.” Although Chu Yunsheng said this, he didn’t weaken the power of the vortex. “I’ve thought about what you said. Yes, we can’t do anything to each other, and we also don’t like each other, so instead of letting you hide in my zero-dimensional space, I want to hear what your method is. But you need to keep in mind that it will be up to me to make the final decision.”

Seeing that Chu Yunsheng was willing to talk, the Silhouette Being’s attitude immediately improved a lot. It no longer talked condescendingly, for fear that Chu Yunsheng would feel irritated and change his mind.

It explained in an excited tone, “What the Deity Seal sealed is your zero-dimensional space. Because there can only be one original consciousness in the zero-dimensional space, so it can only seal one original consciousness. However, this thing is too powerful. Even I was not able to do anything to it when I was sealed by it in the past.

“But we have a great opportunity. I have always been attached to the outer layer of the zero-dimensional space that your vortex energy created, so this seal also sealed me inside as well. As long as you let me in a little bit more, we will be able to create a pseudo-characteristic of having dual consciousness inside a single zero-dimensional space.

“With that, we will be able to trick the Deity Seal. At that time, even without you attacking it, it will lift the seal by itself. I can feel that this seal doesn’t have an owner, so once the seal is lifted, it will need to choose one target by itself and seal that target. While it is deciding which target it needs to seal, we can find a scapegoat and transfer the seal over. In this way, you will become the new owner of this seal, and I will also be able to attach to the outer layer of the seal.. With my unique life-saving ability, once the Deity Seal seals the scapegoat’s consciousness, I will be able to possess its body. Then I will be free! You see, this method can solve all our problems together!”

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