Dark Blood Age

Chapter 684 - Its You!
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Chapter 684: Chapter 684 It’s You!

Chu Yunsheng on the other side also put on a new set of battle armor, staring at him indifferently, quietly, and thinking about countermeasures. If this person also had a large number of auroral energy shields like him, then killing him would be a very difficult task, at least, he would not be able to defeat him before the military troops came to rescue this base.

So he glanced slightly towards the side of the battlefield, hoping that Old Youling and others would eliminate the robots as soon as possible and capture the military commander.

However, they seemed to be struggling as well.

Meanwhile, the sound of tank tracks in the distance was getting closer and closer, and soon, they would be able to appear on the battlefield. If it was not resolved soon, they would face a bloody battle in which most people here would die.

Chu Yunsheng stared coldly at the person equipped with the auroral energy shield, with cold gleams in his eyes, he was ready to use the only level-four offensive talisman that he had created during the seven days of recovery. That was a talisman that combined with two different Yuan Qi energies, so the power it released would be much more deadly than the talismans that could only unleash one type of Yuan Qi energy. With this talisman, it shouldn’t be difficult to kill him.

That person also seemed to look at Chu Yunsheng with a little surprise. The four spinning spear pieces looked unremarkable, but in fact, they were extremely powerful, but Chu Yunsheng just changed into a suit of battle armor and did not appear to be injured.

He frowned, and as if talking to himself, he said, “It turns out that your talisman technique has also improved, then I can’t let you live even more!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a white shadow in white clothes landed on the battlefield from above, seemingly descending from the sky. Swinging his sword, the man said coldly: “Then, I can’t let you live as well!”

“It’s you!?”

Chu Yunsheng and the person equipped with an auroral energy shield blurted out almost at the same time.

“It’s me.”

The white shadow turned to Chu Yunsheng, and nodded: “Go, let me handle this person.”

Hearing this, the man with the auroral energy shield no longer smiled, and said with an extremely angry tone, “What the hell do you want? For so many years, you have been following me everywhere, are you not tired of that! ”

The person who arrived was the white-dressed swordsman that Chu Yunsheng had met before. At this time, he stood with his sword and said indifferently: “If you are willing to answer my question, I will naturally not bother you again.”

The person with the auroral energy shield sneered, “Why should I answer your question?”

The white-dressed swordsman took up an attack posture and said calmly: “Since you don’t want to, then there is no point to keep you alive.”

He spoke very casually as if killing him or not was just a matter of turning over his hands.

The man with an auroral energy shield snorted angrily: “Don’t you dare think that I am afraid of you, I just don’t want to deal with them.”

The white-dressed swordsman squinted his eyes and said coldly, “Who are you? Where did you come from?”

The man with an auroral energy shield said, “You have asked me those questions countless times, but I just don’t want to tell you! Both of you like to ask who I am. Do you know that it is very stupid?”

The white-dressed swordsman glanced at Chu Yunsheng, then said to that person: “You know that what I asked is not the same as what he asked.”

The person with an auroral energy shield laughed disdainfully, and with a move of his eyes. He suddenly pointed at Chu Yunsheng and said: “Instead of bothering me, why don’t you ask him.”

Seeing him pointing at him, Chu Yunsheng stopped the process of casting out the level-four offensive talisman, stepped forward, and taunted: “I hate those people who pretend to be mysterious. You are just one of the Tzolk’in beings. Apart from planet Tzolk’in, where else can you possibly come from? What are you feeling proud of? It is nothing in my eyes! What a joke!”

However, hearing the words, the man with the auroral energy shield not only didn’t get angry, but he also laughed, “See? I told you he knew it! So stop bothering me anymore, just ask him.”

As soon as he said this, it meant that he admitted his identity as a Tzolk’in being, but the white-dressed swordsman still said calmly: “You know that what I want to ask is not this.”

But he suddenly seemed to have thought of something. He turned to look at Chu Yunsheng with complicated eyes.

“Don’t look at me. Even if you don’t come today, I will go to find you.” Chu Yunsheng didn’t avoid his gaze, “What is going on with The Dragon Chapters? And also what is going on with Yi Jing that old man?”

There was currently a fierce battle around the military base, but the three of them actually stood there and started to talk to each other like there was nothing going on around them.

The white-dressed swordsman sighed: “The Yi Jing you mentioned is Tingfang, right? I just saved his life accidentally, and I don’t recognize him as my disciple. I know what you are thinking, but don’t worry, you are the descendant of Brother Chu, even if the world says that you are a devil, I will not touch you!”

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said, “I just want to know what is going on with the Dragon Chapters?”

The person with an auroral energy shield suddenly interrupted, and said to Chu Yunsheng, “You don’t need to ask him about this, he doesn’t know, otherwise he won’t chase me for so many years.”

Then the white-dressed swordsman turned his gaze sharply to look at him, and said, “Then you say it!”

The man with an auroral energy shield sneered, “You saved Lu Tingfang without accepting him as your disciple. You think that I don’t know what you are thinking. You just want to use that poor fool to answer your doubts, right? Let me tell you the truth, they were originally called the Fifth Fleet, and they have left this planet for many years. Those people are not someone you can mess with easily!”

Then he turned his head and said to Chu Yunsheng: “Young man, I will answer your previous question again. I am not afraid to say it, but I don’t want to tell this lingering bastard. You think he is a good person? Repay his debt? Bullshit! He is just using you to lure me out. Also, do you really think that it was him who broke the ‘harmonic waves’ for you? Huh, what a fucking joke! The little girl, who was the one that really fought hard for you, is on the verge of dying now! You don’t know what this bastard did to your ancestors-”

The white-dressed swordsman was originally very calm and didn’t say anything. But when he heard him talk about the past, he suddenly said with a stern voice: “Shut up!”

The man with an auroral energy shield sneered and said, “How shameless! Fine, since this fight can’t be fought now, and I can’t kill him, and they are coming too, then we will see each other next time!”

After speaking, he turned around, stepped on those upturned tank’s barrels, and disappeared into the dark night sky

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