Dark Blood Age

Chapter 22
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Chapter 22

Translator: Doggotranslation Editor: Doggotranslation

Two hours later, Chu Yunsheng returned to his flat in building No.8 in Mingdu Garden Housing estate, exhausted. He used the unloaded pistol to heat up a bucket of water he stored, and then washed himself several times.

The power of Li Huo talisman was beyond his imagination. With only one-fifth of its full power, it still burned all the tentacles to ashes!

He also realized that he didn’t kill the monster that was hidden inside the pool. Just based on the amount of Yuan Qi inside the piece of organ he brought back, it proved that the tentacle monster and red-shelled insects were not on the same level.

After he injured the tentacle monster, he successfully escaped from the hospital. The tentacle monster also did not chase him, probably because it knew that he was not an easy target.

After Chu Yunsheng gave the prescription drugs to the female teacher, he decided to take some time to recover himself. He now needed to have a good sleep, forget about everything, and stop doing anything.

He had another dream again. This time, he was chased by a group of red-shelled insects in the dream. While running he accidentally fell into a large pit that had a lot of naked women inside. He panicked and tried to jump out, but he found that some thin tentacles had already tightly wrapped around his feet.

Then he woke up, sweating all over.


He sat by a window, lit a candle, opened his notebook and thought for a moment before starting to write.

[Red shelled insect]


Origin: unknown

Level: unknown

Size and body features: about four meters long, two meters wide, about two and a half meters high.

Attacking methods: claws, legs, corrosive saliva.

Defense mechanism: shell, energy shield.

Note: likes the dark, likes eating brains

The place of occurrence: unknown

[Tentacle monster (The Queen)]

Origin: unknown

Level: unknown

Size and body features: about five meters high, about four meters in diameter, cylindrical, multiple tentacles, tubular organism.

Attacking methods: tentacle winding, erosive mucus, and bite using mouth-like organisms

Defense mechanism: has energy shield, but relies mainly on its tentacles

Note: breeding through human bodies

The place of occurrence: unknown

After he wrote down all the information he knew about the two types of monsters, he closed the notebook. This dark age has become even more dangerous now. Just the red-shelled insect alone was already hard enough to deal with. Now there was an even more terrifying monster, it was just like adding insult to injury.

If he wanted to survive in this sinister world, the more information he had about the monsters he had encountered, the safer he would be. So he decided to use the notebook to keep all the information he knew.

Perhaps there might be more monsters, and even more powerful creatures. If he did not become stronger as soon as possible, he would be dead on the street at any time!

Although this time he almost died again, it did not mean he did not get anything. Not only did he get a lot of precious drugs, but he also got to see a more powerful creature, which reminded him how weak he was. It provided him with motivation for his future Yuan Qi cultivation.

Another thing was that he absorbed four units of Yuan Qi from the monster’s organ that he brought back, which replenished the Yuan Qi he lost during the fight. At the same time, he also understood how powerful that monster was.

At the moment, with his ability, he was not strong enough to confront this monster. But when he became stronger, maybe he would be able to kill it.

In the meantime, he needed to focus on collecting the red-shelled insects and preparing the materials for his combat armor. He couldn’t wait to wear it!

Having changed into new clothes, Chu Yunsheng felt a lot more comfortable both mentally and physically. He then started up his motorcycle once again and disappeared into the dark.

He felt that his time was even more limited now. When he was still in the housing estate, he heard from people saying that the army had finally decided to abandon the city.

At the moment, a large number of troops were still fighting with the insects in the city. The majority of the red-shelled insects were attracted by the military troops.

If they abandoned the city, those insects would spread out, and at that time, he would not be able to have a chance to encounter a group of three red-shelled insects or less.

He only had one complete absorption talisman left. With forty-one insects’ bodies he had, he still needed nineteen more! It was not a large amount, but he was still worried.

It was not enough just to depend on the level 1 energy shield talisman’s shield, he needed to hurry up and finish the combat armor.

The place that Chu Yunsheng chose to hunt red-shelled insects was a bridge that was used to connect the West district and the East district of the city.

The bridge had troops heavily guarding it. From time to time, there were helicopters flying by the bridge.

Insects had been trying to capture the bridge several times already, but because the troops on the bridge were heavily armed, they did not succeed.

However, with more and more insects, and less and less ammunition, it was just a matter of time before the insects captured the place.

Chu Yunsheng was hiding in a residential building not far from the bridge, so sometimes he would encounter one or two red-shelled insects retreating from the front line. Of course, he would not let those insects escape, those injured insects were his best targets.

If there weren’t any insects passing by, he would practice his shooting skill. His aim was still very bad. He could hit some non-moving targets, but with the moving targets? Unless insects were running in a straight line, it would be extremely lucky for him if he hit one.

Practicing the crossbow was a very boring thing. But fortunately, the crossbow was more stable than regular bows. As long as he was calm and his body was steady, then the accuracy would increase. If he was not calm nor steady, it was normal that he would miss.

Fortunately, red-shelled insects were huge, so as long as the frost arrow slightly touched their bodies, it would immediately unleash the frost elemental energy to freeze them. This increased his success rate a lot.

Chu Yunsheng spent five days in total to collect the rest of nineteen red-shelled insects, roughly four of them per day. This was because he feared to engage more than three red-shelled insects. But he was still quite happy.

Now that he had all the materials to craft combat armor, he could start making it. He believed that once he completed it, his Yuan Qi cultivation speed would definitely be increased.

Returning to his old place, Chu Yunsheng locked the door and windows. According to the methods described in the ancient book, a complete set of combat armor not only included the body armour, shoulder armours, arms armours, and legs armours, they even included the head armour, hands armours, and feet armours. In short, each body part must be wrapped in the armor in order to achieve total protection.

The outline of the armor was streamlined, Chu Yunsheng chose the most awesome style because of his vanity, and of course, it had to be practical as well. After he drew the combat armor talisman, he suddenly remembered that his sword still could not penetrate the red-shelled insect’s shell. If he drew the sword on the combat armor talisman, he might be able to obtain a good sword as well.

In fact, Chu Yunsheng’s idea was not baseless. Because he had seen a similar combat armor style mentioned in the book before. He just was not sure if he had enough materials to complete the entire set or not. He also was not sure if it would be successful, but he still decided to try his luck.

After drawing the three-dimensional diagram of the combat armor, he just needed to draw a fourth-dimensional channel to link the body of the talisman to the diagram.

Chu Yunsheng did not really understand how it worked, so he just simply followed the step by step instructions detailed in the ancient book.

After that, he needed to draw some incantations and complete the seal of the talisman.

The whole process consumed him eight units of Yuan Qi in total, it seemed like improving his Yuan Qi’s concentration to nine units before making the combat armor was a good decision.

After he prepared everything, he restored his Yuan Qi in full and then activated the combat armor talisman.

The talisman immediately projected the diagram in mid-air and started to spin slowly. It then shone a light beam downwards, illuminating a round circle on the floor.

Chu Yunsheng immediately threw an insect’s shell onto that spot. After a while, the insect’s shell turned into sparkles and flew into the diagram. Other than that, nothing happened.

Chu Yunsheng knew the diagram needed a lot of materials to refine, so he just kept throwing insect’s shells into the circle.

With more and more shells he threw in, the armor diagram started to materialize from the head down. When Chu Yunsheng had placed about forty-six shells, the whole combat armor finally appeared, but the sword was still only partially complete.

Chu Yunsheng tried adding two more shells, but he was surprised to find that the armor part was still able to absorb the shell, but the sword part did not. 𝗳𝒓eℯ𝘄𝘦𝚋𝙣o𝚟𝗲Ɩ. 𝑐𝒐𝘮

‘What is going on?’

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