Dark Blood Age

Chapter 21
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Chapter 21

Translator: Doggotranslation Editor: Doggotranslation

Chu Yunsheng immediately put the crossbow on his back and took out the pistol.

From the past experiences, he knew that no matter how dangerous the situation was, even if the sky was falling or the earth was cracking, he shouldn’t panic. If he panicked, then it was [Game Over]!

At this moment, the monster was blocking the exit, he had to fight his way out. It didn’t matter what kind of monster it was – if he wanted to survive, he had to fight to the end!

The crossbow was not a very effective weapon to be used against this type of thin and long monster. Not only was it difficult to aim, even if the arrow hit the monster the frost arrow would probably only be able to freeze part of it.

Although bullets might not be able to hit the monster as well, the fire that the bullets unleashed could burn everything. He hoped that the fire could stop the monster for a while.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t wait until the monster attacked. He pulled the trigger straight away. He didn’t think that this animal would be friendly towards him.

The monster easily dodged the bullets and quickly moved back into the corridor. At the same time, three tentacles, each as thick as a human leg slithered through the air heading towards him from deep inside the corridor.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t really know what to do, so he tried to scare the tentacles away by lighting up the surroundings using the flames from the pistol.

In order to defend itself, two of the soft tentacles immediately split out. They rapidly waved in mid-air trying to block the bullets for the last tentacle. A heavy smell of burnt meat soon filled up in the corridor but it still didn’t retreat.

The tentacle monster was very agile, especially the one that was protected by the other two. It was like a snake, quickly approaching Chu Yunsheng and wrapping around him.

Chu Yunsheng relied on energy shield talisman’s protection and the Yuan Qi inside his body. He broke free several times, but then was quickly wrapped around by it again.

When the fourth and fifth tentacles appeared, Chu Yunsheng lost his hope. He was tightly wrapped around by the tentacles without any gaps, and his pistol was completely empty. His hands were tightly wrapped by the monster, so he couldn’t reload the pistol.

The tentacle monster probably thought that Chu Yunsheng didn’t have any resistance ability, it started to drag him back to the ward inside the corridor.

Chu Yunsheng tried to halt the panic in his mind, he tried to find a way to escape as fast as he could, but he could not find any. 𝘧𝑟𝙚ew𝑒𝒃n𝒐𝘷𝑒𝚕. c૦𝙢

The hospital wards were located in a four-stories high building. The building was very wide. When Chu Yunsheng was dragged inside, he found that all three floors had already been destroyed. The walls were spread with a sticky substance, as if the whole building was glued together. It was like a mossy cave glowing in a dim green light.

Moreover, the wall was full of naked women. Chu Yunsheng was so shocked that he could not even close his mouth. Some of the bodies were still wearing the shreds of patients’ clothes or nurses’ clothes.

Chu Yunsheng finally realized why he felt something was amiss when he was in the hospital’s hall. It was too clean, he did not even see a single body in the hall area! Red-shelled insects only liked to eat brains, they would discard the rest of the body. So the hospital should have many bodies with empty skulls, but when he was in the hall, he did not see any of them!

Chu Yunsheng couldn’t help but feel a chill running down his spine, ‘So this is the place where the missing bodies went, but it seems that all of them were already dead!’

Suddenly, he saw a thin and almost transparent tube that was the size of a finger, was inserted into the back of a girl. With the tube connected to the back of the girl, the girl suddenly started to walk.

She was exactly like the naked woman, who he had seen before. She was controlled by this monster. Chu Yunsheng could clearly see that her eyes were as empty as the woman, who he had seen before.

So this was what was controlling her! No wonder why he felt that the naked woman was moving like a ghost when she walked. So that scream was from this monster when he shot that arrow!

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng was more curious than frightened! What exactly was this monster?

In the middle of the building, it had formed a pool of slimy substance. From time to time some bubbles would pop up, sometimes some transparent and slimy pupa things that contained human bodies would pop up. And the human bodies seemed to be melting inside those things.

Each pupa had a different thickness of tube attached to it. Most of the tubes were connected to a five-meter tall tree-like organism in the center of the building. It was covered with a slimy substance, the other tubes were connected to a small cylindrically shaped organism around the giant one in the center.

The largest cylindrical organism was at least three to four meters in diameter, covered with strangely shaped tentacles, they were the same as the tentacles that restrained Chu Yunsheng.

All the pipes and tentacles seemed to be very busy doing something. Only when Chu Yunsheng was dragged near the monster, did he find out that all the women that had been hung onto the wall had been inserted with the monster’s tubes in the lower part of their bodies, and there was disgusting sticky liquid flowing through the tubes.

Some women’s bellies were swollen, and some of their bellies had big holes. A lot of cylindrical monsters as big as a human palm were crawling out of the holes from those bellies, and quickly used their long tentacles to eat those women.

‘It was breeding! Massive breeding!’ Chu Yunsheng was shocked!

He guessed that the pool in the middle was used to feed these monsters.

“What the hell are those things?”

Chu Yunsheng was terrified. He started to struggle desperately, but it still could not stop him from being dragged closer and closer to the pool.

Suddenly, a tentacle as thick as a human thigh appeared in front of him. Then the tip of the tentacle started to split, wider and wider until it became a huge mouth.

It then swallowed Chu Yunsheng from his head, and as it engulfed him bit by bit, the tentacle started to get bigger and bigger until it covered Chu Yunsheng entirely.

After the monster swallowed Chu Yunsheng, it gushed out a large amount of slimy substance and spread it around Chu Yunsheng’s body.

Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that the Yuan Qi inside the energy shield talisman started to spread across his body, and even across the night vision goggles.

However, he could not breathe, and if he could not get out soon, he was going to suffocate to death!

“Pop!” The monster spat Chu Yunsheng into the pool after it wrapped Chu Yunsheng into a slimy pupa. A thin tube simultaneously tried to insert itself into Chu Yunsheng’s head, but it was deflected by Chu Yunsheng’s Yuan Qi.

Chu Yunsheng’s face was extremely red due to the lack of oxygen. But when he saw the tube was deflected, he immediately realized that it was his chance!

Under the protection of the energy shield talisman, the erosive liquid only caused him to suffocate, but it could not do any damage to him. Even his hands, clothes, pistol, etc were all safe at the moment.

He could take out his sword and break the pupa open, but he knew that he would not be able to run too far. Those tentacles would still drag him back.

His only way to escape was to try to get close to the largest tentacle monster, which could be their queen, injure it, and then wait for the opportunity to escape!

After the thin tube was deflected, the pupa he was in was also pushed closer towards the giant tentacle monster.

He floated past many pupas. Most of them only had human bones inside.

At the moment, Chu Yunsheng still couldn’t breathe, but fortunately, with the strength of Yuan Tian stage one, he could hold his breath for a while.

He secretly reloaded the pistol and checked his ammunition amount. The bullets were going to run out soon, he only had less than thirty of them left.

He then took out an absorption talisman and slowly restored his Yuan Qi bit by bit. Fearing being found out by the monster, he did not dare to transfer Yuan Qi to his body too quickly. Otherwise, it would be a game over for him.

When Chu Yunsheng reached the giant monster, the monster still didn’t realize what he was doing.

“One... Two... Three!” He was extremely focused.

Gathering all his strength, he waited for the moment to attack.


Having restored six units of Yuan Qi, he quickly shot three bullets with no holds barred, each bullet consuming a unit of Yuan Qi.

The pupa instantly broke open, the bullets with blazing flames quickly flew towards the monster.

At the same time, he took a deep breath hastily. He was almost suffocated in the slimy pupa!

The monster had an energy shield, but Chu Yunsheng had already expected it. Even the red-shelled insects had energy shields, let alone this even more terrifying creature. It definitely would have one as well.

“Woo... Woo...” the monster was enraged by his sudden attack! It waved all its tentacles in mid-air then and rapidly lunged them at Chu Yunsheng!

The bullets were spinning on the monster’s energy shield, but the flames were still burning fiercely, and it seemed to have weakened the monster’s shield.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t wait for the tentacles to reach him, he immediately fired two more shots.

The flaming bullets finally penetrated the shield and the monster’s skin! They violently collided with the monster’s internal organs and exploded. A gaping hole was instantly made by the explosion on the monster’s slimy body, and some of its organs were blasted out and scattered everywhere.

“Woo...woo!” The monster was screaming in pain and it tried to sink into the slimy pool. Chu Yunsheng suspected that he had seriously injured it. It was now the time for him to escape!

But when he was just about to turn around, one piece of the monster’s internal organs suddenly hit his head and stuck on his night vision goggles. Instantly, he felt a tremendous amount of energy from it. It was so much that even just a small piece of this monster’s organ, it had more energy than several insects combined!

But there was no time for him to stop and think about other things. Many small monsters were crawling on top of the big tentacles, and opening their mouths screaming at him while starting to surround him.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t hesitate. He took out his last weapon, Li Huo talisman immediately.

This was a level three offensive talisman, and because he was only at Yuan Tian stage one, he couldn’t unleash its full power. If he used it now, it would really be a waste, but he didn’t have a choice!

Looking at the monsters charging towards him, Chu Yunsheng quickly passed his Yuan Qi into the Li Huo talisman and activated it!

Li Huo talisman instantly projected a “fire” pattern in mid-air, and then it started to gather a tremendous amount of Yuan Qi towards it.

Suddenly, he heard a sharp noise, then the pattern started to break and flames started to appear inside the building out of nowhere. And as if God was casting the fire magic from the sky, it was raining flames inside the building!

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