Damn Necromancer

Damn Necromancer

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    “Gate Hunter,” a virtual reality game based on the modern hunter genre.

    In that game, Kim Woojin overwhelmingly ranked No. 1.



    〈You have exceeded our standards and shown potential.〉

    [Notification: The final stage, Stage 6, has been unlocked!]

    With that message, he finds himself reincarnated as the son of a wealthy Chaebol within the game. But there’s a catch—he possesses no physical talent, only boundless wealth and a terrible body.

    ‘Fortunately, there’s a solution.’

    In this world, a master’s talent doesn’t limit their summons, and equipment can be augmented. And the class capable of summoning the most powerful allies is…

    “Necromancer, isn’t it?”

    Say goodbye to the poor necromancers!

    A true Chaebol Necromancer has arrived!”

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