Dafeng's Night Squad

Dafeng's Night Squad
大奉打更人, Great Feng's Nightwatchers, The Nightwatchers of Feng
Chinese Novel

Dafeng's Night Squad

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    Once a police academy graduate—Xu Qian, woke up and found himself in jail. He was to be banished to the borderlands in three days…

    Stuck in this inhumane society, his initial goal was just to be a rich man and pass his days in relative safety.

    Many years later, Xu Qian recalled the events of the past. His enemies and friends were dead, there was nothing of them left but bones.

    The rolling Yangtze River flows east as the waves wash away the heroes.

    Success or failure, wrong or right; matters little, it might?

    The lush mountains remain while the sun sets every night.

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