Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 1723 - Who Can Carry That!
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Chapter 1723: Who Can Carry That!

The city lord’s castle, the secret chamber.

“The peace negotiation with all races is about to take place soon, and the situation on the Norland Continent has recently changed drastically after Irina and Alex stirred things up. The originally pro-war demons and orcs have descended into chaos, and the neutral elves are already overwhelmed with their own internal affairs. Currently, only the pro-war Roth Empire had maintained its complete strength. To us, this is good news without a doubt.” Rolan pointed at the map on the table gently.

“I have just received a letter from the dragons. They asked us to hold a racial meeting in Chaos City before the peace negotiation to facilitate interactions between all the races. They hope to reach a new peace accord upon the original peace treaty.” Michael pushed an envelope with a golden dragon claw mark towards Rolan.

“The dragons have always been neutral, so why would they make this request?” Rolan was surprised as he opened the envelope on the table.

After a while, Rolan put down the letter, and gravely said, “It seems like the dragons already know about the existence of the devils.”

Michael, too, shook his head with a grave expression. “We’re not sure how much they know about them. Rather than calling them devils, I think Alex calling them the Great Old Ones is more accurate. The fellows that have survived since ancient times had once dominated our world, and they’re still trying to break through the seals to dominate our world again.”

“If those chaps knew about the terror of the Great Old Ones, perhaps they wouldn’t want to restart the racial war over a little territory.”

“Are you thinking of making them go see that fellow personally?” Michael’s eyes lit up before he showed a hint of hesitation.

Rolan nodded, and said, “We could hold a secret meeting with all the races in advance as per the dragons’ request. Perhaps they would only know the preciousness of peace after they have seen the real terror. Only then would they know what terrifying enemies all the races on the Norland Continent are facing.”

Michael pondered for a moment before he nodded. “Alright. I will draft the invitation now, and invite all the races to send representatives here for a closed-door meeting.”

“Are we still holding it at Boss Mag’s this time round?” Rolan asked.

“I think he will agree.” Michael chuckled.


After Mag tucked Amy into bed, he stood in front of the window, and looked out with a worried expression.

Irina going to the Wind Forest equaled her going into a tiger’s lair. Although Ah Zi was with her, he was still worried about her.

However, given her character, he couldn’t stop her from going, either.

“Are you still worried about me?”

Just then, a voice appeared behind him.

Mag was slightly taken aback before he turned around and nodded at Irina, who suddenly appeared in the room, honestly.

“Tsk. Am I that weak? Do you have to worry about me when I’m just making a trip home?” Irina pursed her lips.

“Seems like my worry is unnecessary.” Mag smiled. Irina had no injuries, so she shouldn’t have had any altercations with Helena directly. He continued, “What did you find out?”

“I couldn’t find the Goddess of Life, and the little tree doesn’t know how to find her, either.” Irina shook her head gently. “However, I had a brief interaction with the queen, and she told me some information about the gods. She said the gods have all gone into a deep sleep after the battle with the devils. We’ll have to wake them up when the devils wake up in order to save this world.”

“Deep sleep? Wake them up?” Mag frowned.

“Yes. She said the Goddess of Life is sleeping in the Tear of the Moon.”

“The Tear of the Moon?” Mag frowned even harder.

“I have never heard of this place, either. However, maybe we can get some information about it at the city lord’s castle.” Irina waved her hand, and a pile of old books appeared on the floor. “These are the old books that I have brought out from the library. Some of them are related to spell formations. I am not interested in them, but I wonder if they would help with repairing the spell formation.”

“We can send these over to them. They might be useful to them.” Mag nodded.

“I will make a trip then.” Irina nodded. She waved her hand, and 10-odd books disappeared from the pile of books on the floor. She, too, disappeared in the midst of a golden light.

“She’s really efficient.” Mag shrugged, and went to shower with a peace of mind.

When he came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, Irina was standing in front of the window with a glass of red wine.

“Do you think that carrying the burden of an entire race’s fate on one’s shoulders is a very tiring thing?” Irina asked mildly without turning around.

“Maybe.” Mag looked at Irina and nodded. “That’s a very heavy responsibility.”

“It’s so vexing. I have tried all ways and means to shake this burden previously.” Irina chuckled self-deprecatingly. She suddenly turned to look at Mag. “But now, it seems like I’ll have to pick up this burden again?”

“From the moment that you decided to set up the Night Elves, you’ve already picked it up again.” Mag looked at her with a smile. “This time, I will carry it with you.”

“How are you going to carry it?” Irina took a step closer. Her red lips were like the wine in the glass. Her warm breath had a tinge of wine fragrance.

Mag took a deep breath and reached out to pick up an old book behind her. He seriously said, “I will spend the night reading through these old books. Perhaps I can find some information about the Tear of the Moon and the gods’ deep sleep from them.”

“Idiot!” Irina stomped her feet angrily as she watched Mag go into the study with a book and lock the door.

“Who can carry that!?” Mag heaved a breath of relief with his back against the door. He smugly murmured to himself, “I almost got caught up. It’s fortunate that I can keep my cool. It would really be the end of us if we got ourselves pregnant with a second baby.”


Early the next morning, while Mag was preparing for service, Michael came.

“The city lord comes so early in the morning. I wonder what it is about?” Michael looked at Michael with surprise.

“It’s like this, Boss Mag. I would like to book Mamy Restaurant for an important meeting in three days. I wonder if it is possible?” Michael said to Mag with a smile.

“An important meeting?” Mag was puzzled. The peace meeting should take place 15 days later, and a meeting of that scale wouldn’t be held in Mamy Restaurant, either. So, what was the important meeting that Michael was talking about?

“Yes. The city lord’s castle has decided to hold a closed-door meeting with all the races in advance to discuss matters of the peace negotiation.” Michael lowered his voice, and slipped a missive into Mag’s pocket stealthily.

Mag flicked a glance at Michael. Obviously, he had bypassed Dicus to tell him this important message. After pondering briefly, he smiled and nodded. “Sure. Since this is the case, Mamy Restaurant will be reserved for the city lord on its day off three days later.”

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