Dad, Please Try a Little Harder

Chapter 61 - 61 She’s Likely Concerned that Some
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Chapter 61: Chapter 61 She’s Likely Concerned that Some

Affluent Lady Might Snatch You Away First l

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Qian Quan met Mr. Huang on the third floor, along with a robust, square-faced middle-aged man sitting beside him.

Mr. Huang’s attire was entirely different from when he was in Riverside Town; he wore a sophisticated black jacket.

His demeanor was no longer that of the guy next door; he exuded a composed and confident aura, giving the impression of someone of significant status.

As what’s said in Human Nature, a person who has reached a certain level of cultivation can effortlessly exhibit different facets of their personality without leaving a trace.

Mr. Huang had likely reached this stage.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”

Upon seeing Qian Quan, both Mr. Huang and the square-faced middle-aged man stood up.

“Sit, please,” Qian Quan hurriedly said. “Mr. Huang, when did you arrive in Azure Bay?”

“This afternoon,” Mr. Huang returned to being the same Mr. Huang that Qian Quan had met in Riverside Town. “Originally, I wanted to invite you to my place, but I met an important guest here and the discussion went on for a bit longer than expected. Considering it was getting late and the place was close by, I thought we could meet here.”

With that, he introduced, “This is my son-in-law, Baiyu’s father. The number I gave you earlier was his.”

Qian Quan greeted politely, saying, “Nice to meet you.”

Zhao Chunjia replied, “Nice to meet you. It is our first meeting today, but your reputation precedes you. My father-in-law, Baiyu, and Ms. Lin have spoken highly of you.”

“Are you acquainted with Ms. Lin?” Qian Quan asked, surprised.

“She and I go way back. I was actually here at Azure Bay for business discussions, and it’s the same place where you met with her. The day you left Disney, 1 came right after to pick her and her daughter up to my place.”

“I see,” Qian Quan nodded.

“She later told me that you became sworn siblings, and her daughter now calls you ‘Uncle.'”

“That’s right.”

“The incident wasn’t straightforward,” Mr. Huang interjected at this point.

Zhao Chunjia elaborated, “I had someone look into it later. It was indeed a setup by professionals. When 1 think about it, it’s very malicious.”

“Do you think the police can catch them?” Qian Quan asked.

“It’s difficult. They commit murder by engineering accidents. Whether successful or not, they usually lay low abroad for a while. Once things cool down, they return under a new identity.”

“And the mastermind?”

“That’s hard to say. Ms. Lin manages such a large corporation; she probably doesn’t even know who she might have offended.”

“Regardless of their motives, harming a child crosses the line. It’s unforgivable,” said Qian Quan.

Zhao Chunjia nodded in agreement.

Mr. Huang commented, “Where there’s action, there’s a trace. If we’re patient, there’s a chance we could find them.”

Zhao Chunjia added, “Ms. Lin is furious this time because of her daughter. She’s likely to go after them.”

Qian Quan recalled the aura of killing intent emanating from Lin Xiaohuang and wondered where it might lead.

“Would Mr. Huang like to play chess?” Qian Quan asked with a smile.

“I’ll pass on chess today,” Mr. Huang waved his hand, “I’ve seen the news. You defeated two chess Masters. Playing against you would just be overreaching on my part.”

“Usually, chess is a pretext for a chat. The meaning lies beyond the board,” Qian Quan replied.

Mr. Huang laughed, “That’s quite insightful. By the way, how was the book ‘Human Nature’?”

“Quite beneficial,” Qian Quan answered honestly.

“The first volume ‘Physiognomy’ is all about skills; once you get the hang of it, you can use it effectively. The second volume ‘Qi Observation’ is more mystical. When you read it, just go with the flow; don’t force it.”

Qian Quan smiled and nodded, thinking to himself, “1 didn’t force it; I’ve already mastered it.”

“Also, I saw you working part-time at KFC in Riverside Town. I invited you here today partly to ask if you want to work part-time during your college years. If needed, we can arrange it now.”

“Do you mean that I can work here?”

“Of course, you can.”

Zhao Chunjia interjected, smiling. “We have many students and postgraduates working for us. Some might misunderstand the nature of this workplace, but it’s a legitimate business center.”

“It’s good,” Qian Quan hurriedly said, “1 probably won’t have time for part-time work in college. My academic workload is heavy, and I’m involved in numerous student organizations. Otherwise, I would’ve immediately accepted.”

“That’s fine. Being active on campus is equally valuable,” Mr. Huang added.

“I’m still very grateful to Mr. Huang and Mr. Zhao.”

“No need for formalities,” Mr. Huang waved it off.

Zhao Chunjia opened the drawer and took out a red card. He handed it to Qian Quan. “This is a VIP card for my club. It works on both the first and the second floors. The first three visits are free, and afterward, you get a 30% discount.”

“I can’t accept this. I haven’t done anything to deserve it,” Qian Quan declined.

Although he had no idea about the cost of the club, judging by its location, he knew it wouldn’t be cheap. What did three free visits and a 30% discount actually mean?

“Just for the many chess games you’ve played with my father, this gift feels inadequate. Unless you find it too meager, I’ll take it back,” Zhao Chunjia explained.

Mr. Huang chuckled, “Go ahead and take it, Rocky. They call it a VIP card, but it’s really a way to cultivate you as a potential customer.”

Feeling cornered, Qian Quan accepted the card, thinking he could bring his roommates here sometime.

After some more idle chat, they offered Qian Quan to stay for dinner, but he graciously declined, stating he had to get back to school.

He bid farewell to Mr. Huang and Zhao Chunjia, then took the elevator down from the third floor.

As he walked through the lobby and headed for the exit, he was stopped by a girl.

Song Xi.

“Is it you?” Song Xi looked at Qian Quan in disbelief.

“What’s up?” Qian Quan was equally surprised to run into her here.

“What were you doing upstairs?” Song Xi asked and she looked serious.

“Just taking care of some business,” answered Qian Quan, unfazed. He treated her as an old high school classmate, a part of his past and an objective existence.

“And what business is that?” freeweb(n)

Qian Quan simply smiled and said, “I’m off. Goodbye.”

“Wait,” Song Xi tried to grab his arm but missed.

Qian Quan had already walked out of the door.

As he strode towards the subway station, his phone suddenly rang.

It was a video call from Ding Linlang.

“Hello.” Qian Quan greeted.

“Where are you?” Ding Linlang asked, adjusting her bangs on the screen.

“Just left a nightclub,” he answered honestly.

“You’re really hanging out in clubs now!”

“What do you mean ‘really’? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Song Xi just texted me. She said she saw someone taking you upstairs at a nightclub and that you stayed there for around 45 to 50 minutes.”

“Yeah, I was meeting Mr. Huang. Do you remember the old man who played chess with me at the Riverside Hotel?”

“Why did you go there to see him?”

“He’s the father-in-law of the club owner. The first floor is the lobby, the second floor has private rooms, and the third floor is a reception area. 1 met him on the third floor.”

Ding Linlang burst into laughter, “Oh. You got her all worried and she even texted me.”

“What does that mean?”

“Qian Quan, are you clueless? She thought you took up a job as a male escort,” Ding Linlang said, still laughing out loud.

“What the hell!” Qian Quan blurted out, “Hasn’t she been following the news? I’m so popular right now, why would I become a male escort? What kind of twisted logic is that?”

“I can’t stop laughing. Qian Quan, what kind of image of relentless

self-improvement have you built in her mind?”

“I’ve told you before, that woman has the most bizarre thought processes.”

“I’m telling you, after experiencing some stuff recently, 1 kind of agree with some of the things she said. But now she actually thinks that 1… wow, well, well, well.”

Qian Quan slowly stifled his laughter and said, “There’s another possibility. Maybe she’s likely concerned that some affluent lady might snatch you away first. I mean, she’s genuinely concerned about you.”

“Do you worry about that?”

“Why would I worry?”

“True, you don’t have to. If I ever end up with a wealthy woman, you, my childhood friend, will also reap some benefits.”

“I’m not interested. Why should I rely on someone else’s success? I can be a wealthy woman myself.”

“You’re confident. Looks like your new book is going to be a hit.”

“Yep, it should be good enough to keep a young and handsome man, at least.”

Qian Quan and Ding Linlang chatted aimlessly until they reached the subway station.

“I was going to ask you to watch a movie today, but plans changed. Let’s reschedule for Friday.”


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