Dad, Please Try a Little Harder

Chapter 52 - 52 After School that Day, Qian Quan Got into a Bentley Car l
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Chapter 52: Chapter 52 After School that Day, Qian Quan Got into a Bentley Car l

Translator: Inschain Editor: Inschain

Qian Quan and Ding Linlang had a delightful time at Disney today.

They managed to enjoy almost all the rides they had planned to try.

Carousel, High-Speed Light Wheel, Leaping Horizon, Caribbean Pirate Ship…

They also ate one of Disney’s most famous Internet sensations-the large roasted turkey leg, priced at 80 each, with a limit of two per person.

Both had surprisingly similar reviews after eating. The taste wasn’t as good as the large chicken drumsticks they’d had at home, but it still had a unique flavor. They rated it 80 out of 100, with a value of one point per yuan.

Ding Linlang didnโ€™t finish hers. After eating more than half, she regretted not bringing along a cucumber or carrot. For a girl, eating an entire turkey leg might be a bit too greasy.

She then decided to get some ice cream.

Qian Quan felt like it was fighting grease with grease.

So, he bought one for himself too.

By then, night had fallen, and they were waiting for the fireworks display.

For people of Qian Quan and Ding Linlang’s age, fireworks weren’t anything novel, having seen them during the New Year’s festivities.

But watching such a large number of fireworks lighting up the sky in a coordinated and yet flamboyant manner was a first for them.

Not to mention, beneath the mesmerizing castle.


Let’s recite some poetry related to fireworks,” the artistic-minded Ding Linlang suggested, enchanted by the display.

“East wind blows at night, blossoming a thousand trees. It feels like stars are raining down,” Qian Quan quickly responded.

“Seriously?” Ding Linlang glanced at him, “The luminous trees shine bright, and seven branches of flame bloom.”

Qian Quan, unfamiliar with these lines, blurted out, “An old friend departs from the Yellow Crane Tower; among the fireworks of March, he heads to Yangzhou.”

“That’s not the kind of fireworks we’re talking about, you uncultured person!” Ding Linlang teased.

Qian Quan, on purpose, pondered and then recited, “Fireworks cool down easily, human relationships part easily, yet you ask if I’m still serious…”

“Qian Quan, can’t you be serious?” Ding Linlang sighed.

“It’s your turn; let me think,” he responded.

Ding Linlang smoothly recited, “Trees of fire and silver flowers turn the eye red; drums sound, welcoming the spring breeze.”

Seemingly inspired, Qian Quan rushed to say, “Trees of fire and silver flowers light up the night; people from everywhere send New Year’s greetings.”

Ding Linlang was extremely speechless.

Qian Quan playfully put his hand on Ding Linlang’s forehead, “Don’t look at me with that pitying ‘you’re special’ look!”

She swatted his hand away, “Then show some university-level intelligence!”

With pride, Qian Quan said, “A university student’s caliber isn’t judged by how many poems he can recite but by his ability to create poems on the spot.”

“Then create one now.”

“Listen closely, and you might want to record this on your phone.”

Ding Linlang had almost guessed that he was going to spout nonsense. She looked at him with a smile that was not quite a smile, “Go ahead, I’ll remember it.”

Qian Quan looked up at the sky filled with fireworks, vibrant and bursting. With his left hand behind his back and his right hand lifted, he struck a pose as if a poet contemplating the moon and recited:

“Back then, we played together, rode the merry-go-round, sailed pirate ships, sped on roller coasters, leaped over horizons, hot turkey legs for 80, and the ice cream was still so sweet…”

Ding Linlang couldn’t help but protest, “This is hardly even a poem. At best, it’s just a rambling narrative.” fr eewebn


Let me finish,” Qian Quan said. “You’ve messed up my rhythm…”

“Alright, I won’t interrupt this time,” Ding Linlang raised her hand.

Qian Quan paused and continued:

“Back then, we played together, rode the merry-go-round, sailed pirate ships, sped on roller coasters, leaped over horizons, hot turkey legs for 80, and the ice cream was still so sweet…”

After finishing these lines, Qian Quan glanced at Ding Linlang and the tone of his voice subtly changed:

“Fireworks fill the sky, lasting but a moment; when I lower my head, I find Iโ€™m back in the real world.”

Ding Linlang, who had been grinning throughout, was suddenly frozen for a moment.

They locked eyes under the brightly lit sky. Qian Quan broke into a triumphant smile:

“Don’t admire me too much; I was just giving you a little shock with some modern poetry.”

Mood successfully ruined.

Ding Linlang pouted, “It was just passable.”

By around nine, the fireworks show ended, and they had to head back to school.

They still had classes the next day.

On the way back, neither spoke for a long while. Then Ding Linlang suddenly said something.

“Qian Quan, your poem-the first time I heard it, the last four lines were quite good. A great twist, and striking imagery. But looking back on the whole thing, my favorite line was the first one.”

“What was the first line again?” Qian Quan asked.

Ding Linlang gave him a “not worth my time” look and said nothing more.

Qian Quan peeked at her and said, “Me too, the first line is my favorite.”

After holding her expression for two seconds, Ding Linlang also smiled.

“Back then, you and I played together.”

“The fireworks seemed all the more dazzling.”

The next morning, Qian Quan and his three roommates headed to class.

Arriving at the college entrance, they noticed a white Bentley parked in a parking spot.

Boys see luxury cars like they see beautiful women; they’re happy to take an extra look.

“What kind of jobs should we aim for to afford a car like this?” Guo Hongyi wondered aloud.

“As for you guys, I don’t know, but if I can just sway my parents, I could buy one,” Shen Fei, a local, half-joked and half-seriously said.

He wasn’t bluffing; his family owned three houses in Azure Bay, and selling one would be more than enough to buy the car.

“I don’t want to discuss this with you,” Guo Hongyi turned to Qian Quan, “Quan, what do you say?”

“I just need to influence my father’s thoughts, too…”

“Can we have a real conversation?”

Qian Quan laughed and said, “I’m just kidding. For kids like us from out-of-town, obviously, we’d focus on academic achievements, enhance our personal skills, find a stable job after graduation, work hard for three to five years, and build up a network and social experience. Then find a wealthy woman and say, ‘Miss, I don’t want to strive anymore…'”

Upon hearing this, the three roommates burst into laughter.

Shen Fei said, “This path is only you, Quan, could take.”

Guo Hongyi disagreed, “The tastes of wealthy people can be hard to predict. We all have a chance. We shouldn’t belittle ourselves, right? Gao Yan?”

Gao Yan responded with a quiet smile.

After the first two classes of the morning were over, Qian Quan was about to switch classrooms with his classmates in preparation for the next two classes. Just then, the class adviser came to find him and told him to go to the Deputy Secretary of the College Party Committee’s office.

Qian Quan quickly reviewed in his mind whether he had violated any school rules recently.

He then followed the class adviser to the Deputy Secretary’s office.

Upon entering, he was stunned.

He found that there were five people in the room. Besides the Deputy Secretary of the college, his class adviser and the Director of the Student Affairs Department were also present.

As for the other two people, they left him utterly puzzled.

A young woman of top-notch appearance, physique, and aura sat there with a four- or five-year-old girl who had big eyes and was extremely cute.

He genuinely couldn’t fathom why such a group would want to meet with him.

“Hello, Qian Quan. I’m Lin Xiaohuang, and this is my daughter Tan Qinqin.”

The beautiful woman stood up and extended her hand toward Qian Quan.

Quickly stepping forward to shake her hand, Qian Quan replied, puzzled, “Hello.”

“You probably don’t know us. You saved a car at Disney yesterday, and my daughter and I were in that car,” Lin Xiaohuang explained.

“Oh, it all makes sense now,” Qian Quan realized.

“Today I’ve brought my daughter to personally thank you.”

“No need to be formal; it was the right thing to do,” Qian Quan said.

Everyone looked at Qian Quan’s composed and nonchalant demeanor, and their expressions became a bit peculiar.

The Deputy Secretary then added, “Qian Quan, Ms. Lin wants to express her gratitude to you. She’s already communicated with the school and the college. Starting today until you graduate, she will provide you with a 50,000 scholarship each year.”

“Are you serious?” Qian Quan was shocked, “That’s really not necessary.”

Lin Xiaohuang said, “You saved my daughter and me. If you don’t accept my gratitude, I won’t know what to do.”

“Alright, I’ll accept,” Qian Quan didn’t want to drag it out. Sometimes, accepting someone’s gratitude is also a form of kindness.

“Also, I have one more favor to ask. Would you be available to have lunch with my daughter and me today?”

Before Qian Quan could answer, the little girl suddenly said, “Handsome boy, can you eat with us?”

Looking into the little girl’s big, hopeful eyes, he found it impossible to refuse.

He nodded, “Sure.”

“Then go to your class first. We’ll wait for you.”


Qian Quan rushed to his class.

The two classes ended quickly.

After class, Guo Hongyi called Gao Yan and Shen Fei, planning to go to the cafeteria together as the four roommates. Just as they exited the academic building, they saw the Bentley again.

“Actually, even just getting to sit in it would be satisfying,” Guo Hongyi said with a smile.

As the voice trailed off, a man stepped down from the car. He was tall and burly, resembling a brown bear.

Qian Quan recognized him as the driver of the Mercedes-Benz from yesterday.

“Mr. Qian, good to see you. Please get in.”

With a silent sigh, Qian Quan waved goodbye to his three roommates and climbed into the Bentley under the watchful eyes of everyone present.

Guo Hongyi was shocked and asked, “What’s going on? Quan? What’s happening?”

“I’ll explain later,” Qian Quan replied, not used to drawing so much attention to himself.

Guo Hongyi remained dumbstruck even after the Bentley had driven away.

Other students who had witnessed the scene were quietly astonished.

“It seemed like a beautiful woman was sitting inside, too.”

Some murmured..

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