Custom Made Demon King

Chapter 423: Sword of Sparda
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Chapter 423: Sword of Sparda

Under Cerberus’s lead, they finally arrived at an enormous cemetery.

The air here was gray and pervaded with some unknown black ashes. There were shattered bricks, broken walls, and some crooked crosses everywhere. Moreover, there were many roots of the Qliphoth. Some of these roots were still buried underground, and some of them were exposed on the ground. They could clearly see the cystic blood spores on these roots.

After arriving, Cerberus stopped and sniffed with her three heads.

“What’s wrong?” Sareth asked.

“Very strange!” Cerberus replied. “The aura of the Sparda bloodline suddenly disappeared here...”

“No way. Is there something wrong with your noses?” Sareth looked around. “Why did it suddenly disappear?”

Confused, Sareth began searching the cemetery. If there was nothing wrong with Cerberus’s noses, then there had to be a reason why his aura suddenly disappeared here.

While Sareth was searching, Cerberus did not participate. About ten minutes later, she suddenly turned around and stared fiercely in the direction behind her. She could smell the scent of a human approaching.

“Oh, oh—! There’s actually a big guy here!” A nasty voice rang out. V’s demon crow, Griffon, flew over, shouting while flying.

Soon after, V appeared, followed by a black panther and a golem. The three familiars stared at Cerberus with vigilance.

“There’s still a living human?” After seeing V, Cerberus asked curiously, “Or are you also an invading little mouse?”

“Hellhound...” V held his cane with his right hand and patted it gently against his left palm. He looked up at Cerberus. “Can you please move aside? You’re blocking our way...”

Flames began to rise on Cerberus’s body as she looked at V fiercely. “Of course I can. After you turn into a corpse, I won’t stop you!”

With just a few words, both sides were full of gunpowder. Just as the battle was about to begin, Sareth happened to rush back. When he saw V, he hurriedly shouted, “Wait! It’s not an enemy!”

Looking at Sareth rushing over, V was stunned. He did not expect to see Sareth here.

After the plague storm earlier, both Nero and V were searching for Sareth everywhere. But before they could find Sareth, they found Lady first.

Nero had found her in the stomach of a high-rank demon named Artemis after defeating it. This demon had wrapped Lady in its body and seemed to be absorbing her power to fight. After Nero saved her, he learned what had happened after the battle last time.

Neither Lady nor Trish had died. Urizen seemed to have disdained killing them and instead put them to use.

After waking up, Nero asked Lady about Dante’s situation, but she had fainted earlier, so she did not know what happened afterward. But she told Nero and V a piece of news. When they accompanied Dante to fight against Urizen, Trish had been carrying the Sword of Sparda.

Trish was now missing, and she might have been captured by a demon like Lady. But Dante had later taken the Sword of Sparda to fight against Urizen. If they could find the Sword of Sparda, they might be able to find Dante.

After hearing this news, Nero and V discussed it for a while. Nero would continue moving forward to look for Trish, while V would go to find the Sword of Sparda first.

V had all of Vergil’s memories. He knew very well that if something really happened to Dante, then Nero would be his final hope, and the Sword of Sparda would give Nero more chances of winning.

As for searching for Sareth, he could only take it one step at a time...

V searched all the way to the cemetery, relying on his sensation for the Sword of Sparda. But he did not expect to find Sareth here, and most importantly, there was a ferocious and powerful three-headed hellhound beside him. How could he not be surprised?

“Sareth, you... why are you here?” V asked while glancing at Cerberus, who had restrained her power. He realized that this hellhound had only withdrawn her hostility after Sareth spoke. In other words, this hellhound seemed to be... friends with Sareth?

“I’m here to find Dante!” Sareth walked forward and smiled. “You’re not the only ones working.”

“Are you okay?” V looked Sareth up and down. “Didn’t the strange black storm earlier affect you?”

“Black storm?” Sareth was stunned for a moment before understanding. “It’s fine. Don’t worry. I used my foster father’s power to cause it. Now that most of the low-level demons have been killed, it’s much easier to advance!”

V was stunned. “You... that black storm was actually caused by you?! That was the power of your foster father?”

Sareth nodded proudly, but V remained silent.

He roughly knew Sareth’s origins, but he did not have a direct understanding of the demon foster father that Sareth had mentioned. When he heard that the deadly black storm was actually the power of Sareth’s foster father, he realized how terrifying the backing behind Sareth was.

This child... is actually a little dangerous...

V had the same thought as Dante and Nero, but before he could think of what to say, Sareth asked, “V, why are you here?”

Looking at the bored Cerberus not far away, V whispered, “I sensed the Sword of Sparda. It’s roughly around here.”

“The Sword of Sparda?” Sareth thought for a moment. “Cerberus said that Dante’s aura suddenly disappeared in this area. Could it be related to the Sword of Sparda?”

“That’s possible!” V nodded. “So we have to find the Sword of Sparda first... What’s going on with that hellhound?”

“I signed a demon contract with her. She’ll help me find Dante, and I’ll help introduce her to a boyfriend!” Sareth blurted out.

As a result, when Cerberus heard this, she immediately roared at him, “Half-devil brat! What nonsense are you saying?!”

“Ah, sorry, I misspoke!” Sareth quickly turned his head and waved at Cerberus.

Cerberus snorted and did not say anything. Sareth turned around and winked at V, sending the message: She’s actually a tsundere!

V did not know what Sareth’s gaze meant. He was at a loss from beginning to end. There were too many things about Sareth that V could not understand...

Therefore, they did not say anything else, and Sareth and V began searching the cemetery. With V’s three familiars participating in the search, it was naturally much faster. Finally, the two saw the Sword of Sparda on a tall wall!

The Sword of Sparda was stabbed into the stone wall, and it seemed to be caused by an immense impact. Most of the blade was inserted, and Sareth could not wait to spread his flame wings and fly up to take down the legendary demon sword.

“This is the Sword of Sparda...” After Sareth landed, he carefully sized up the sword and found that it was very heavy. The large sword curved in a slight arc, and the entire edge was the blade. The back of the blade looked like a giant worm was lying on it, and there were rows of vertebra-like protrusions on the worm’s back. In short, it was a demon sword with a very demon style.

“How is it? Can you feel the power in it?” V suddenly asked Sareth.

Sareth shook his head. “No! But it’s not surprising. Foster Father said that the demon swords used by demons usually integrate soul fragments into them. Apart from the creators, it’s difficult for others to use them.”

V nodded. This was indeed the case. Only Dante and Vergil had always been able to use this Sword of Sparda and exert its power. This might be because the two of them were direct descendants of Sparda. In addition, Trish could use it, but she could not even exert one-tenth of the power...

The ground trembled slightly, and Cerberus walked over like a tank. Her three heads stared at the Sword of Sparda in Sareth’s hands with hatred. “This damn sword again... The damn stench of Sparda on it has never dissipated!”

V looked at Cerberus vigilantly, afraid that she would suddenly attack, but she was not so impulsive. She would not rush up to bite an inanimate object. She merely said, “It should be this sword that was obstructing my sense of smell. Search carefully. That guy named Dante should be nearby.”

Sareth and V looked at each other, nodded, and continued searching.

At this moment, Griffon discovered something and called for them to go over. V walked in front, and Sareth carried the giant Sword of Sparda behind him. After arriving at a fissure, they finally saw Dante.

This fissure seemed to have been created when several roots of the Qliphoth were wreaking havoc. Dante was lying motionless on a statue with his head lowered. The statue was strange, and its arms were holding Dante seemingly in a hug...

Sareth and V jumped down, got Dante, and placed him on the ground. V looked up and found that Cerberus did not follow them. In fact, V could feel her hostility. This hostility was directed at the bloodline of Sparda, but for some reason, she forcibly suppressed her hostility and did not intend to attack V and Dante.

Perhaps it was because of her demon contract with Sareth, but this suppression might only be temporary. V felt that it was necessary to be vigilant.

“What should we do? This guy is alive, but he won’t wake up!” Sareth slapped Dante’s face hard. He was worried, but he felt a little refreshed...

“Let me do it...” As V spoke, he raised the Sword of Sparda with great effort and pointed the tip of the sword at Dante’s head...

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