Cultural Invasion In Different World

Chapter 336
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Chapter 336

Two days later.

Carrying a couple books in her hand, Prophet was walking in the Lursk Advanced Magic Academy. Her four students were following after her.

She had just finished the ‘programming’ lecture personally taught by His Highness Joshua. A rare occasion, she had some free time to study other courses this afternoon.

After coming to Norland, Prophet began soaking up the knowledge humans had of magic with an efficiency even greater than a sponge.

Whether they be knowledge about magic rune inscriptions, alchemy or arcanotech, Prophet would always consider them to be important courses and would learn them earnestly.

Compared to the hardworking prophet, her four students seemed much more undisciplined.

“Sure enough, Miss Luvita became the champion...”

“Well, that nun called Lia didn’t perform that great in the final match.”

Prophet’s students were discussing the ‘World’s Singers’ competition. When she heard their comments, Prophet stopped and turned to look at a building called the ‘Alchemic Building.’ Through the window, Prophet could see a large lecture hall with a capacity over a thousand being completely packed with students.

But, those students were not there to listen to a certain teacher’s lectures. Instead, they were there because of the installation of an arcanotech device called ‘television.’

“It’s already packed! Lysa, it’s all your fault; it’s all because your magic pharmaceuticals lecture took too long.”

“I have no idea that professor would talk nonstop! I even have to sneak out from the lecture.”

Prophet’s four students also stopped before the Alchemic Building. As they looked through the window, the mixed-vampire girl called Lysa sneaked a glance at the book-holding Prophet.

“The four of you, don’t be too absorbed in the arcanotech device created by His Highness Joshua.”

Prophet was standing there staring at her four students. Originally, she thought that since both the magic network and television were creations from the Third Prince Joshua and she was held the position of a subordinate, there was no reason for her to forbid her students from watching television or using the magic network.

But today, Prophet was finally at the end of her patience.

The difficult environment of the Demon Realm drilled a hardworking attitude into her students. But, once they came to Norland, their minds were completely corroded by the comfort of Norland!

“Teacher, aren’t all our lessons for today already finished?” Lysa began to plea for leniency from their teacher.

“Just because your lessons are over doesn’t mean that you should stop learning. You four still need to prepare for tomorrow’s learning at the alchemic workshops. Most importantly...” Prophet took a glance at the sight of the Alchemic Building’s lecture hall.

Who knows how many students sitting there had sneaked out of their classes like Lysa.

This indirectly revealed that ‘television’ was extremely well-received by the young mages of Norland.

“Do not be like those humans and stop skipping classes for the sake of watching the Voice of Norland,” ordered Prophet.

“Teacher, please rest assured. We’ve only skipped our classes after we confirmed the lectures had nothing to do with us.”

“I am not worried about your efficiency in gaining knowledge.”

Prophet turned around to look at the most magnificent building in the Lursk Advanced Magic Academy, the Observation Tower located in the center of the academy.

The top floor of the Observation Tower was where the Headmaster’s Office was located.

“Instead, I am worried about the fact that what you’re doing might provoke some troublesome existences.”

“Troublesome... you’re talking Norland’s Sages?”

The mixed-blood vampire girl Lysa immediately realized what Prophet was worried about.

“Lysa is correct. The four of you, listen carefully. This city isn’t our race’s territory. Although His Highness Joshua has established a favorable ‘public opinion’ that protected us here, the real rulers of this city are those Sages. Once the Sages view His Highness Joshua’s creations to be harmful, we will have to bid our farewell to these knowledge.”

As Prophet spoke, she slightly raised the books she was carrying. Her students felt extremely baffled just by reading the titles of the books.

Even though Prophet’s status was that of a new student in the advanced magic academy, the courses she decided to take could be comparable to Sages.

“Teacher, I’ve heard that one of the Seven Sages, the Yellow Mage, came to our academy again a couple days ago. It seems that he was the reason why the television at the magic arena was dismantled.”

“I feel like His Highness Joshua should’ve noticed it by now.”

Lysa had an optimistic point of view. But, Prophet did not view things in the same manner.

“I need to confirm this with His Highness Joshua.”

Prophet can’t stop worrying. She opened her magic network interface and used the messenger function to send a message to Joshua. The message stated that she wished to be able to meet with Joshua in private.

Joshua soon sent her a reply. The place for the meeting was deemed to be Joshua’s residence — the Hearthstone Tavern.

Not long after she received Joshua’s message, a mage holding a large quantity of scrolls brushed past them.

Prophet’s students were discussing meaningless everyday stuff but Prophet’s sharp eyes were captured by the scrolls held by that mage.

“Teacher, where are you going?”

Lysa noticed that her teacher suddenly started following an unknown mage. Prophet did not answer her student and continued to quietly follow that mage.

The mage walked all the way to the fountain plaza located in the center of the academy. There was an announcement board at the side of the plaza. A pile of announcements, questions and answers were posted on there. Over time, those papers on the announcement board all turned into waste.

Through magic, the scrolls that mage held started floating in the air. One of the scrolls spreaded open onto the announcement board.

The size of the scroll was akin to a detailed map. But, there were no drawings on the scroll. Instead, numerous words, enough to give one a headache from looking at them, were present on the scroll.

“New... academy rules and regulations?”

Following after Prophet, her students noticed the scroll’s headline. They suddenly realized why Prophet followed after that unknown mage.

“The Sages has started acting.”

Prophet quickly skimmed through the contents of the new rules and regulations. She soon gained a rough understanding of the new rules for the Lursk Advanced Magic Academy.

Apart from changing some of the existing rules, the most eye-catching announcement was the introduction of the course credit and grading system. Furthermore, this academy was actually planning to introduce other courses besides magic!

How... could this be!?

“Teacher! Look... students could form organizations called ‘clubs and associations!’ Furthermore, if the associations manage to acquire outstanding achievements, they will be commended by the academy.”

The mixed-vampire girl Lysa’s focus was different from Prophet’s.

“In the future, there will be more than just magic-related courses. Students are also able to choose to study operas, economy, performances etc. Mmmm... I wonder if we could establish an opera association.”

“Lysa, granted that I decide to form an association, I would never form your so-called opera association,” Prophet interrupted her student’s fantasy.

“Then... Teacher, what sort of association do you wish to form?”

After entering the academy, Lysa had managed to, with her abilities, faintly detect the existence of other demons in the academy.

Although she had not yet tried to interact with those demons, she felt that it would be nice to establish an association for her fellow demonkind.

Since the opera association that she yearned for the most wouldn’t be formed because of her teacher’s rejection, she would have no choice but to listen to her teacher’s proposal.

Hearing her student’s yearning tone, Prophet pushed up her wooden frames and softly said, “Agricultural association. In short, Farming Division.”

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