Cultivator With Modern AI

Chapter 374 Leng Shuang Plan
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In a room, a young woman was sitting on the side of the bed naked, and a naked man was kneeling in front of her, licking her pussy. Even so, the young woman looked gloomy, and she didn't seem to be enjoying the man's service.

In the middle of the room, four other men were kneeling in front of her, and the men looked impatient to switch positions with the man who was licking the young woman's pussy.

'That bastard! How can he be immune to my charm technique?' The young woman muttered to herself, as she looked at the five men who were so obedient to her one by one. 'Since he dared to take my storage ring and sect points, I will teach him a lesson later, and I can use these stupid guys to do that.'

Before long, the young woman moaned with pleasure, and her body trembled slightly. She then held the head of the man who was kneeling between her legs, while her pussy sprayed her pleasure liquid into his face. "Ahn~"

The man looks excited by that, he swiftly licks her pleasure fluid clean. After that, he immediately backed away, wiping the pleasure liquid off his face.

After the young woman finished her orgasm, she immediately laid down on the bed, panting heavily. She then lifted her legs onto the bed and spread them out, so that the five men could see her pussy clearly. "What are you waiting for, Liang Heng? If you still can't satisfy me today, then I won't call you to serve me anymore."

Liang Heng immediately stood up and approached her, as he asked. "What happened to you, Leng Shuang? Why is your expression so gloomy?"

"Tell us, we will help you as best we can." Another man added, and the rest of the men nodded in agreement with his words.

Leng Shuang inwardly laughed, and she started to sob, then she made up a story about Xia Tian forcing her to give up her storage ring and sect points.

The men's faces darkened upon hearing that, Liang Heng then said. "It's okay, we will help you to teach that guy a lesson, and we will take everything back."

"En." Leng Shuang nodded at him, as she laughed triumphantly in her heart. "We will do that tomorrow morning, and now you must satisfy me first."

Liang Heng nodded in agreement, he then thrust his dick into Leng Shuang's pussy. Soon, one woman and five men started to dual cultivate, and they did it for a long time.


Meanwhile, four people were strolling in the garden. They were Xia Tian, ​​Mo Xiaoqi, Xia Wu, and Shui Liuli.

"What about Elder Feng's voice, Young Master?" Mo Xiaoqi was the first to ask because Xia Tian had not said anything to them.

Shui Liuli then said with a smile. "You managed to heal her, right, Uncle Tian?"

Xia Tian was no longer surprised that Shui Liuli was so confident in his abilities, as she was sure that Wang Xinruo had told her many things about his abilities in the past. He then nodded to them. "I've recovered her voice, and she should be able to speak fully in a few days. Anyway, you can stop calling me uncle, Liuli. After all, the current me is still younger than you, and people must find it strange if you call me that. "


"No but." Xia Tian interrupted her by shaking his head. "Just call me a brother or whatever, but not uncle."

Xia Wu then added. "That's right, Princess Liuli. I find it odd to hear you address Cousin Tian as your uncle, and you must have seen Master and the others' reactions earlier, so it would be best if you addressed him as a brother."

"Alright then." Shui Liuli nodded in agreement, she then asked. "Can you teach me about medical knowledge, Brother Tian?"

Hearing that, Xia Wu also looked at him expectantly. Because she knew that Yao Mei couldn't heal Feng Xian'er, but Xia Tian could heal her easily.

Xia Tian then looked at them with a smile. "To be honest, all of my medical skills are different from Yao Mei's or the other physicians in this Seven Star World, and it takes a very long time to master them."

Before they had time to ask him, Xia Tian had already touched their foreheads, and he imparted a lot of basic medical knowledge to them. Moments later, he had already removed his finger from their foreheads, and he said. "You two can learn them first, and if there's anything you don't understand, then you guys can meet me in my room."

They nodded in agreement, and since it was almost night, they immediately returned to their respective rooms. Moreover, they couldn't wait to learn everything Xia Tian had given them just now.

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Meanwhile, Yu Yunzhi was observing the Read Luan Whip and the Armor in her hands, and her expression clearly showed that she was completely shocked by the two pieces of equipment. "Is it true that these two pieces of equipment were made by Xia Tian, ​​Qing?"

Qin Qing nodded as she answered her. "That's right, Yunzhi. He made the two of them in front of the Forging Hall disciples before he treated Xian'er, he even won a big bet with the Leng siblings."

Yu Yunzhi was truly speechless about Xia Tian's ability, she had personally experienced his strength in dual cultivation. She had also witnessed his medical ability earlier, and now Qin Qing showed her the two immortal-grade equipment that created by him.

"Immortal Grade Ranking." Yu Yunzhi muttered under her breath, she was completely mesmerized by the two pieces of equipment. "Let alone our sect, even in this southern continent there is no one who has equipment of this level."

"He asked me to give both to someone."

"Who?" Yu Yunzhi turned to Qin Qing in astonishment, because if the two were to be sold, then it would cause a huge commotion in the southern continent.

"Bing Huang. Xia Tian told me that he made these two for her."

Yu Yunzhi was even more surprised to hear that name, for the entire sect knew her character. Bing Huang never liked getting close to any men, and she always treated them coldly. "He knows Bing Huang?"

"I don't know about it myself, Yunzhi." Qin Qing replied with a shake of her head; she was also confused about how Xia Tian knew Bing Huang, and he could even tell her exact size. "We all know that Bing Huang is not an easy person to approach, not only towards the male disciples, but she has always been cold towards the female disciples."

Yu Yunzhi sighed softly and muttered to herself. "That Xia Tian is truly mysterious, I only know that he comes from the Xia branch of the family. But his abilities are too extraordinary, and he also has relationships with many extraordinary women."

"Since you've also investigated Xia Tian, ​​you must know that the Xia branch family is related to Zhu Yuhe."

Yu Yunzhi sighed softly and nodded. "His mother is Liu Ying, a former disciple of the Vermilion Empire Sect, and who was once called a young genius alchemist. His family is also on good terms with Zhu Yuhe, Xiang Yin, and Murong Feiyan, even their daughters are his women."

"Well, that's true." Qin Qing replied with a nod.

Unfortunately, Yu Yunzhi and Qin Qing did not know that Zhu Yuhe himself was also Xia Tian's woman, and Xiang Yin was also his future woman. If people knew the truth, then not only would Star Moon Sect be in an uproar, but the entire southern continent would also be in an uproar.

"But I feel strange about one thing, Yunzhi." Qin Qing remembered the way Shui Liuli had called Xia Tian earlier. "Do you know anything about Xia Tian's relationship with King Shui?"

"En." Yu Yunzhi took a deep breath. "After the war was over, Shui Lihao personally brought his two daughters to our sect. He asked me to forbid the male disciples from approaching them, but he also asked me to let Xia Tian approach them, especially Shui Liuli. According to him, Wang Xinruo wanted to hande his daughter over to Xia Tian, ​​and Shui Lihao also agreed to that."

"Hmm?" Qin Qing raised her eyebrows upon hearing that. "But why did Shui Liuli call Xia Tian as her uncle?"

"I don't know." Yu Yunzhi replied with a shake of her head. "I don't know too much about Xia Tian's relationship with the Shui family, Qing. Anyway, Bing Huang has been in the Tower of Seclusion for a few days, you can send these two pieces of equipment to her."

Qin Qing took the two pieces of equipment, and leaving Yu Yunzhi alone, she then rushed towards the Tower of Seclusion.

- To Be Continued -


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