Cultivation Pet Shop

Chapter 946 New Shop
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Over the next few days, there wasn't much that happened.

The Lin Astral Family had all gained a new fear of Lin Fan after the incident with Lin Hong, so they all did the best that they could to avoid him.

As for Lin Hong and Lin Tian, that entire branch almost disappeared from the palace overnight.

They had been able to defer Lin Hong's bet, but they knew that it was impossible for them to negate it. It had been made in front of all the Lin Astral Family juniors and had been spread all over the palace.

Overnight, it had even spread out to the nobles and to the commoners.

That was because any gossip that involved the Lin Astral Family would naturally spread.

Not to mention that it was gossip that was related to Lin Fan, the new heir that had appeared out of nowhere.

People were naturally curious about this person that had suddenly been declared as the heir to the Lin Astral Emperor.

It was impossible for them to stop the curiosity of the people.

Even if they punished the people who spread this gossip, it would be impossible for them to punish everyone since there were just too many people spreading this gossip in the first place.

So they did the best that they could to avoid the public eye.

Lin Fan didn't do much either during this time because he knew that the best way to hurt them was to let this gossip spread. After all, it was impossible for them to avoid these rumours and words hurt more than people would think.

Even if they acted like they didn't care, the words could dig under their skin and pierce their hearts.

Lin Fan on the other hand just spent his time in leisure.

He acted like he was on vacation, hanging out around the palace without a care in the world.

Normally people would criticize someone like this, but after the terrifying display that he had shown, no one dared to say a thing.

After all, he defeated Lin Hong who was in the High Planet Realm as a Star Realm Expert. It was even said that Lin Fan hadn't personally made a move and had just used Lin Hong's pets against him.

No one had figured out how Lin Fan had done it, but they knew that he wasn't simple.

Finally, after the days had passed, it was time for Lin Fan's new store.

The Lin Astral Emperor had used up all his free days and he was now busy with the affairs of the empire, it was the same with the empress. The two of them really wanted to personally bring Lin Fan to the store, but they had to leave it to their subordinates in the end.

The subordinates all treated Lin Fan with respect when they met him. It was clear that they had heard the rumours about him and had a bit of fear towards him.

But Lin Fan didn't mind this at all.

He was just excited to see his new store.

With the Peak Sun Realm cloaks that he had received, they were able to make their way to the store without any trouble.

It was just a good thing that they had these cloaks since the place that the store was in was quite the crowded place.

The Lin Astral Emperor hadn't held back at all when it came to fulfilling Lin Fan's request. He had gotten him the very best place that one could get, it was the center spot of the best business street in the entire capital.

There had been a large store there previously, but it had disappeared in a matter of days.

This was a business for the Lin Astral Family that had been very profitable, but since it was a decree from the Lin Astral Emperor, they had no choice but to shut it all down.

There were many people that questioned this decision and after learning that it was for Lin Fan, there were even more people that questioned it.

They accused Lin Fan of being a wastrel for the way that he was acting.

However, no one dared to accuse him in public since they had heard the rumours about him.

When Lin Fan arrived at the store, he was surprised to see how big it was.

This was basically a giant shopping mall in his old world, but here it was being used as a single store.

Still, he was happy to use this place since it would give him plenty of space for what he needed.

Once they arrived, the subordinates asked Lin Fan if there was anything that he needed.

Lin Fan just simply dismissed them before heading in to check on the store itself.

When he came in, he saw that this place had already been fully furnished as a pet store. The items that were there were so good that even he couldn't help taking a few of them with him…

After all, it would all be gone once the system had its way with the store.

After making his way through the store to close all the blinds, Lin Fan walked out and stood in front of the store.

All of the people that the Lin Astral Emperor sent were confused when they saw this.

Their leader couldn't help coming forward to ask in a worried voice, "Young master, are you not satisfied with the store?"

If there was something that Lin Fan wasn't satisfied with, the ones that would be punished would be them. They had decorated the store before Lin Fan received it, so of course it would be their responsibility if he didn't like it.

So all of them couldn't help being nervous when they saw him acting this way.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, "It's not that I'm not satisfied with the store. It's something else."

Lin Fan turned back to the door and after confirming with the system, he said, "Well, just wait and see."

They couldn't understand what Lin Fan meant by this, so they became even more worried after hearing this.

Still, since Lin Fan had already spoken, it wasn't as if there was anything that they could do.

So all they could do was wait like he had said.

After about fifteen minutes, Lin Fan suddenly started to move.

Seeing this, the subordinates quickly moved along with him.

They had just watched him stand there silently for fifteen minutes. He had been so still that the people around had even started noticing him even with the obscuring power of the cloaks, people couldn't help noticing them with how strange they were acting.

Once Lin Fan opened the door, the subordinates couldn't help being shocked by what they saw.

That was because the store had completely changed from how it had looked previously.

In fact, they could even tell that there were spatial laws that had been applied to the store which made it much bigger than it had been before.

Just what had happened in the fifteen minutes that they had been waiting outside?

They hadn't noticed anyone at all entering the store, let alone someone changing the inside of the store.

For this kind of large scale renovation, it was impossible not to make any sounds or life energy fluctuations.

So what happened here?

Lin Fan just acted like everything was normal as he went in and set up the store as usual.

Angela, Momonga, and Yuki all helped him set up the store since they were already used to this.

Lin Xue was among the group that was shocked by this since she had never seen him renovating a store before.

She couldn't help coming over and tugging Lin Fan's sleeve as she asked, "What happened here? How did the store suddenly change?"

Lin Fan saw the cute way that she asked this and just said with a teasing smile, "Magic."

Lin Xue could naturally tell that he was teasing her, so she pouted her lips and headed over to where Angela and Yuki were.

Lin Fan didn't mind as he started setting up the things that he needed.

At the same time, he did something that he should have done a long time ago.

He leveled up the system again.

He hadn't seen the need to level it up before, but with the different stores all earning money for him, he had too many points to not do it anymore. Not to mention, he wanted to see what kind of new features he would unlock.

But he was disappointed since there weren't any new features that were unlocked.

It was just an overall upgrade to the current features of the store.

Now, he was able to train Ruler Pets.

He might have been surprised by this before, but now he just figured that it was natural.

After all, this was a store that even shocked Rulers with its features and was something that came from a god, so it should only be natural that it would be able to train Ruler Pets.

But what he didn't expect was the large stir that this would create when the store opened.

Still, that was still a few days away.

Before that, he needed to collect on a few debts.

It was finally time for him to bring Lin Hong in and make him pay up.

But before that, he had to find Lin Hong.

For that, there was no one better than the Lin Astral Emperor…but he was busy, so he settled for his ancestor, Lin Jian.

So the first thing to do was head back to the palace.

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