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Chapter 893 Sudden Change In The Battlefield (2)
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Lin Fan shook his head again before saying, "Help me find the forces of the Sen and Lei Families as well."

He threw a piece of spirit jade on the table and said, "Take that as a deposit."

When the informant saw the piece of spirit jade on the table, his eyes couldn't help lighting up.

Since it was investigating two of the Four Great Families of the Tai Stellar Kingdom, it would cost quite a bit to do. However, it would only cost at most a single spirit jade.

For Lin Fan to give them the entire spirit jade upfront, this just went to show how generous he was. At the same time, he was also telling them to spare no expenses by calling it a deposit, so he was willing to pay them even more if they could find any information he wanted.

The informant was naturally happy to see this since he loved working with generous people like this.

If he did his job well…then these kinds of people would be happy to tip extra and their tips were always welcome.

Thinking this, the informant couldn't help giving a chuckle.

Lin Fan saw that his payment had its intended purpose, so he didn't waste any time and stood up to leave.

The informant saw this and didn't do anything at first, but then he suddenly remembered something and he took out a piece of paper from his Storage Ring. He presented it to Lin Fan and said, "This is a little extra, I'm sure you'll be happy with this."

Lin Fan stopped and turned to look at the piece of paper. He took it and looked it over, quickly knitting his brows before asking, "Are you sure that this is true?"

The informant gave a nod and said, "This was found at the cost of the lives of several of our members, I guarantee that it's accurate."

Lin Fan knitted his brows even more, but he still gave a nod and threw another high grade spirit stone to the informant.

While this wasn't as valuable as the spirit jade, the informant's eyes lit up when he saw this.

His guess had been correct and it had paid off, so it was natural that he was happy.

There was nothing else for him here, so he also walked out along with Lin Fan before quickly disappearing.

Ying saw Lin Fan come out and she raised a brow, but she didn't say anything.

Since this was Lin Fan's private matter, she couldn't really inquire about it since she had her orders from the Mu Stellar King. But if Lin Fan wanted to talk about it with her, then there was no reason why she wouldn't listen.

Lin Fan actually did talk to her, or rather he gave her something as soon as he came out.

It was the piece of paper that the informant had given him at the end of the meeting.

Ying was surprised to see this, but she quickly took it and read through it. As she read through it, her brows started knitting more and more as she couldn't help muttering something to herself.

After a while, when she finished reading, she looked up at Lin Fan and asked, "Is this true?"

Lin Fan gave a nod before saying, "Help me send a report to the Mu Stellar King about this."

Ying hesitated a bit before giving a nod in response.

As for what the paper read, it was a report about some Beast Race activity near the borders. However, it wasn't just any Beast Race activity, but rather the activity of several Beast Emperors.

These were the World Realm Experts of the Beast Race and every single one of them was dangerous because they were all generally mutated beasts. That was the only reason why they were able to reach the World Realm in the first place.

However, as mutated beasts, they were much stronger than normal beasts and had special abilities.

It would take twice as many human World Realm Experts to deal with these Beast Emperors than it would to fight a human World Realm Expert.

So if there were these Beast Emperors hanging around the border, it wasn't a good thing.

Especially since there was the war with the Tai and Bai Stellar Kingdoms.

But no matter how one looked at it, it seemed like too much of a coincidence for these Beast Emperors to show up at the border at this time. It was almost as if…

But if that were the case, did that mean that the Tai and Bai Stellar Kingdoms had…?

No matter what, this was an important piece of information that even the Mu Stellar Kingdom and the Ran Stellar Kingdom hadn't discovered yet, so it was imperative that this be reported back. They needed to take precautions right away just in case the Beast Race decided to do anything.

At the same time, Ying couldn't help looking at Lin Fan with a strange look.

The informants that Lin Fan had hired had even found information that these two powerful Stellar Kingdoms hadn't found…Just who was this person and who were the informants that he had hired?

From what Ying knew about Lin Fan, she knew that there was some kind of mysterious power behind him or he wouldn't have been able to do all the strange things that he had done.

She really couldn't help wondering who Lin Fan was.

Lin Fan could see what she was thinking through her expression, but he didn't say anything.

That was because he couldn't say anything.

The informants that he had hired were actually someone that Momonga had introduced to him. These were informants that he had used before, so he guaranteed that they were quite good.

Lin Fan wasn't disappointed with them, but…

They belonged to the Myriad Races, so working with them was considered a bit…

Anyway, as long as people didn't know about this, he would be fine. Once they found out though…

As long as he was alive, he would never speak. He would take this secret to the grave.

Seeing that Lin Fan wasn't saying anything, Ying gave a sigh before saying, "I'll send a report as soon as I get back."

Even though this was important news, she was still on a mission to guard Lin Fan, so she couldn't just abandon him to report back. She had to get him back to the military camp before she could report this matter.

Of course, since it was an urgent matter, she didn't waste any time.

She picked up Lin Fan and ran off at a speed that was faster than his own speed.

He was shocked by her sudden action and couldn't react in time, so she was able to carry him for quite a while.

It was a good thing that he was able to react before they reached the camp or she would have carried him.

If the other people in the camp saw this, Lin Fan really wouldn't know what to say. It would also be hard for him to show his face in the camp from now on if that were to happen.

Right before they arrived at the camp, Ying stopped and put Lin Fan down.

She seemed like she was unhappy that they were wasting time, but this was a very firm request from Lin Fan, so she had no choice but to agree.

When they arrived back at the camp, she immediately excused herself and headed to the center of the camp where the command center was.

Lin Fan didn't mind this and headed back to his store on his own.

He didn't know what kind of effect he had had on the entire camp and how they would react to this news.

After arriving in the central command tent, Ying immediately gathered up all the generals.

While most of the rank and file soldiers didn't know who she was, it was impossible for the generals not to know who she was. She was an important aide to the Mu Stellar King and they were high ranking military officials, so they all knew who she was.

Not to mention that she had the token of the Mu Stellar King as well, so they had no choice but to listen to her.

It didn't take long before all the generals were gathered and there was a conference call set up with the Mu Stellar King.

The Mu Stellar King was a very busy person, but when he heard that this was related to Lin Fan, he immediately dropped all his matters and attended this meeting. Without knowing it, the position that Lin Fan had in his heart was already quite high.

After Ying finished showing everyone the report that Lin Fan had received from the informant, the Mu Stellar King asked, "Is he certain that this is true?"

Ying gave a silent nod in response.

The Mu Stellar King immediately turned to General Li and said, "General, I want you to send some men to check this out."


General Li had deeply knitted brows when he heard this. He just remained in silence for some time before saying, "Your majesty, I don't mean to disrespect you, but are we certain that we can trust this news?"

The Mu Stellar King narrowed his eyes to look at him, but seeing the way he looked back at him, he knew that he indeed didn't mean any harm and this was just normal doubt.

So the Mu Stellar King gave a nod and said, "Brother Lin has already given me many pleasant surprises and it wouldn't surprise me anymore if he gave me some more. I'm sure that there must be some validity to this report." Then after a pause, he added, "Not to mention, even if it's not true, sending people to investigate won't harm us since there's the chance that the Tai and Bai Stellar Kingdoms are planning something. We haven't patrolled in that area for a long time, so it's better to be safe than sorry."

With all these reasons given, General Li had no choice but to accept his command even if he didn't feel like it was necessary.

He felt that this would be a waste of resources, resources that could have been spent somewhere else.

He didn't fully trust Lin Fan yet, but it was clear that the Mu Stellar King had implicit trust for this person from an unknown origin. He didn't know why the Mu Stellar King trusted this person so much, but he felt that this was very dangerous.

A ruler that was easily swayed was a ruler that could be led down the wrong path.

This would be bad for their Mu Stellar Kingdom…

However, this time, he would choose to follow the command and observe. He wanted to see what kind of skills Lin Fan really had that the Mu Stellar King would trust him this much.

So General Li gave a bow and said, "Your majesty, as you wish."

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