Cultivation Online

Chapter 1118 A Treasure Has Appeared!
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After learning the Moon Splitting Sword Art, both Tian Suyin and Tian Yanyu began performing the technique in front of the spectators there.

The two of them started at the same time while standing only a few meters away from each other. The spectators quickly noticed that their movements were perfectly in sync, almost as though their mind and body were linked to each other at this moment.

The daughter and mother pair danced side by side with a sword in their hand, mesmerizing the spectators. Not only was their sword technique awe-inspiring, the wielders were also fine beauties themselves.

But compared to when Yuan performed the technique, they were still lacking in many ways.

"As expected of a Divine-rank technique, what profound movements… Even with his assistance, it will take a few years for me to fully grasp this technique…" Tian Suyin released a deep sigh after she finished her sword dance.

She turned to look at Yuan with a perplexed expression on her face.

'Just what is his motive? Why is he helping us like this?' Tian Suyin just couldn't stop suspecting Yuan, who came out of the blue and started assisting their family with an obviously fake pretense.

As a cultivator who has experienced many hardships, she was the type to be skeptical about everything. However, Yuan's actions have left her utterly speechless.

She thought at first that his goal was to impress her daughter, Tian Yanyu, but that possibly seemed to be less likely as she spent more time watching him, as he doesn't look at her with lust or anything similar.

'Furthermore, if he truly had ulterior motives, why is he going through so much effort to achieve it when he clearly has enough power to get whatever he wants? Maybe he's genuinely just trying to help us…?' Tian Suyin was beginning to get a headache just thinking about this matter, so she decided to stop for the time being and continue watching Yuan.

Once Tian Yanyu finished her sword dance, she withdrew her sword and turned to look at Yuan with a satisfied and bright smile on her pretty face.

"I really cannot thank you enough for this, Xiao Yang."

"What are you going to do now?" Yuan then asked.

"Well, we were planning to check out the other sites to see if we can comprehend those— at least until a treasure appears."

Every time the Nameless Emperor's Tomb opens, treasures would appear in random areas. This has been happening for so long that it makes one wonder if there's an unlimited amount of treasures within the tomb. And when a treasure appears, a war would break out between multiple factions.

"At least three treasures will appear every opening with nine treasures being the most that have appeared." Tian Yanyu explained.

"Is that so—"

Just as Yuan opened his mouth, someone there shouted, "A treasure has appeared!"

Everybody there turned to look at the person who just spoke while the Sect Leaders and Elders went to gather more information.

"Where is the treasure?!"

"When did it appear?!"

"What kind of treasure is it?!"

The man quickly answered their questions, "A sword treasure appeared near the Stone Sword Valley around 4 hours ago, and it's at least Divine-grade!"

"Divine-grade sword! This is going to cause a bloodbath, and it's even the very first treasure this year!" Tian Yanyu sucked in a cold breath of air after hearing this information.

"Let's go! We must get there before it's too late!"

The Sect Leader of the Blue Swallow Sword Sect shouted at his disciples, and without any hesitation, they all flew towards the south.

The Lightning Sword Academy quickly followed. 𝒻𝓇𝘦𝘦𝘸𝘦𝒷𝓃𝑜𝑣𝘦𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝓂

"Let's also go. Even though there's a good chance that we won't get it, we must try." Sect Leader Yu Jian said to his disciples.

"What are you going to do, Xiao Yang?" Tian Yanyu asked him.

"I will come along with you for this one."


Thus, Yuan followed the Jade Sword Manor to the Stone Sword Valley, which took them just a little under three days to arrive.

Once they arrived at the location, they could see thousands of cultivators that came before them crowding the place.

The Stone Sword Valley is a vast land that had countless stone swords of various sizes stabbed into the ground, making it seem as though it was a graveyard for swords.

And hovering a few hundred meters in the air within the Stone Sword Valley was a beautiful sword with a red blade.

However, this blade was protected by some kind of aura, making it impossible for anyone there to acquire it yet.

In the Nameless Emperor's Tomb, the saying 'first come first serve' doesn't exist. When a treasure appears, it will be in this unobtainable state for anywhere between three to seven days, allowing everyone the chance to acquire it, hence why the Jade Sword Manor and many other sects bothered to travel to this area despite the time it took them to arrive.

"What a beautiful sword…" Tian Yanyu mumbled in a dazed voice as her eyes were glued to the sword in the air.

"Do you want it?" Yuan asked with a mysterious smile on his face.

She turned to look at him with a smile, "You make it sound like it's an easy thing to do."

Yuan swept the entire place with his divine sense before speaking in a confident voice, "Well, nobody here can stop me if I want to get it."

"Are you serious…?" Tian Yanyu's eyes widened.

There were thousands of powerful cultivators there with multiple Spirit Kings. Even the Silent Rippers wouldn't be able to last a minute if they had to go against everyone there.

"I have no need for the sword, but if you want it, just say the word and I will get it for you."

"Okay…" Tian Yanyu nodded with a slightly rosy face.

"..." Tian Suyin's eyebrows twitched at their interaction, and she couldn't help but feel a little jealousy for her own daughter.

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