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Chapter 2634 - 2634: Not Studying Well, Even with Fortuitous Encounters, One Cannot Cultivate
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Chapter 2634: Not Studying Well, Even with Fortuitous Encounters, One Cannot Cultivate

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was referred to as a tomb, but to be precise, it appeared as a tower of about a hundred floors—a real man would ascend a hundred floors without pausing for breath!

Despite its opulent appearance, every decoration seemed just right, devoid of any sense of excessive wealth. Overall, it resembled a work of art.

Yet, for some reason, anyone who laid eyes on this tower of real men couldn’t help but associate it with a ‘tomb—no matter how beautiful it appeared, it was still a tomb destined to hold a corpse.

Song Shuhang momentarily shifted his gaze away from the Immortal and scanned the large monument next to the tower of real men… If this tower served as the tomb of an undying, then this monument likely served as the ‘tombstone,’ possibly bearing the true name of this ‘undying.’

Song Shuhang was curious about the identity of this Immortal and wanted to know which generation of Heavenly Dao he represented.

In the present myriad realms, Song Shuhang could be considered a ‘Heavenly

Dao history expert,’ knowledgeable about many secrets of the ‘Heavenly Dao—perhaps even more so than many immortals. As far as Song Shuhang knew, the first generation of Heavenly Dao had erased all traces of its existence from the ‘source,’ leaving no records in the myriad realms. No one knew what it looked like, what race it belonged to, or what special attributes it possessed. Even if it hadn’t occupied the position of the ‘First Heavenly Dao,’ all beings in the myriad realms would have completely forgotten about it.

—Currently, the only known deed of the ‘First Heavenly Dao’ to Song Shuhang was that it had no corresponding ‘Ruler of the Netherworld,’ and even the transformation of the Devil Sea into the ‘Netherworld Realm’ was related to it.

The second generation of Heavenly Dao corresponded to the Heavenly Dao associated with the three-eyed youth. Judging from the resentment the youth harbored towards the Heavenly Dao, the Heavenly Dao associated with the three-eyed youth likely approached the existence of the ‘Ruler of the Netherworld’ with a mindset of ‘research’ and ‘experimentation.’ It might have even secretly severed ties with the ‘Ruler of the Netherworld.’

—The oversized planet that once provoked Song Shuhangs anger was a ‘Dao Artifact’ left behind by the second generation of Heavenly Dao. In addition to this, the second Heavenly Dao left behind many ‘eye experiments,’ ranging from low-level to high-level cultivators. Almost all the weird eyeballs in the myriad realms were related to him.

The third generation of Heavenly Dao was Heavenly Dao Goudan!s father, who, for now, was the most versatile among the many Heavenly Daos.

—Ghost God ‘Cheng Lin,’ Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber, Golden Lotus, Black Lotus, Inner World, and the prototype of the ‘Ruler’s small black room,’ he was an all-rounder. His research level surpassed that of many Heavenly Daos by quite a margin. Many of the research projects he left behind had been involved by subsequent Heavenly Daos.

The fourth and fifth generations of Heavenly Dao seemed relatively low-key. Song Shuhang had not encountered their ‘Ruler of the Netherworld’ or been attacked by the Dao artifacts they left behind.

The sixth generation of Heavenly Dao was a peculiar existence, having acquired the position of Heavenly Dao through the ‘Myriad Worlds Piercing Shuttle’ traded from the former Heavenly Dao.

—This shuttle, Song Shuhang had touched it with his own hands and even used it!

Following that was the whimsical Heavenly Dao White, with whom Song Shuhang was most familiar, and the Heavenly Dao Ball that had been pressed down by the Confucian Sage but eventually emerged victorious.

“So, which generation of Heavenly Dao does this Immortal Daoist represent? The first? The fourth or fifth, or perhaps the sixth Heavenly Dao I haven’t encountered?” Song Shuhang pondered inwardly.

Then, his ‘gaze’ swept over the stone tablet.

Six large characters were engraved on the stone, each containing a breathtaking power.

Song Shuhangs left eye throbbed with pain as he stared at these six characters for a moment before sighing softly—he didn’t recognize them.

Perhaps they were some uncommon characters in ancient writings that he hadn’t fully mastered yet… or maybe even older ‘ancient characters’?

“But that’s okay, I’ll make a note of these characters and ask Senior White to interpret them later.” Song Shuhang resolved.

After firmly committing these six characters to memory, however, they inexplicably vanished from his mind’s eye whenever he shifted his gaze away from the stone tablet.

Song Shuhang found himself dumbfounded.

With his impeccable memory, such rapid forgetfulness seemed impossible…

unless these six characters themselves possessed some strange quality.

Song Shuhang tried three more times.

Each time his gaze landed on the stone tablet, he remembered the six characters. But as soon as he raised, lowered, or averted his gaze, they disappeared from his memory completely.

“Without deciphering these characters, unlocking the secrets of the stone tablet remains impossible. 1 must study diligently and strive to master both ancient and archaic characters.” Song Shuhang gritted his teeth inwardly.

Without proper study, even if given the opportunity to gain miraculous skills from a cliff, understanding and cultivation would elude him, leaving him to starve on the precipice.

Just as this thought crossed his mind, the ‘cultivation chat’ feature within him was triggered, along with a law related to language and writing that was being integrated into the ‘cultivation chat’ function. fr(e)ewebnovel

Under the influence of this mystical law, Song Shuhang suddenly understood the meaning behind those six characters.

Then, Song Shuhang fell into contemplative silence.

Though the six characters were completely different, they all conveyed a similar meaning.

In translation, they probably equated to something like this—I, Me, Myself, freeweb(n)

Us, We, Someone.

It wasn’t an exact translation, but essentially six different words expressing the concept of ‘I.’

How vexing!

If one were to inscribe such words on their tombstone, who in the future would be able to discern their identity?

At that moment, the Immortal in the depiction moved once again.

He reached out and gently touched the stone tablet, causing karmic flames to surge across his immortal form—an inevitable consequence of severing the future karma of the entire universe.

These were karmic sin flames, imbued with the collective karma of the cosmos. Space warped in their wake, time distorted, and the inferno’s destructive reach expanded ceaselessly.

Such formidable karmic sin flames could extinguish even immortals.

Yet, to an undying entity, their potency held no sway. The concept of immortality remained impervious.

“l fear 1 may have diminished everyone’s collective average,” the Immortal murmured softly.

With a gesture, he summoned forth a plethora of precious materials, magical prototypes, and formation diagrams within the World of Virtues.

“Hmm?” Song Shuhangs gaze alighted upon a familiar object—the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber!

In that instant, the undying commenced construction of a new tomb..

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