Cultivate, Sign In, And Be Rewarded Handsomely

Chapter 364 - Secret
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Chapter 364: Secret

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The spiritual energy in the Blood Vine’s seed was exhausted.

It used its last trace of spiritual power to send those images back and then fell silent in the bushes. Then, Li Yuanqing discovered this stone tablet and learned that there was a human ancestor called Exalted Qiuming.

The stone tablet discovered in this remote area changed his understanding of the Catacombs to a large extent.

In Li Yuanqing’s original understanding, he thought that the humans came after the demons developed this small world.

However, from the looks of it, the human race was the one who developed the entire Demon Realm. However, something happened later on, causing the mineral vein that could work steadily to be cut off. The spiritual energy of the entire Demon Realm gradually dried up.

Li Yuanqing felt that these were definitely related to the Black Dragon. It was under the rule of the Black Dragon that the Demon Realm had become like this.

Li Yuanqing stood behind the stone tablet and looked at the vast and desolate beach in front of him. Outside the dark gray beach was a vast sea, but the seawater was pure black and appeared dead.

No one believed that there was any life alive in the dark seawater. It was calm on the seawater. There were not even any waves. There was no movement of living beings.

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The gray wolf and wild boar squatted on Li Yuanqing’s left and right like two guardians.

“Could it be from the other side of the sea?”

Li Yuanqing looked back at the huge stone tablet behind him. Since they had come ashore from here, it was very likely that they had come from the other side of the sea. But what was on the other side of the sea? Where did the humans come from?

He stepped onto the beach and suddenly heard a familiar voice in his mind.

[Congratulations on signing in to the Sea of Death successfully. Reward received!]

[Reward One: Ancient Jade of the Humans!]

[Reward Two: Talisman Energy Scroll!]

“Choose Reward One!”

[Congratulations on obtaining the ancient jade of the humans. Reward issued.]

Li Yuanqing stretched out his hand. A circular jade pendant floated in his palm, emitting a sparkling light.

In terms of appearance, this jade pendant was a very round ring. The center of the empty space in the middle was brighter. If one looked carefully, they would realize that it was not transparent.

The small circular area in the middle seemed to be engraved with some patterns. The patterns were transparent lines, and they looked very blurry on the white jade pendant.

Li Yuanqing took the jade pendant and looked it up and down. He had chosen this human ancient jade without hesitation when he heard the name just now, but this thing was not as he had thought.

He had thought that this jade pendant was a very powerful weapon, but now that he had it, he realized that it seemed to be a very gentle accessory. What was the use of this?

Just as Li Yuanqing was hesitating, the edge of the small jade pendant suddenly distorted and a row of slender sawteeth extended out.

Li Yuanqing was about to throw it out when the little fellow lost control and circled around his palm, leaving a long wound. He hurriedly retracted his hand, but the blood that spewed out of his palm gathered into droplets and hung below the jade pendant.

The jade pendant slowly rotated, causing the small blood drops below to slowly rotate with it. In the end, the blood drop transformed into a ring that slowly rotated around the jade pendant. Finally, it gradually expanded and turned into a bloody mist that enveloped the jade pendant.

After the jade pendant processed the blood, a suction force suddenly came from the middle and swallowed the blood fog around it.

Li Yuanqing looked down. The scratch on his palm had almost recovered. After the jade pendant absorbed all the blood, it let out a buzzing sound proudly.

After trembling slightly twice, the jade pendant smashed towards Li Yuanqing’s chest.

Although Li Yuanqing was already on guard, he still could not dodge in time and was hit. He hurriedly looked down. It disappeared after it hit his chest, as if it was embedded in his clothes. He peeled open his clothes and a very simple pattern appeared on his chest.

It looked like a simplified dragon totem.

Li Yuanqing did not feel any discomfort after having such a dragon on his chest. It did not seem to be anything harmful. However, it was too sudden just now and he was caught off guard. He did not know what use this thing had. It sounded quite famous, but from the looks of it, it did not seem to have any effect on him.

However, when Li Yuanqing looked at the vast Sea of Death in front of him, he felt that the sea had become more intimate with him.

This feeling was exactly the same as what he had sensed in the Golden Light Lake that day. Li Yuanqing could not help but wonder if the two of them came from the same place.

Li Yuanqing had his doubts, so he slowly walked towards the black seawater.

The wild boar and the gray wolf behind him did not dare to follow. They hid behind and whimpered, as if they wanted to stop Li Yuanqing. This person had so many treasures on him and did not split all the fruits. It would be a loss if he died like this.

Li Yuanqing ignored them, and the two of them did not dare to chase after him.

Under the gaze of the two of them, Li Yuanqing stepped into the Sea of Death step by step and drowned in the seawater.

The two demon beasts turned around and crawled into the bushes, not daring to look anymore.

Anyone who dared to step into the Sea of Death since ancient times would die. The intense corrosive power inside was not something ordinary humans could withstand.

The two of them felt that Li Yuanqing would definitely be punished by the gods for stepping into the Sea of Death today. He would definitely not come out alive. It would be a huge loss if the gods sent down divine punishment and implicated the two of them.

The two beasts ran very quickly and disappeared in a moment.

On the beach, Li Yuanqing stood in the dark seawater and slowly leaned down. He reached out and scooped up a handful of seawater and gently brought it to his face.

There was indeed a very amiable power in the seawater, and it was exactly as he had guessed. It was the power in the Golden Light Lake. However, he could not touch it at all in the past. Why did he suddenly adapt to this power today?

Could all of this be because of the jade pendant? What was the use of the jade pendant? Where did the so-called human ancient jade come from?

Li Yuanqing casually threw away the seawater in his palm. The energy content inside was very low and very sparse. However, it was just such a sparse amount of energy, that the bodies of those people from the lower realm touched it would rot. No matter how powerful they were, they would not be able to escape such misfortune.

Could it be that this Sea of Death was also formed by the Immortal World? How much has the Immortal World changed this world?

Li Yuanqing suddenly had an idea and took out the golden key again. A very strong feeling came from the key. He followed the power of the key and touched the center of the Sea of Death step by step.

After entering a thousand miles into the Sea of Death, the intense guidance suddenly stopped, and the seawater below the Sea of Death formed a vortex on its own.

A golden door slowly rose from the vortex and stood in front of Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing suppressed his excitement and slowly sent the key in his hand into the hole in the center. As expected, the key was swallowed and the door slowly opened. A very rich aura floated out.

He felt the strong aura that assaulted his face. He suddenly had a strong desire to obtain more of this power.

Suddenly, he felt that the power opposite him seemed to have become very strange. Li Yuanqing was on guard and hurriedly put the key back.

The door closed again. Li Yuanqing looked at the key in his hand in surprise. If he didn’t hear wrongly, it was clearly someone talking. What kind of person was it?

“Senior Brother, what’s wrong?”

In another world, a man and a woman were squatting beside a dark immortal pool and washing the brushes in their hands.

The boy suddenly stared fixedly at the exit behind him, as if he had discovered something.

Although it was said to be an outlet for water, it actually formed a break that flowed the dirty water directly down. It looked like a small waterfall at the back, but the place where the waterfall finally fell was blinded by the gray smoke and could not be seen clearly.

“I think I smelled something just now.”

“What smell is that? Why don’t I smell it?”

“Something’s wrong. It smells like the lower realm.”

“Really? I haven’t seen anyone from the lower realm for many years, right? I thought the humans from the lower realm had been destroyed.”

The boy shook his head and muttered to himself, “That’s not right. The passageway to the lower realm should have been closed. Why did it open again? Moreover, Master said that there shouldn’t be anyone there.”

“Senior Brother, you must have felt wrongly. I see that you’ve been feeling a little uneasy recently. Master criticizes you every day. You have to be more careful.”

“I have my own matters. How can Master understand? It’s fine if I let him say a few words. Sooner or later, he will see how powerful I am.”

“Senior Brother, I think you’d better not be angry at Master. What if Master gets angry?”

“Don’t worry. No matter how stupid I am, I won’t really make Master angry. Besides, Aunt Qiuming is here.”

“Aunt Qiuming is in seclusion and hasn’t come out yet. You can’t always think about getting her to support you.”

“Junior Sister, don’t worry. I know what to do.”

As the little boy spoke, he gently wiped the brush in his hand with a piece of pure white paper. After the fur on it was washed, it was separated by the wind one by one. It was very soft.

Behind the two of them, on a small stone, were the words ‘Wash Pool’.

The boy casually threw the wiped paper into the pool. The paper flowed down the water and landed in the gray space below the waterfall.

In the lower realm, Li Yuanqing was guarding the seawater and waiting quietly. The source of that special power should be the so-called Immortal World. What would happen to them if those people discovered him? Would they send people over?

Li Yuanqing had seen how powerful those people from the Immortal World were. Even a small puppet could cause him trouble. If someone really came, he would not be able to deal with them. What should he do then?

He waited here and waited for no one to come. Suddenly, there was a gurgling sound from below the sea. A piece of paper floated up. It was only half black and half gray, and there were patches of white. It floated above the black sea and was very conspicuous.

Li Yuanqing carefully retreated a little. After waiting here for a long time and discovering that nothing else had come out, he carefully approached the paper.

He stretched out two fingers and drew a circle beside the ball of paper. The small ball of paper seemed to be circled by a ring. It was gently separated from the seawater and slowly floated in midair. The black seawater was still dripping down.

The patterns and texture of this paper were very unique. The texture was extremely soft and the creases on it were very shallow. Li Yuanqing was really curious. He touched it with his hand and rubbed it twice. Then, he pulled it open. The paper became very flat again, leaving only some creases.

This kind of material was definitely not something that could be made in the Demon Realm. Li Yuanqing had never even seen this kind of material before.

Li Yuanqing waited for a while, but nothing else came. He hurriedly left and returned to the shore.

The gray wolf and the wild boar had returned at some point. The two of them strolled along the shore curiously, feeling very regretful. It was not easy for them to meet such a rich guy. They did not expect him to die for no reason.

The two demon beasts were originally mortal enemies. Now, they were actually together and pitying an unfamiliar human. This scene was more or less a little ridiculous.

Just as they were lowering their heads and thinking, a person had already appeared in front of the mountain. Although this person was not tall, his face was clean and his features were clear. He looked quite young.

The two of them looked up and saw the man in front of them. They were shocked.

“What are you two doing here? Do you still want to eat fruits?”

As Li Yuanqing spoke, he placed a fruit on their heads.

The two demon beasts could not be bothered to think about why this fellow was still alive. They immediately put on a solicitous attitude and shook their heads as they looked at Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing went out and walked around. He did not expect these two fellows to still be guarding here. Although these two demon beasts were not very intelligent, they were still considerate.

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