Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love

Chapter 7: Bath
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Chapter 7: Bath

“I don’t need you for this. I’m fine by myself.”

Ruan Zhu’s face was red as she continued to refuse, but Yun Shi Yi ignored her, removing her outer clothes, then her inner clothes, even her dudou[a].....With practiced movements, he easily took off all her clothes to reveal her naked body. Being extremely shy, she rolled herself into the blankets, and pulled the brocade quilt over her head, revealing only her eyes and sneakily looked at him. What entered her eyes was the straight and sturdy figure of his already erect □, revealing a man’s tempting charm.

She visually assessed him. He looked around 180 centimeters tall[b] but as he was currently only 20 years old, there was still the chance for him to grow a little taller in the next year or so. She then thought of his other qualities. He’s intelligent, rich, and considerate towards girls (Well, she wasn’t too sure how he is towards other females, but he definitely treats her very well). Tall, wealthy, attractive–This sort of excellent man would most definitely have been very popular in her past world. Who knows how many women would have regarded him as their Prince Charming?

While Ruan Zhu was having these random thoughts, Yun Shi Yi took off the brocade quilt covering her before wrapping her up in another blanket. Holding her in his embrace: “Wife, this husband will take you to bathe.”

The bathing room was near the bedroom and the bathtub was about 2 square meters, enough to accommodate two people with plenty of room to spare. Two half-naked servant boys stood by the side, their upper body exposed while a towel encircled their waist.

Ruan Zhu glanced at them briefly and wanted to cry. She had just gotten rid of a Yun Shi Wei yet here came two more. Could it be that even baths had to be spied on? Is this era respecting or mocking women?

Yun Shi Yi’s eyes swept across Ruan Zhu, catching the depressed flash in her eyes. Smiling faintly, he waved at the two servants: “Leave us.” Hm, his little wife was shy but this also suited him as he was not willing to share her delicate beauty with anyone else.

“Understood, Eldest Young Master.”

The two servant boys’ eyes flashed with disappointment. They were both young and vigorous young males and inevitably harbored thoughts towards the opposite sex. Hearing their Master’s command, they dared not go against it. After bowing in respect, they snuck a glance at the beautiful woman in their Master’s arms and left, crestfallen.

Yun Shi Yi took off the blanket covering Ruan Zhu, immediately exposing the girl’s beautiful figure right in front of his eyes. In a split second, his pupils contracted and became even darker. Practically trembling, he held her while entering the bath.

The two of them bathed in the clear, warm water with their bodies plastered together. The man’s warm body and breath caused her to become a little bewildered. He leaned against one side of the bathtub while she sat on top of his legs. There was a huge rod under his belly that was against her buttocks, which caused her to be alarmed and not dare to move. Even though she was a little afraid, she wasn’t very concerned about chastity. It was true that she had never been pursued in her past world, but she wouldn’t have minded offering her entirety to a man she loved. After crossing over, and onto a bed no less, she had rolled in the sheets with two men, though she had thought it was a dream at the time.

Her chest felt a little tight, and it was because his hands were playing with her two mounds. Sometimes gently rubbing, other times using a little force to pull at her two tender buds. She lowly gasped and looked at her pair of plentiful white peaks being molded into various strange shapes by his hands.

She had long been his, or at least, this body had long been his. In that case, what did she have to be shy for? She didn’t know what the previous Ruan Zhu was like, but the current her with him really was considered ‘social climbing’.

Yun Shi Yi lowered his head, looking at his little wife’s expression. The young maiden enshrouded in mist looked all the more charming. Her tender and smooth skin shone with a hazy gloss while her pure white mounds in front of her chest were perfectly level with the water and slightly trembling. He inhaled sharply and buried his head in her chest, grasping the red plum he had played with earlier in his mouth. It had the same delicious taste as before and he carefully sucked and teased. Before he married, his father had passed on to him the secret arts; therefore, he knew what to do in order to satisfy his wife’s needs and securely establish himself among her multitude of husbands.

He alternated between her two tender flower buds, kissing and sucking on them, drawing the pure sweetness that only belonged to her into his mouth. This taste was sweeter than any wine he had ever drunk before, causing him to be deeply intoxicated.

One of his hands traveled downwards, reaching the spot that was already prepared for him. His fingers brought the girl’s rich and fragrant liquid into his mouth for a taste, and his eyes swirled even deeper with lust. Unable to hold himself back anymore, he stretched her body across his two legs. Finding the slit between her thighs that was moist because of him, he entered her.


The moment Ruan Zhu and Yun Shi Yi combined into one, they simultaneously called out and held each other tighter.

His cry was one out of joy and pleasure yet her groan was out of pain as she hadn’t expected him to be so big. The thing in her lower abdomen felt as if it was poking into her stomach, nearly causing it to flip over. It was even more uncomfortable than when she was intimate with Yun Shi Wei last night. Her two hands grabbed onto his muscular upper arms, her nails piercing into his skin. A look of suffering was on her face as she pleaded with him for mercy.

He couldn’t bear to see her in pain so he slowed his movements. Supporting her butt with his hands, he let her slowly get used to his size as she wished. Gradually, she became mesmerized with pleasure, welcoming him and demanding more.

Realizing this, his movements became quicker. The moment the ultimate peak came, she screamed and clung to his neck while he released inside her, holding onto her slim waist. The two of them panted for air.

“Eldest Cousin...” Ruan Zhu tenderly moaned as she collapsed on top of him. Her chest continued to move up and down as she remained in the afterglow of their intimacy.

“Wife, did you like that?” He murmured next to her ear. This was the second time he completed the rite between husband and wife, so there no nervousness and uncertainty unlike the first time. The pleasure simply made him feel as if he was flying among clouds. It turns out a man and woman combining into one was such a wonderful feeling. He could feel the ecstasy in his bones and it was like he was in seventh heaven.

She nodded her head, too ashamed to say it out loud.

“Do you want more?” His gentle voice flowed into her ears like a warm wind.

She looked at him in surprise. More? He still has the strength for more? Her whole body was limp and in pain, unable to summon even the smallest amount of strength, but he was fine?

He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. Did she really think her husband could only do it once? “This husband would like to change position....”

Another position! She thought a bit. In this tub, what other position could there be? If she lies down, she’ll choke on the water. But then he lifted and turned her around so that her bright and clean back was towards him. He had her kneel in the tub, supporting herself by grabbing onto the tub’s edges. Then lifting up her derriere, he entered her from behind.

“Oh....” She felt a foreign object entering her and instinctively clamped down.

“Nn......Wife, you’re such a seductress.” Yun Shi Yi gritted his teeth, sticking closely to her, not leaving a single gap. Then he began to move, with each thrust becoming more and more fierce, as if skewering her.

She arched her waist, letting the man behind her have a better grip and letting him do whatever he pleased. She matched his enthusiasm, while moaning delicately.

This time, his stamina was very strong. She had already came twice before he once again climaxed inside her.

Her whole body was covered with sweat, her soft-as-clouds beautiful hair was also entirely soaked. She laid in his embrace, eyes closed, without even the strength to lift a finger. If it wasn’t for her eyelashes softly moving from time to time, he would have thought she had fainted again.

After washing her clean, he couldn’t help but fondle her white snowy peaks. Consequentially, he discovered that the blood flow he had just managed to quiet down rapidly flowed again. His little brother once again stood erect, challenging his rationality.

He resentfully pressed it down but it refused to stay put, loftily opposing him and bouncing back up. Expressionless, he decided to ignore it. Using the blanket from earlier, he wrapped his small wife in it and bridal carried her into the bedroom.

[a] 肚兜, traditional Chinese inside garment resembling a modern halter-top (Wikipedia)

[b] 180 cm is about 5’9″

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