Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love

Chapter 34
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Chapter 34

“If only it were so.” Yun Shi Yi pulled her into his arms and kissed her for a while. The pure fragrance of the woman captivated him and the object at his crotch involuntarily swelled. Taking a deep breath, he placed her on top of the finely embroidered bed and covered her with the crimson brocade quilt.

“Eldest Cousin, you don’t want to?” She looked at the man in front of her with a pair of sparkling eyes, her bright and clean skin shining with a soft glow under the illumination of the candle.

Yun Shi Yi’s mind flashed with memories of her naked body pressed under his own and his underbelly fluctuated with a burning heat. Tucking her into the quilt, he gravely said: “What do you mean ‘want’? Such a young age yet you’ve followed bad examples. Hurry and obediently go to sleep.”

“More sleep? If I sleep any more, I’ll turn into a pig.”

“Then close your eyes and rest. I’ll have the kitchen simmer a nourishing ginger soup. After Nuan Chun brings it over for you, drink it and then sleep.”

“But I don’t feel hungry.”

“It’s to supplement your body. Even if you’re not hungry, you still have to drink it.”

“Tucking me in this tightly on such a hot day is not letting one live.” Ruan Zhu mumbled to herself and extracted her arms from beneath the quit but actually put it on his crotch, gently stroking his bulge through the soft silk material of his pants: “Eldest Cousin, I know you want to cum. Enduring it is very difficult. If you are worried, I don’t have to do that. Instead, I can just touch you!”

Yun Shi Yi wanted to refuse but that little hand caused unspeakable pleasure to well up inside him. His blood rushed forth and the bulge at his pants somewhat swelled and rose up even more. He undid his belt, exposing his little brother, and grabbed her little hand to put it on top. A split second after her little hand gripped him, “Nn!” A satisfied groan escaped from his mouth, his eyes dark with desire.

Ruan Zhu stood up from the quilt and pulled at him. The half-shedded pants were completely pulled off by her and she separated his thighs. Kneeling down between his thighs, she faced him. The enormous shaft in front of her was perfectly upright and she caressed it with both her hands......

“Husband Lord, is this movement comfortable?” She lowered her eyes. Her right hand continuously stroked him while her left hand supported his two jewels underneath and gently teased them.

He cherished her with all of his heart and soul, so in return, she also wanted him to have the best.

“Nn......My wife is the most wonderful......”

Yun Shi Yi’s entire body felt as if he had been lit by a dry fire. Under her caresses, intense pleasure surged through him. He suddenly saw that she had lowered her head, causing her beautiful cloud-like hair to resemble a waterfall as it flowed down from her scalp, making him unable to clearly see what she was doing. But when a moist and warm sensation wrapped around his manhood, he was unable to suppress his body from shuddering.

“Wife, Wife......”

He abruptly clung to her head, his buttocks ramming upwards. The exquisite pleasure caused low groans to spill from his throat. After a few minutes, in the wake of a few rapid movements, a pleasure that was a hundred-times stronger than before attacked his brain/mind.

“Nn, ah......!”

He suddenly roared as his hips violently trembled. The collected pleasure in his lower belly had surged into a current as it searched for and found an exit of release.

He attained the most fantastic feeling of flying among the clouds and laid on top of her, gasping for air. Lifting his eyes, he saw his wife’s little face stuck in a dilemma. He couldn’t help but to smile and clean her with a towel he picked up. Knowing she loved to be clean, he took another towel and soaked it in the basin at the corner of the room before walking back and wiping her entire face and hands clean.

Ruan Zhu sized up his perfect clothes-less figure. His physique was strong and sculpted with no trace of unwanted fat. Broad shoulders, solid chest, a tight and narrow waist, a perfectly rugged abdomen, slender and healthy legs that were also powerful......She moved her gaze towards the middle. His member that had just been alleviated was not as stiff as before and swayed from left to right continuously with his movements.

“What are you looking at, hmm?” Yun Shi Yi poked the tip of her nose. “You want it, is that right? If you feel that you have recovered, this husband can consider doing you once.”

“Who said you had to do me?” Ruan Zhu was embarrassed. The way he said it made it seem as if she was a woman who lived for sex.

Yun Shi Yi pushed his hand into her pants, using his fingers to search for her flower petals before gently rubbing: “Wife, you’re a little wet.”

“How could that be?” She felt that she had lost some face and angrily pushed aside his large hand. This was an ordinary biological reaction, okay? The way he said it was as if she was seeking pleasure of her own from being unsatisfied.

Yun Shi Yi was about to say more but was interrupted by knocking on the door. He carelessly threw on a pair of pants and went to open the door. He hadn’t thought that the one to come in would be Yun Shi Wei that carried in a food box as he entered.

“Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to stay in your own courtyard tonight?”

“I came to see my spouse.” Yun Shi Wei opened the food box and took out a porcelain urn. Lifting up the lid revealed the steaming hot and thick aromatic soup inside. “This is the nourishing ginger soup that the kitchen has just finished simmering. I’m sending it in replacement of Nuan Chun.”

“Since you’ve delivered it, you can leave. There is nothing of your concern here.”

Yun Shi Yi thought abou thow this was the eve of the start of his southwards journey and his heart felt extremely stifled as there would be a very long period where he could not see his wife. He only wanted to take this time to spend more time with her so he extended a hand to receive the porcelain jug his brother had brought in, but didn’t expect Yun Shi Wei would avoid him: “I have to personally witness Zhu Zhu drink it all to feel at ease.” He chuckled twice heh heh and walked towards the head of the bed, with a fawning face: “Spouse, let Second Cousin feed you.”

Yun Shi Yi was gloomy at seeing his own privilege being stolen away.

“Second Cousin, you’re careless and haphazard and I’m afraid you’ll spill it. How about you just give it to Eldest Cousin!”

“There are some things that us brothers take care of. You women wouldn’t understand this brotherly affection.”

This line again! Ruan Zhu thought, almost falling to the floor in her exasperation.

It was hard to imagine that a coarse man such as him also knew how to somewhat take care of people. Yun Shi Wei held the porcelain urn in his left hand while he ladled a spoonful of soup with his right. He blew on the soup before sending it to Ruan Zhu’s mouth. Seeing her open her mouth and swallowing it, his eyebrows raised and eyes curved as he happily laughed, happier than if he himself was the one eating. After feeding her a few bites, he felt this position was uncomfortable. Placing the porcelain jug on the table, he picked her up to place her on his thigh so that his left arm was looped around her slender waist while his right ladled soup for her.

Yun Shi Yi stood by the side and watched them, feeling rather fulfilled. If Shi Wei could always be like this, he would have no worries leaving her in his care.

After she had eaten half the jug, Ruan Zhu shook her head and refused to eat no matter how he coaxed: “If I eat any more, my stomach will burst! Second Cousin, just let me get away with this, all right?”

“Zhu Zhu, just one more bite.”

Yun Shi Wei once again brought the spoon full of soup to her mouth/lips. She frowned. She had drank so much soup, she’d definitely have to get up multiple times at night.

“Don’t force her.” Yun Shi Yi collected the porcelain jar and the soup spoon and placed them back in the food box. “Let me tell the both of you something–I am heading south to Liu Zhou tomorrow, and by my calculations, the distance of the trip to and back will most likely mean I will be gone for a long while. During the period I am not home, Shi Wei, you must take good care of Zhu Zhu. Later, I will have someone send a message to our parents to have them come into the city often for a look.”

Yun Shi Wei was dazed at first but soon after patted his chest in guarantee: “For everything, there is this brother. I will take good care of Zhu Zhu, Eldest Brother, you can be at ease even with a hundred hearts!”

In the past, Yun Shi Yi often went away on trips because of work, so he was not worried about this aspect.

He could finally live alone with Ruan Zhu! Yun Shi Wei was overjoyed at this turn of events and mischievously snickered.

No! He was not one bit at ease at all! Yun Shi Yi furrowed his brows.

Ruan Zhu got up from Yun Shi Wei’s lap and sat next to Yun Shi Yi: “Eldest Cousin, I want to go to Liu Zhou with you.”

Yun Shi Yi was startled and stared blankly at her. Following which, he refused with cold words: “Not allowed. I am not going on a scenic tour, this is for work.”

From the corner of Ruan Zhu’s eyes, unspeakably clear tears formed. Her voice was somewhat melancholy: “I won’t disturb your work. We can take a carriage there and place a soft, thick fleece mattress. Lying down on it to sleep will be very cozy. By the time I wake, we will have reached our destination.”

“On the road, one becomes travel-weary. How could it be as easygoing as you said? Your body is also weak.”

“That’s why I need to strengthen my body. Who knows, maybe when we leave and come back, I will be as healthy as Eldest Cousin, and will have endless energy and everything I eat will be tasty!”[a]

“What is the matter with you, child?” Yun Shi Yi reprimanded her with a taut face. “You will obediently stay at home. If there’s nothing to do, ingest some more tonics. If you feel too stuffy from being indoors all day, go to Yun manor for a change in scenery. Otherwise, take Nuan Chun and Nuan Qing with you to go shopping on the streets.”

Ruan Zhu resembled a disobedient elementary student as she lowered her head and ventured in a quiet voice: “I won’t drag you down.”

“You won’t drag me down?” Yun Shi Yi extended two fingers to prop up her delicate chin, gently saying: “Then let me say this–You coming along with me is precisely holding me back. Let me put it this way–I can travel a thousand li on horseback in ten days. Taking a carriage with you would take a month. It’s such a long journey that even if we did end up reaching Liu Zhou, the long yellow daylily would have already cooled[b], and the wood would have long been exploited almost completely by them.”

“The most important part of doing business is that one is happy during the process. You are already very wealthy and that batch of wood doesn’t actually mean much to you. If you renounce happiness and blindly pursue money, your life would not have much meaning.”

“Your little mouth is indeed capable of speaking. There seems to be some rationale in your words so let me think this over.” Yun Shi Yi shook his head. His little wife was only fifteen years old yet she actually had these thoughts. When he was fifteen, what had he been capable of? Following his father in learning how to do business, following an instructor in learning martial arts, studying every night–he had always followed the path set out for him by his parents as the successor of the Yun clan. “I’ll send an assistant to go down to Liu Zhou first to organize the situation. Us arriving a little later is also not impossible. But your health......”

He was not reassured in leaving Ruan Zhu under Yun Shi Wei’s care, but he also worried her body was too weak to accompany him on such a long trip.

“It’s precisely because my health isn’t good that I have to go out and strengthen myself.” Ruan Zhu replied, deadly earnest. Lightly pursing her lips, she threw herself into his arms and the latter held her close. “You troublesome little imp, is asking me to take you such a good thing?”

Yun Shi Wei grumbled: “I don’t care where you guys go. In any case, wherever Zhu Zhu goes, I follow. You better not think of leaving me behind.” He had even thought he finally had the opportunity to live alone with her and once again, his hopes were dashed.

The three of them made a racket until the middle of the night before finally climbing into the bed to sleep.

Early the next morning, they made the arrangements to go south. All of the necessary clothes and valuables were brought along without exception. As for servants, Nuan Qing and Nuan Chun had to follow along to attend to Ruan Zhu. Yun Feng was now the residence’s steward, thus had a great deal of matters to attend to and could not go with them. But Yun Shan was Yun Shi Yi’s attendant so he also had to be brought along. They took two carriages–one for the masters, and one for the servants.

At noon, Yun Shi Yi went out of the city for a visit to the Yun manor. When he returned in the afternoon, he was leading a beautiful white horse

“This is my mount that I like to ride every time I go out. Since we’re using a carriage this time, I’ll just tie it to the back of the carriage and let it run with us. I’m bringing it along because there might be a time when having a mount is necessary.”

“Bringing it is good. When I get tired of sitting in the carriage all day, Eldest Cousin can take me for a ride.” Ruan Zhu resolutely nodded her head: “It’s so tall and strong. It must be a species of Mongolian horse, right? Does it have a name?”

“It indeed is a Mongolian horse. It’s been given a few names in the past but because I’m too lazy to use them, I’ve forgotten them all.”

“Let me think of a name then!” Ruan Zhu tilted her head and thought for a moment: “How about calling it Hummer?”

“No good.” Yun Shi Yi shook his head. His little wife’s ability to come up with names was truly average.

“How about–BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Benz, Chevrolet, Rolls-Royce?[c]” She looked at him with a face full of expectations but saw him reject each one. She became angry: “Then why don’t you pick one, ah?”

Yun Shi Yi felt gloomy and only slowly opened his mouth a while later: “Let’s just call him Hummer then!”

In his heart, he vowed that in the future when they have children, he must not, under any circumstance, let her come up with the name.

[a] 吃嘛嘛香 “everything I eat will be tasty”, reference to a toothpaste (冷酸灵 Leng Suan Ling, I believe) catchphrase. Entire line is ‘牙好,胃口就好,身体倍儿棒,吃嘛嘛香’ which roughly translates to ‘if teeth are good, appetite is good, then entire body is good and everything is delicious’.

[b] 黄花菜都凉了, (sort of) idiom meaning the waiting time is too long/one came too late.

[c] In case anyone doesn’t know, these are all famous car makers. Pun because the Chinese characters for Hummer literally translate to ‘heroic/valiant horse’ and they’re naming a horse. (??ヮ?)? ?(?ヮ??)

悍马 han ma Hummer | 宝马 bao ma BMW | 法拉利 fa la li Ferrari| 保时捷 bao shi jie Porsche | 宾士 (奔驰) bin shi (ben chi) Mercedes-Benz | 雪福来 (雪佛兰) xue fu lai (xue fo lan) Chevrolet | 劳斯莱斯 lao si lai si Rolls-Royce

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