Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love

Chapter 2: Awake
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Chapter 2: Awake

TN: I’ve decided to utilize a numerical glossary box at the top of each chapter similar to what Dreams of Jianghu uses. All alphabetical footnotes will be translation notes at the end of the chapter.

Once she found herself lying in a man’s embrace on a wide bed, her eyes displayed an expression of surprise and bewilderedness.

Crossing over on top of a bed and being held by unfamiliar men, could she have transmigrated into their wife? Shifting her eyes, the shape of another man came into view. Immediately, she became so scared that her face turned white...NP?[a] Did she transmigrate into a brothel?

There was no doubt that she’s crossed over to an ancient period as the room’s furnishings could prove the era.

This body was not hers. Although it was a tender and beautiful figure, it was evident she was not yet fully grown, probably around fourteen or fifteen years old? So it turns out people in ancient times really did marry young! Furthermore, her own body had short hair but this current body had a head of long, silky black hair.

It must be that her soul had transmigrated as she remembered the scene of her death. A cement block that fell from a bridge caused her body to be smashed to bits. In a split second, her soul was ejected and fluttered to and fro. When she regained consciousness, it was on this bed and she was being held by two men...Turns out the past long lovemaking wasn’t a dream, and it was also the moment when she crossed over.

She raised her arm to free herself from the man’s arm that encircled her chest. But less than a second later, that arm came back down to its original spot.

Shaking her head, she decided to ignore the arm. Although she had only 18 years of intelligence, over the course of growing up in loneliness due to her mother’s early death, she had become precocious and was more mature than her peers. After calming her emotions, she started organizing her way of thinking and realized there seemed to be something extra hidden in her brain that wasn’t hers but belonged to the original owner. The memories weren’t complete–they were broken into small pieces but would still be useful to collect information.

The original name of the body was Ruan Zhu, which only differed by her name of Qin Zhu by one character.[b] Fine, since I’ll be using your body, I’ll use your identity to live from now on, so today onward, I’ll just go by Ruan Zhu!

The two men beside her are Ruan Zhu’s elder cousins. It was a relationship between the children of two siblings resulting in a marriage among close relatives. The poor girl gained two husbands at one time. No wonder after serving them, she kicked the bucket.

The country’s name is Tian Chu and hundreds of years ago, a natural disaster changed peoples’ physiology. The female population dwindled and as the ratio between males and females increasingly grew disproportionately in males’ favor, more and more men were destined to be bachelors for the rest of their lives. Fertility rates plummeted causing the population size to substantially decrease and the national power to weaken. As a result, experts vigorously promoted a “one woman, multiple husbands” system.[c]

Even though it was still a male-dominated society, in order to increase the population size and to allow males the right to marry, a national law was passed, stipulating all females must marry at least five males and birth at least two children to each husband.

The passing of this law meant that women have become fertility machines. Fortunately, the chance of having twins or other multiple births is high. In fact, the two men lying next to her just so happen to be twins. Using the hazy moonlight streaming through the window, Ruan Zhu looked the brothers up and down. The facial outline is unmistakably sharp and angular; figure is tall, straight, and full of hidden strength; overall appearance is handsome and spirited.

Fortunately, this is the type she likes.

A woman’s status in the household is very high–this part isn’t bad. She’s definitely not willing to be bossed around by men in this world.

But is she willing to accept polyandry?

The well-built arm underneath her neck acting as her pillow made Ruan Zhu feel a little at ease and a little warm. She also recalled how just a few hours ago on this bed, that same hand and arm had gently fondled all over her body. Her cheeks reddened and a sweet feeling spread throughout her heart. Frowning, she contemplated for a long time before deciding: En, for the harmonious growth of society, this system is something that must be implemented. But to be honest, this is an embarrassing situation.

From now on, she is Ruan Zhu, under the care and love of a group of husbands.

In ancient China, a man’s three wives and four concubines was considered heaven’s law and earth’s principle[d] and if a woman made a slight misstep, she was considered unrestrained and immoral. It must be known that ancient matriarchal systems have a history of 100,000 years of development on earth, resulting in men respecting women. Then after a few thousand years, the culture turned to spoiling men, making males think each and every one of them is God’s gift.

Tian Chu country’s system of “one woman, many husbands” is the greatest irony for the stallion man.

Fortunately, I, Qin Zhu, no that’s not right–I, Ruan Zhu, crossed over to Tian Chu and not one of China’s stallion male eras. This is tolerable, just that it’s a little awkward to be regarded as a machine to bear children.

Nestled in the man’s wide embrace, Ruan Zhu once again entered dreamland.

Perhaps due to her mind having information regarding this era and the two Yun brothers, from the initial crossing over, Ruan Zhu didn’t dislike the siblings. But when she opened her sleepy eyes and met the pitch black eyes of Yun Shi Yi, she still became very nervous and moved her knee. Doing so caused her to touch something she shouldn’t have. The man sucked in a breath in response while one hand stroked her plump chest, gently playing with her small fruit seed.

“Nn...” Ruan Zhu bit her lower lip, using her delicate little hand to grab the other’s large and restless hand. She had seen on the internet before that a man’s lust was very strong upon awakening. The ones with a wife would push them underneath to make love for a period of time. Thinking of this, she immediately stiffened her body and didn’t dare to randomly move. Unlike last night when she thought the pleasant lovemaking was a dream, now she’s awake and at a loss.

“Zhu Zhu...” Yun Shi Yi hoarsely called her name before discovering her rejection and lowly laughed: “We’ve been married for a few days now. Are you still shy?”

Ruan Zhu lowered her eyes. She wasn’t shy, she was nervous and tense. No matter who it is, anyone that crossed over to find themselves lying a on large bed being teased by two men wouldn’t have a normal reaction.

“Our families live far apart so Eldest Cousin had never seen you before. But from the day we got married, Zhu Zhu became my, Yun Shi Yi’s, lawful wedded wife and I pledge that I will treat you well for a lifetime. All of my properties are now yours to control, including my own self that is now also yours. You don’t have to worry, it should be me that worries.[e] My life’s destiny is now placed in the palm of Zhu Zhu’s hand.”

The social status of men in this era is no longer great. Once home, they have to obediently listen to their wife’s words. Even a little mishap can be cause for divorce, and there are plenty of examples of this occurring. But in divorce, not only can the property not be taken back, all children born are also considered “owned” by the wife.

The men in this era have become accustomed to being controlled by their female counterpart. They believe it is heaven’s law and earth’s principle and no one had ever thought to change this unreasonable situation as even the country’s ruler fears his wife. Although this is the case, women still frequently protest that there are too many husbands and have asked to lessen the required number of husbands and childbirths.

What a joke. What are men supposed to do then? Could it be to shave their heads to become Buddhist monks?

The just-transmigrated Ruan Zhu was still shy when facing the people of this ancient era. Furthermore, this man that was holding her was her proper and official husband. She really didn’t know what to say or do. “Eldest Cousin.” She tried calling him, and found that this label wasn’t bad. It suited her much more than calling him ‘spouse’ or ‘hubby’.

“Does Zhu Zhu have a question to ask?” Yun Shi Yi stared at her with lust in his eyes, his fingertips drawing circles on her chest. They’ve only managed to have one pleasant night and it was on the day of their wedding. Scared of hurting her, he’s been patient, but Heaven knows how hard it’s been to suppress himself.

“That thing we did last night, can we not do it? I don’t want to...” She discovered his □ had risen, thus could only beg him with a reddened face. She truly hasn’t made any mental preparations yet and there was also another man sleeping behind her. It’s not that 3P is impossible, but they should wait until they’re more familiar with each other right?!

Yun Shi Yi didn’t respond. Instead, he leaned over and kissed her, intertwining their lips and tongues together. He explored her mouth for a while before letting her go and softly saying: “Eldest Cousin will serve Zhu Zhu in dressing. In a while, we still have to go out.”

Ruan Zhu nodded her head. Taking the opportunity while Yun Shi Wei was still asleep, she properly got ready without delay. She didn’t yet have the courage to face two men while being stark naked.

But how could that Second Cousin be so similar to a pig? They’ve talked for so long yet he still hasn’t woken.

She had already accepted Yun Shi Yi in her heart and enjoyed his service.

In her previous life, her family was ordinary and her appearance was average. It was only when she entered college and didn’t encounter any pursuers that a secret yearning for love emerged deep in her heart. She had hoped that someday, a tall and handsome man would kneel in front of her and woo her with a bouquet of flowers.

On campus and on the streets, her eyes had followed men with extraordinary looks, but she knew that with her average appearance she could never enter their eyes...

Now that she is being treated so carefully by an ultra-handsome guy that was most definitely considered eye candy, her vanity was truly satisfied.

[a] Meaning harem/reverse harem; could be any number of M:F

[b] The “Zhu” in both names are the same character. 阮珠 vs 秦珠

[c] aka polyandry ( ?° ?? ?°)

[d] 天经地义, idiom meaning right and proper

[e] Double meaning is that he’ll take care of all the worries now + having to be worried of his situation

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