Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love

Chapter 10: 3P
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Chapter 10: 3P

Yun Shi Wei felt unsatisfied with her idea. “Then what do I do about this?” He bent his waist to caress her body, using his already swollen □ to prod at her midriff. He desperately wanted to sink into her flesh and into debauchery. If at this point she were to tell him to leave, he really doubted he would be able to move past this. His voice expressed his deep desire: “Zhu Zhu, my wife. This husband needs you. Let me taste you once. You can’t just satisfy Eldest Brother while ignoring me in the future. Look at this place......” He placed her small hand on top of the protruding tent at his crotch. A small wet patch had already formed. The moment he felt the pressure from her soft hand, he felt as if he had been burned. His whole body shook and he continuously rubbed himself against her hand while his two hands squeezed her tighter in his embrace.

Ruan Zhu didn’t want him to suffer but she couldn’t open up her heart. Her small hand was currently forced to touch him and she wasn’t sure what action was best. In the past world, she had been treated so unfairly and had been neglected by both close relatives and those she considered to be friends. After crossing over, she had been showered by the brothers’ attention and care. This caused her to feel grateful. In that case, shouldn’t she do something to repay them?

Yun Shi Yi noticed Ruan Zhu’s hesitation but only thought of it as her being shy. He had been raised based on Tian Chu’s principles so the idea of her reluctance being caused by other emotions never crossed his mind. He had previously always been strict with Shi Wei but that was only him being a responsible elder brother. Understanding Shi Wei’s agony as he had also experienced it before, Yun Shi Yi murmured next to his wife’s ear: “How about giving him a hand? If you are embarrassed, this husband will assist you.”

Ruan Zhu looked at him, astonished. Are all the men of this world so generous? It was possible to even give their loved one to another man? She of course did not understand Yun Shi Yi’s way of thinking. He believed that the ‘one woman, many husbands’ policy was heaven’s law and earth’s principle and the Heavens assigned mankind the task of large-scale reproduction. Since childhood, he has been influenced by this ideology thus had never thought of monopolizing his wife.

Yun Shi Yi held her from behind so she was in a posture similar to a child urinating and brought her in front of Yun Shi Wei. Her entrance was plainly visible and gently twitching from her previous intimacy with Yun Shi Yi. Seeing the object of his desire emerge in front of him, Yun Shi Wei’s eyes burned with lust and he started untying his robes.

She was a little afraid and looked towards the man behind her. He gently smiled and said: “Don’t be scared.” Lowering his head, he licked her red and moist lips, covering her mouth with his own. His tongue deftly pushed past her teeth and explored the inside of her small mouth, gently tracing the outline of her teeth while his lips continued to move on top of hers.

Unexpectedly, his kissing skills had improved, causing her to be even more entranced than last time. “Mm!” Her arms moved upwards, embracing his head and reciprocating his kiss. Suddenly □ entered–Shi Wei had inserted himself into her body. That enormous thing frantically thrusting into her delicate tunnel caused her tremendous pain. Does this bastard not understand what ‘gentle’ meant?

Her face became white from pain and her legs that were wrapped around Yun Shi Wei’s waist instinctively started thrashing around. Seeing her confused and panicking expression, Yun Shi Yi placed both hands on her white softness, kneading them. Their kiss became more intense. Sucking on her tongue for a taste, he robbed her of all the sweet saliva in her mouth, thinking, a woman’s saliva was also this delicious. He couldn’t help but to deepen their kiss even more.

Yun Shi Yi’s gentle treatment enabled her to break free from her previous nervousness. Her body loosened, allowing the man copulating with her to violently pound her with his enormous rod.

Yun Shi Wei’s face was flushed as if he had a layer of dark red mist on his skin. He unwaveringly stared at the beautiful body underneath him. Supporting his beloved woman’s buttocks for easier access, he was like a spring, repeating the same movements.

This truly was an exquisite feeling, and the inexperienced youngster was caught up in the newlywed atmosphere. He was performing a ritual that countless men and women have done since the beginning of time. Joy and suffering interweaved. Sweet happiness accumulated in his head, stimulating all of his organs. After a long time, a bright light went off in his head, forming fireworks that suddenly burst.

“Zhu Zhu, Zhu Zhu, I......” With a red face, he wildly bellowed out. Consecutively thrusting fiercely a few more times, he spurted his passion into her body.

“Ah!” She had suddenly been watered with his liquid and felt as if she had been burned. An earth shattering feeling overcame her and she quivered in response from head to toe. Perspiration dampened her cloud-like hair, and her whole body was dripping as if she had just been fished out of water.

She collapsed in Yun Shi Yi’s arms.

Yet she found there was a pillar underneath her derriere that kept prodding her–it was Yun Shi Yi’s. She looked at it in horror. She already had no strength and couldn’t bear another round of lovemaking.

“Don’t worry, my wife, Eldest Cousin won’t force you.” Yun Shi Yi continued their kiss before licking her lips twice and moving away.

Her insides were still full from a foreign object. She looked at Yun Shi Wei and whispered: “Second Eldest, it’s fine now.” She was too embarrassed to directly tell him to exit her so could only use hints.

It was as if Yun Shi Wei hadn’t heard her at all. Holding her tender and snowy buttocks, he moved a little inside, his breathing slightly shaky: “Younger Cousin, Zhu Zhu, can we do it one more time?”

Not possible, she was already so tired she wanted to die. Her eyes turned, as if begging for help from Yun Shi Yi.

“That’s enough. Zhu Zhu is already exhausted, let her rest.”

Yun Shi Yi used a towel to wipe off the cloudy liquid inside her □. Gently picking her up, he placed her on the bed before pulling the brocade quilt over her body.

Yun Shi Wei also entered the bed and laid down on Ruan Zhu’s side. He positioned his arm over her body to embrace her.

She was positioned so that she was between them. With eyes half closed, she looked at the two brothers. Regarding the fact that she was being pampered by two men, it was a little awkward, but she didn’t regret it. Being able to receive their sincere affection was the greatest gift that the Heavens had given her. They love her, so she should also sincerely reciprocate.

Her body was extremely exhausted and she was on the verge of falling into peaceful sleep when she suddenly remembered an important thing. Her expression became nervous.

“What is it, Wife?” Yun Shi Yi noticed her expression changed and ventured to ask her a question.

“Right now, I can’t move. How will I be able to pay respects to Mother and Father later?” Ruan Zhu said worriedly. She was sore and limp from head to toe, without the strength to move her legs or her waist an inch. Her cervix was especially painful as the two brothers had pounded against it for so long. She suspected that it was all swollen inside.

Yun Shi Wei chuckled: “Father and Mother will not blame us. Zhu Zhu, don’t worry. Your Second Cousin is here for everything.

Yun Shi Yi attached himself to her lips and kissed her for a bit: “Father and Mother are magnanimous. In a while, I’ll let Shi Wei go report our fault.”

“Why is it me?” Yun Shi Wei shouted, bewildered. He also wanted to accompany Ruan Zhu. To be away from her for even a short while caused his heart to feel uncomfortably itchy.

“Who told you to be the younger brother? For your legs and feet to be slower than mine at birth?” Yun Shi Yi hooked up a corner of his mouth, his words impolite.

“I was only later by half a quarter of an hour and gained a lifetime of unluckiness.” Yun Shi Wei was so miserable he wanted to run into the wall: “Not only am I to resign myself to being a secondary husband, but I also have to listen to your orders. I’m not even allowed time to spend with my spouse.”

Yun Shi Yi disdainfully said: “I treat you pretty well. Look at all of Mother’s secondary husbands. Who among them is not obedient? Not only do they listen to her orders, they also have to behave in front of Father. Zhu Zhu...” Yun Shi Yi turned his head towards Ruan Zhu, saying: “In the future, you don’t have to treat Shi Wei well. If he ever misbehaves, give him the punishment of having to kneel at the doorstep.”

Yun Shi Wei hurriedly said: “Zhu Zhu, don’t listen to him. Don’t you know how evil he is? That Ma Cui Yun originally didn’t like me but him. It was because she didn’t dare pursue him that she played tricks on me.”

Yun Shi Yi coldly humphed: “The one that had their crotch touched by Ma Cui Yun was not me. As a man, you have already lost your chastity. Now you even have the guts to blow smoke. It’s due to Zhu Zhu having a good heart that she wants you. If it was anyone else, who knows if they would whip you three hundred times until death, before throwing your corpse into a lake.”

“That can’t be blamed on me. Zhu Zhu, you have to believe me. I didn’t purposely tempt Ma Cui Yun, she was the one that forcibly molested me. Yeah, she touched it for a bit but nothing came of it! My gecko cinnabar mark is still here!”

Gecko cinnabar mark?[a]

Ruan Zhu blinked her eyes, feeling awfully strange. The men of this world actually had such a legendary thing? With eyes shining brightly, she asked: “Where is it? Can I see it?”

“It’s here!” Yun Shi Wei extended his right arm out.

But what Ruan Zhu saw was only smooth, bronzed skin. There were a few black dots here and there, but she didn’t see anything resembling a gecko cinnabar mark. She didn’t give up and looked again more carefully. As her eyes moved, she happened to see Yun Shi Yi’s eyes full of ridicule. Her heart moved and after realizing something, giggled towards Yun Shi Wei: “Second Cousin, you fooled me. There was no gecko cinnabar dot in the first place as Ma Cui Yun had already taken your purity, right? Her stomach could already hold your child. Don’t try to trick me any longer. Second Cousin, congratulations on being the father of Ma Cui Yun’s child.”

“No, I swear I have nothing to do with Ma Cui Yun. It’s impossible for her to be pregnant with my child!?” Yun Shi Wei hurriedly said and suspiciously looked at his arm: “But why would a perfectly fine gecko cinnabar dot disappear? Eh? Oh yeah, I get it now. It was Zhu Zhu that made my mark disappear from the thing we did the day before last. The only one who could conceive my child is Zhu Zhu and definitely won’t be Ma Cui Yun. So the two of you had long realized this and thought to tease me!”

Ruan Zhu continued to giggle from her position in Yun Shi Yi’s arms. Recalling the 3P scene from when she first crossed over and the same scenario that just occurred, her cheeks flushed red as if rogue had been applied. But then suddenly remembering another matter, her smile suddenly froze and her face turned pale. Shi Wei had talked about her conceiving, but in the case of her truly being pregnant, which of the two brothers would the child belong to?

How did the country of Tian Chu provide a solution for this problem? There had to be some sort of countermeasure.

“What is it, Wife? What did your little brain think of?” Yun Shi Yi gently asked her while massaging her neck.

Ruan Zhu buried her head on his chest, using a small voice to voice out her worries. Yun Shi Yi felt a bit strange: “You don’t know? Then how did your family do it in the past? Your Mother never told you?”

Flustered, Ruan Zhu said: “This sort of thing is too embarrassing to earnestly inquire about. Mother has mentioned it, but it went through one ear and out the other.”

“My spouse is such a muddle-headed baby chick!” Yun Shi Yi tapped the tip of her delicate nose: “From the day we married, you belonged to me alone. The child you give birth to will become the eldest legitimate son or daughter. This is the right accorded to the principal husband by the imperial court. Of course, you will also give Shi Wei and the other secondary husbands children. But before you give birth to a child for me, they must all take contraceptive medicine. The effect is very effective, eating one once can last for a year.”

Ever since the human reproductive system changed three hundred years ago causing the male to female ratio to become unequal, Tian Chu had counteracted this by enacting the ‘one woman, many husbands’ policy. In addition, the imperial court looked for ways to successfully increase the population. They ended up manufacturing a contraceptive aimed at males so women could give birth safely. All physicians that help a woman in labor must pass through a training course and obtain a license to practice.

Ruan Zhu turned her bright eyes towards Yun Shi Wei. He understood her unspoken question, thus said: “Be at ease. Before I married you, Mother already gave me the contraceptive to take. This matter is so important, how could you not pay attention to it?”

“Don’t let your thoughts run wild anymore. You’re tired. Rest for a while before breaking your fast.”

Yun Shi Yi placed his hand on her body and gently pat, as if coaxing a child to sleep. Ruan Zhu’s eyelids closed shut and entered dreamland not too long after.

[a] 守宫砂 | Gecko cinnabar mark | mark used in ancient times that allegedly would disappear after one is no longer a virgin

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