Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 40 - Appraisal Eye
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Chapter 40: Appraisal Eye

After killing the deacon, Yi Tianyun quickly escaped outside the city. Although he managed to kill the deacon, reinforcement will eventually come and they are bound to be stronger. If Core Condensation cultivator come, things may get difficult for him.

Reward from killing them sure is tempting, but in his current condition, he won’t win against Core Condensation cultivator.

“I need to retreat first!”

Yi Tianyun quickly withdrew, and after rushing out of the city, he quickly summon the snow wolf king. After the huge snow wolf was summoned, he quickly rides it up and flee to the forest in the distance.

Looking at the snow wolf under him, unfortunately this snow wolf is only Eighth Level Body Refinements, otherwise it can become a powerful helper. In fact, this snow wolf can still be leveled up, but to level it up what’s necessary is not experience, nor is it to feed the medicinal herbs, but to feed it Crazy Point!

As long as he fed a certain amount of Crazy Point, it can be leveled up and become a powerful helper. Crazy point used to be hard to obtain, but that’s now the case no. He can get a lot of Crazy Point by killing a strong cultivator, or a monster .

Soon he found a cave to hide in. After hiding the cave entrance a little, Yi Tianyun sat down and exhaled: “Finally i can take a breather… let take a look at the overall situation.”

Player: Yi Tianyun

Level: 18 (Eighth Level Spirit Refinement)

Experience Point: 17580 / 130000

Crazy Point: 3698

Prestige Point: 15

Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine

Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique, Eagle Claw, Falling Feather Sword, Floating Cloud Steps, Sky Cloud Step, Ten Thousand Swords Slash

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode and Luck Aura

Weapon: Frost Fist and Scarlet Dagger

Armor: Snow Wolf Battle Boots, Divine Armor and Shadow Cape

Accessories: Forging God Hammer, Power Bracelet, Power Ring, and Power Belt

Profession: Basic Level Runemaster, Middle Level Blacksmith, Basic Level Alchemist and Basic Level Formation Master

All item: 5 Times Experience Card, 4 Recovery Medicinal Pill, Gift Pack Lv15, Lottery Ticket, Torrential Pear Blossom Needle.

“I was too cautious after I was chased. I have forgotten to open the gift pack.”

Every time he open a gift pack, he will be more excited. In these upgrade packages, there is nothing that is not useful. It definitely will not be a something low level, so how can he not be excited?

He immediately opened the Gift Pack Lv15, and soon enough the random gift inside showing itself.

『Ding, congratulations on getting Appraisal Eye, Special Lottery Mode, Ten Times EXP Card, Gift Pack Lv20!』

Sure enough, there are still a lot of things he got, but it is unlikely that there will be something worth mentioning. This is similar to Novice Gift Pack, it is impossible to get some game changing reward. If he wants to get such item, he hast to grind his way through the quest or killing monsters.

Gift Pack provides tools to help him according to his current level. For example, this time there is an additional Appraisal Eye, and there is one more chance to use lottery mode.

“Appraisal Eye, hmm lest’s see…”

Yi Tianyun investigated the item, but the information about the item is not thorough like he wanted it to be.

Appraisal Eye: Ability to detect detailed data of anyone and assess the current combat power.

“Well, it’s a relatively a basic tool for observing other people’s data, to knows how good you can fare against an opponent, which is a very good skill to have.”


After the Appraisal Eye is activated, it will not use any energy, nor will it consume Crazy Point, which is a good thing. When he looked up at the snow wolf, he immediately see a detailed data.

Snow Wolf: at 8th Level Body Refinement. The fur is equal to common level armor. The claw is the strength of the common level weapon. HP is 1.000, the potential is second-class, and combat power is 1.300.

The data is fairly detailed, without Appraisal Eye the data shown is only basic data like HP.

“Snow wolf combat power is 1.300, then how much combat power do I have?”

Yi Tianyun investigated his own property panel, and sure enough, a combat power – 18.570!

This is the gap, and the snow wolf is not that weak, but it is estimated that Yi Tianyun’s combat power is related to his equipment. When he try to see his combat power with his equipment removed, his combat power only at over 9,000 points. After all, according to the attributes of his equipment, the power accesory set can enhance his strength 100%.

Being able to fight in this level is completely dependent on these equipment, or a usage of the power pill. He can imagine that taking power pill at that time and having his strength multiplied 6 times, the amount of combat power he had back then must be amazing.

“This use is quite useful, at least you can have the information on how much the opponent’s combat power is.”

Yi Tianyun valued this data highly. For example, if he sees that the opponent’s combat power is more than 100.000, what can he do against such opponent, he needs to get away from that fight!

“Now i need to try this special lottery thing, come on give me a lucky draw.”

He opened the lottery roulette, and sure enough a special module pops up, but it seems to be a lot smaller, compared to the usual roulette. He immediately used the lottery roulette and it rapidly spins around. Soon the lottery roulette stopped – consumables!

『Ding, congratulations on getting an 5.000 Exp Pill.』

“This is too small, i got 5.000 Exp Pill?” Yi Tianyun is just so speechless, he thought that even if it is consumables, it won’t be that bad.

Now that he feels that he is too naive, he gained a 5.000 Exp Pill. What is the use of this for him now? Not very useful! He is now at high level, and he needs more than 100.000 exp. 5.000 exp is nothing. He would rather have one more Recovery Pill, which is better than getting 5.000 exp.

“This system rate is too bad, only giving me a 5.000 Exp Pill.” Yi Tianyun sighed, and immediately, he realized, “I almost forgot, I have Luck Aura!”

Can it increase system rate? It can increase luck by five times. There’s no reason to make this an exception

“I don’t know, will this be effective?” Yi Tianyun thought about it, and immediately activated the lucky aura, which consumed a little bit crazy point per second. He clenched his fist and grinded his teeth and said: “Lottery!”

『Ding, consume 1.000 Crazy Point, start the lottery!』

Not a lot of Crazy Point left after the consumption, the roulette once again spins rapidly. Yi Tianyun shouted in his heart: “Divine Ability, Divine Ability!” The priority is definitely Divine Ability, which is the rarest thing.

In the end, the pointers stopped on special items!

『Ding, congratulations you obtain a Hundred Transformations Mask successfully!』

“Hundred Transformations Mask?” Yi Tianyun is startled, what is this thing?

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