Cornered by the CEO

Chapter 443: I Promise To Be A Good Girl
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Chapter 443: I Promise To Be A Good Girl

Falling and falling and falling.

It never stopped.

The burn she felt for him grew more intense. The more it grew, the harder it was to contain the heat in the shell of her body. He would be the end of her, and she would love every minute of it.

Death by a love so deep for a man and their children that her human body couldn't contain it. In such times, she really hoped that she was the Goddess Mo Qingchen deemed her to be.

She smiled at the thought as she padded towards the bedroom. She went to the bed to strip off the sheets, anxious to get them washed and dried. As she pulled off the last corner, she heard Qingchen's footsteps coming down the hall. He appeared at the door a moment later, leaning against the doorjamb in a pair of boxers.

"What filling do you want, Qi—"

He stopped when he noticed what she was doing. A slow grin crept its way onto his lips. He didn't have to say anything and he didn't. His smirk and teasing look said it all for him.

'Cleaning up your mess, baby?'

"Don't look at me like that," she snapped, fighting back a smile of her own as she climbed off the bed, scrunching up the sheets in her arms.

"Like what?" he taunted.

"Like you have never seen a wet spot before!"

Of course, he knew what it was. She had made him sleep on them several times.

"Well. I have never see—"

"Chicken!" she yelled, cutting him off. "I will have chicken for whatever you are making. Thank you!"

He laughed, tossing his head back with his bare teeth and sparkling grin. So beautiful that she would deal with a thousand wet spots to see that look on his face.

But she couldn't let him know that.

"Oh, yeah… It's just so funny…" she failed at trying not to laugh as she tightened the wad of sheets in her hand, lifting them up high above her head as she poised herself to throw them at him.

"Hey!" he yelled the second before she threw it out of her grasp and towards his head. He ducked and avoided it just in time. "Don't throw your sex-stained sheets at me."

"Stop making fun of me, then!"

"You little—"

She laughed as he picked up the sheets and took two steps back as he rounded on her, barreling towards her with a silly grin.

"What are you doing?" she screeched, lunging across the bed in an effort to keep her distance from him.

He caught her by the foot and she face-planted on the bed, her scream muffled in the mattress. He climbed onto the bed, practically on top of her and forcefully turning her over. Screaming again, she sucked in a gush of air she had lost from the fit of giggle that had taken over her.

Qian Meng's eyes widened as he held the wad of sheets above her, poised to shove them in her face. He obviously wasn't trying hard because she was able to keep him at bay.

"Stop!" she yelled, her lungs burning as she tried to catch her breath. "I will never throw my wet sheets at you again. I promise!"

"Say please." He was laughing that deep laugh that was rare but made her swoon.


"Say, 'Qingchen, I promise to be a good girl and not throw things at you.'"

She rolled her eyes, but in reality, she loved every moment of playfulness from her husband. "Qingchen, I promise to be a good girl and not throw things at you," she repeated in a rush.

"Now say, 'Qingchen, I promise not to be embarrassed when you make me come so hard that I can't see straight and I soak the sheets.'"

"I never said I couldn't see straight," she protested.

"Say it," he warned, pushing the sheets closer to her face.

"Okay. Okay! I promise!"

"Promise what?" he prompted.

"I promise not to be embarrassed when you make me come so hard I can't see straight and I soak the sheets," she said like a good girl.

"Good. Now say, 'Qingchen, your big cock is incredi—'"

"Fuck off!" she groaned through her giggles.

With a chuckle, he tossed the sheets off the side of the bed and leaned over her, lips descending on hers.

"I fucking love you," he mumbled as he kissed her.

Forgetting the sheets completely, she wrapped herself around Qingchen, clinging to him as he picked her up from the bed and carried her from the bedroom to the hall and through the living room. Finally, they reached the kitchen.

She kissed all over his face the whole way, relishing his soft laughter and sweet attempts to capture her lips with his own.

Silly, goofy love.

She sat on the kitchen counter, eating cut fruits as she watched him make their sandwiches. He stood between her legs while they ate, sharing bites and kissing mayonnaise off the corner of their mouths.

She ignored the feeling that everything was too good or too perfect to last. She knew it would last. The universe had predestined it.

After their sandwiches, they settled in the living room, finding an old movie and cuddling up together on the recliner. With his fingers in her hair and her ear over his beating heart, she fell fast asleep before the first few scenes ended.

She grumbled, barely conscious when she registered noises coming from far away. She tossed and turned, never really coming out of dreamland until she felt his soothing hands on her.

She registered that her body was jostled in her sleep.

"Shh," Qingchen soothed. "Sleep. I am just moving you to the bed." He spoke in a low voice. Before she could ask him, he already informed her of what she was worried about. "The babies are fed and napping. I changed them and placed them in their cribs."

She hummed. She felt herself being lowered onto what she assumed was the bed but hesitated to let go of him.

"Where are you going?" she mumbled, squeezing her eyes together as she held onto the faint remnants of sleep.

"I'll just bring the babies here. You sleep, baby." A kiss to the forehead, a blanket sliding across her skin. And he was gone.

She didn't fight the urge to sink back into her dreams. In the end, she felt something warm and cuddly in her chest and she sighed peacefully.

It didn't matter which of her babies was nestled at her chest, she knew the other two were safe and sound with her husband.

The sweet, sweet man.

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