Cornered by the CEO

Chapter 38: Your Panties Are Not to My Taste
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Chapter 38: Your Panties Are Not to My Taste

When Yun Qian Meng woke up, it was ten in the morning. She hadn't been asleep long but her head felt heavy. Her mouth though tasted foul. When she groaned and rolled over, she felt someone watching her.

Squinting her eyes open, she craned her neck and looked around the room. Mo Qingchen sat on the ground, his back against the wall and his head hanging. He was clearly asleep.

Qian Meng felt the intense need to throw herself out of the window. She crawled slowly and hoped that the bed didn't creak. She suddenly felt that the breeze was touching her a little more than usual and looked down.

Yes, she was only wearing her underwear. She peeked at Mo Qingchen and sighed. She didn't know how much he had seen but she didn't have to face the embarrassment of waking up to him. The phone was promptly by the side of the bed. She held it up and looked at the time.

Her blood pressure rose.

It was late. Very badly so.

"I already texted Li Min that you're taking the first half off." Which meant, she had two hours to reach the office.

Her eyes widened and she dropped onto the bed, hiding as best as she could.

She had been crawling on her hands and knees, so the view from where he sat must have been... stimulating. She calculated what she should do next. She could wrap herself in the bedcover and made a run for her closet, or she could walk up to it without making a fuss.

Her pride dictated her to follow the former.

But that begged the question: how had they ended up in this situation. Yun Qian Meng thought hard about what had happened and bowed her head in shame. It had all come back in vivid detail. But Mo Qingchen didn't know that. He couldn't call her out for forgetting, either.

So, the second option.

She slid out of bed and padded towards her walk-in closet without sparing him a glance. Mo Qingchen raised his brow, mirth dancing through his pupils as his eyes closely followed her form. Unlike others, she didn't add an extra sway of the hips. She plainly walked like she owned the place and deemed him invisible.

Mo Qingchen ran his hands through his hair and stifled a laugh.

'So this is how you are going to play. Fine,' he thought. Challenge accepted.

She came out, wearing a fluffy robe, and carried a set of clothes in her hands. She didn't even pretend to hide her lingerie under her clothes. She was almost in the bathroom when she turned and addressed him.

"You'll find a couple of men's shirts when you walk into the closet. Pick one." She gave him a once over.

"They won't notice if I wear the same clothes," he replied blandly.

"Yes, because you wear the same thing every day." The words came off as a reprimand. Mo Qingchen fought back the chuckle and nodded his head. Point well made. That didn't mean he wouldn't get revenge.

"Don't lock the door. You might forget how to open it again," he taunted. Yun Qian Meng screwed her eyes shut and concentrated on breathing.

'Act like nothing has happened, Qian Meng. He's just trying to get a rise out of you.'

"I'm not keeping it open for you to sneak in." She made a show of rolling her eyes and walked in. The door banged shut behind her. Mo Qingchen looked up at the ceiling and grimaced.

His back hurt. After placing her on the bed, he ensured she was fast asleep. Post that, he felt like a lecher just lying beside her, so he situated himself on the floor. He didn't know when he dozed off, but his back had taken the brunt of the trauma.

He pulled himself up from his sitting position and realized that his legs had become numb. Pulling his body forward, he looked inside the closet and frowned. She had a lot of clothing. But as she said, the shirts were in the front.

Some were even in his size. He looked at the colors and couldn't help but glare towards the direction of the bathroom.

Yellow. Purple. Incarnadine. Colors he wouldn't be caught wearing dead.

He picked the yellow one and waited for his turn to go. He would have to make do with these pants.

She came out quicker than anticipated. He brushed past her.

"You're going to shower?" she asked, her voice high-pitched.

"Yes, I showered last morning." He frowned.

"You'll wear the same pants and underwear?" she asked, pointing towards the single article of clothing hanging off his hand. He looked down to where she was pointing and then back at her.

"Your pants won't fit me. And your panties are not to my taste." He paused. "I don't wear used underwear." He pressed his lips together and walked inside the bathroom.

Yun Qian Meng stood stupified and hurried inside the closet. She had a minor view of her collection of underwear. With Mo Qingchen's height, he would get a very good view of everything. Though none of them were risque, some would qualify to be worn by men.

If Mo Qingchen didn't mind her watermelon print boxers, she would gladly give them to him.

Now that she thought about it. She should have some new boxers that would actually fit him. As embarrassed as she was, she knew what a neat freak Mo Qingchen was. She went to the wardrobe filled with new clothes she hadn't tried on yet and found a bag of boxers. She brought multiple sizes depending on her cycle. He would fit into some of these.

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