Conquering The Novel

Chapter 139 Damsels In Distress!
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Zerix let out a scream of agony as his hand was severed by the mysterious shuriken.


Hearing Zerix's painful scream, Erina opened her eyes, her mind confused, to see Zerix writhing on the ground, his blood flowing freely.

She couldn't believe that she had been saved at the last moment.

As she looked around, she saw Ares approaching, the shuriken returning to his hand.

Erina felt a sense of relief wash over her as she recognized Ares.

"You're finally here," she said, trying to keep the tremble out of her voice.

"What are you morons waiting for? Attack him now!" Zerix screamed in desperation, unaware that his faction members had already been taken down by Ares.

The three students who had betrayed Erina stood frozen, their expressions terrified. They knew they were no match for Ares.

Swish!— Swish!— Swish!—

Suddenly, three arrows came out of nowhere, striking the three betrayers and knocking them down.

Erina was taken aback by the dramatic development, but she quickly noticed Diana approaching with her bow in hand.

Ares threw a healing potion at Diana, who caught it deftly. "Make her drink this," he said, gesturing towards Erina.

Diana nodded before discovering that it was an advanced healing potion; she was surprised for a moment but quickly came out of her daze and moved towards Erina and helped her drink the potion.

As soon as Erina drank the advanced healing potion, she felt the wound on her stomach close and her strength return.

Meanwhile, Zerix was bewildered as to why none of his faction members were attacking Ares, until he heard him speak.

"Oh, you're not waiting for your little minions hiding in the shadows, are you?" Ares said with a hint of sarcasm. "Don't count on them, the next time they wake up, they'll be in a hospital bed," Ares said with a chuckle.

Zerix's expression twisted in anger as he realized that Ares had already taken care of his hidden faction members.

And with a growl, he suddenly began to change, his body growing larger and his features shifting into those of a wolf. His fur started to sprout as his body was enveloped in a dangerous purple aura.

It was the ability unique to beast people, "The Beastman Transformation," an ability that not all beast people possessed. Zerix's transformation was proof that he was one of the elite few who possessed this ability.

He let out a fierce roar, baring his sharp and salivating teeth, before charging towards Ares with his one remaining hand, claws outstretched and ready to strike.

But Ares stood calmly, watching as Zerix charged towards him with all his might.

Zerix swung his claw wildly, but Ares easily dodged each strike with fluid movements.

"Is that all you've got?" Ares taunted, "I expected more from a beastman of your caliber."

Enraged by the insult, Zerix increased the ferocity of his attacks, but Ares continued to effortlessly dodge them.

With a swift motion, Ares suddenly threw the shuriken covered in electricity at Zerix.

Zerix, not realizing the danger, continued to charge toward Ares with all his might and the shuriken struck his shoulder.

Though the damage from that attack was not severe or caused a deep wound, however, Zerix's body abruptly jolted noticeably as a result of the electric shock.


Zerix shrieked as he stumbled to the ground, supporting himself with his remaining arm.

He realized the electric shock he had just felt was caused by the shuriken, and since he now only had one arm that's been utilized to balance himself, he chose to use his teeth to remove the shuriken that had struck his shoulder.

But he didn't think Ares could control the shuriken with his telekinesis, and as Zerix's mouth approached the shuriken, it whirled towards his teeth, shattering all of his sharp teeth in an instant.


Zerix screamed and cried as he rolled on the ground like a dog, due to pain.

Erina, slowly sitting up with the help of Diana, watched Zerix with a hint of satisfaction on her face.

She was astonished by how quickly Ares defeated Zerix, who was obviously no match for him.

Ares approached Zerix, who was still rolling on the ground in pain.

"How disappointing," he said, looking down at him with disgust before kicking him in his face.


Ignoring his screams, Ares continued to stomp Zerix's half-destroyed teeth again and again until the remaining half began to fall off.

Stomp!— Stomp!—

Aghh!— Aghh!—

He continued his stomping until Zerix lost consciousness, with all teeth shattered, and his whole face was now a bloody mess.


As she observed the situation in front of her, Erina was horrified.

Even though she detested Zerix, she was left feeling conflicted about Ares after seeing him treat Zerix with such savagery as though he were his greatest enemy.

Erina sighed and wondered aloud, "...Why would he go that far and beat him that ruthlessly?"


"Of course, he'd be outraged if someone tried to hurt his friends," Diana responded after overhearing Erina.


"F-Friends? Do you mean Ares regards me as a friend?" Erina inquired, confused.

"If not, why would he beat him so brutally? I don't think he has any reason to go that far," Diana remarked while struggling to keep a straight face.

After hearing Diana's speculations, Erina was rendered speechless.


'Ag, why does he want me to repeat these foolish lines, what if she falls for him as well, I already have Livia to deal with and don't want any more competition,' Diana thought uneasily.

And when Irethiel saw Erina's reaction, she was shocked, as it was as Ares had predicted.

"...His knack for reading people's emotions is terrifying," Irethiel mumbled to herself, as this was not the first time she had seen Ares read people's emotions and use them against them.


? ...

"...Looks like I was right, there was indeed someone else who planned this entire situation,"

Ares whispered with a sneer as he felt a glare on him; he had a sensation that someone was observing him from the minute he arrived on the scene to save Erina.

He swiftly scanned the surroundings using his skill Hawkeye and was able to spot a mysterious figure in a black hooded cloak, attentively watching him from a distance.

But as soon as the individual felt Ares's gaze upon them, they vanished into thin air.

Ares shrugged it off, knowing he would deal with that person later. His attention turned to Erina, who was still recovering from her injuries and looked shocked and dazed.

"You okay?" Ares asked as he moved toward her.

"Y-Yeah, it is all thanks to you," Erina replied, still in shock from everything that had just transpired.

"No problem, that's what friends are for," Ares said with a warm smile, offering her his hand to help her stand.

Hearing him, Erina took his hand without thinking, allowing him to pull her to her feet.

"Are you able to walk on your own or do you need me to carry you to the special dorm building?" Ares asked Erina.

Erina faltered in embarrassment,

"C-Carry me? N-No, I think I can walk now that my wound is fully healed due to the healing potion you gave me."

"Alright, let me know if you need any help. I'm just glad you're feeling better," Ares replied with a pleasant smile.

"Why does he seem to have a natural affinity with women?" Diana muttered to herself, watching the scene unfold.

"Ah, I need to attend to my injured companions," Erina abruptly exclaimed as she hurriedly made her way to her fallen faction members.

Ares followed her and asked, "Do they need any healing potions? I have some with me."

Erina double-checked her companions "No, they're only unconscious and haven't sustained any significant injuries. They should be fine when they wake up. However, I appreciate the offer.

And I want to repay you for that advanced healing potion, I know they're worth a lot, but I'll do my best to repay this debt." Erina said with a strange expression.

"Don't worry about it; consider it a favor between friends, but if you want, you may do me a favor when I need it," Ares added with a smile.


"I'm fine with anything, as long as it's not something like repay me with your body," Erina remarked jokingly.

"Oh, that's the second option; I don't mind if you take that," Ares said innocently.


Erina was dumbstruck when she heard me and there was a moment of silence.

"Pfftt, Hahaha, don't worry, I was just messing with you, you should have seen the look on your face," Ares laughed, breaking the tension.

"Ha-Haha, y-yeah, I guess it was a joke," Erina nervously chuckled.



As Ares and Erina laughed and joked, Diana couldn't help but feel left out, standing there in silence as they seemed to ignore her presence.

"That poor girl, she doesn't realize he's simply using her," Irethiel sighed as she observed Diana standing alone.

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