Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Chapter 21 - Are You Saving Yourself For a Female Cat?
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Chapter 21: Are You Saving Yourself For a Female Cat?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After giving Pei Zhen a bath, Fu Sichen thought that he might as well give the Persian cat a bath too.

Of course, the cat didn’t give up without an extremely fierce struggle.

After glaring at the steadily approaching Fu Sichen, the cat jumped into the bathtub with a meow. Pei Zhen ended up gulping down a few mouthfuls of water in the process.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Pei Zhen meowed frantically. His thrashing paws ended up splashing water everywhere. He had never liked water, even as a human. This was even more true after turning into a cat. Unfortunately, this bathtub was rather deep for a cat; Pei Zhen’s legs couldn’t reach the bottom. This terrified him.

“How enthusiastic.” Fu Sichen looked at the cat struggling in the water. He reached out to lift the animal out of the tub. “You really like taking baths, huh?”

Fu Sichen also knew other celebrities who were cat owners. He seemed to have the impression, from talking to them, that cats didn’t like water. Hence, they would usually run away when it was time for a bath.

His own cat was quite the maverick; he loved baths so much that he even wanted to have one before Pei Zhen did!

The cat was dumbstruck at this insinuation.

“Meow,” he said.

As Fu Sichen lifted the cat out of the water, he observed that the cat was completely soaked from head to toe. His fur was plastered onto his body, his eyes were teary, and he had a pitiful expression on his face. He looked as though he had been wronged somehow, an expression that looked both weak and helpless.

Fu Sichen found it to be kind of funny.

He wasn’t a patient person by any stretch of the imagination. But, for some reason, he was exceptionally tolerant towards this cat.

Not caring that the cat was wet, Fu Sichen picked up the cat. He used his other hand to drain away the old bathwater before refilling the bathtub.

This time around, Pei Zhen the cat was much more cooperative.

Even though he still felt humiliated, he grit his teeth and allowed Fu Sichen to give him a bath. It was only when Fu Sichen reached for his lower stomach that he started to become agitated again.

“You still don’t like being touched?” The cat’s stomach was dirty; Fu Sichen needed to touch Pei Zhen to get him clean. Fu Sichen made a noise of disapproval. He couldn’t care less what the cat thought. He pinned the cat down, and reached straight for the cat’s stomach.

Pei Zhen hissed. All he wanted to do now was scratch Fu Sichen to shreds. Fu Sichen had already gotten used to his temper. When Pei Zhen started swatting at him, all he met was thin air.

“Are you saving yourself for a female cat?” Fu Sichen teased him, looking at the cat’s testicles. He raised his eyebrows before continuing, “It looks like we’ll have to get you fixed.”

The minute he brought this up, Pei Zhen froze. Pei Zhen turned his head away from him to suppress the great shame and anger that he felt inside.

For the sake of his future happiness, he had be tolerant!

A real man had to be tough. Just wait until he turned back into a human! There’d be plenty of opportunities for him to teach Fu Sichen a lesson!

Fu Sichen finally finished giving Pei Zhen a bath, much to his chagrin. The moment Fu Sichen relaxed his grip, the cat sprinted for the exit.

He had never missed being in his own body more than right now!

He jumped onto the chair and was about to leap onto the bed, when he felt a strong grip on his neck!

“You’re still dripping wet.” Indicating that they weren’t done yet, Fu Sichen forcefully stuffed the cat into his arms before walking over to the other side of the room. “We need to dry you first.”

The cat was sullen and silent.

The white Persian cat had already been manhandled by his owner during bathtime. And now, he had to endure a second round of cruel assault using a hairdryer.

The more Fu Sichen laid his hands on the Persian cat, the more the hopeless the cat felt.

By the time the great manager Xiao Nian rushed to the hospital, Pei Zhen already felt like he was part of the walking dead. He felt damaged in both body and spirit.

“Pei Zhen, Pei Zhen!” Xiao Nian cried, heartbroken. There were tears in his eyes. “What happened? What’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me!”

“It’s you.” Fu Sichen wasn’t pleased to see Xiao Nian again. All he wanted was for this man to disappear. “Why are you here again?”

“I… I’m just worried about Pei Zhen.” Xiao Nian stammered.

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