Clan Leader: My strength equals to that of the entire clan

Chapter 62 - 62: War is About Money 1
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Chapter 62: Chapter 62: War is About Money 1

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One by one instruction was still too slow.

In the end, Ye Fan spent a month successfully compiling the basic Cultivation Techniques.

Alchemy Dao, Path of Artifact Refining, Dao of Formations, Dao of Talismans, Dao of Spiritual Plants.

Within the same realm, Ye Fan’s experience was absolutely unmatched.

Almost any related problem could be solved with these few Cultivation Techniques.

These Cultivation Techniques were placed by Ye Fan in the top layer of the Scripture Depository, divided into two volumes – first and second order.

Only when their power reached a certain level, could they cultivate the more profound volume.

Only the core members of the Ye family could study them!

Now that the Ye family had a second-order Alchemist and Artifact Refiner, most issues could be solved, and Ye Fan finally had some much-needed leisure time.

After interacting with other cultivators at the Foundation Establishment Stage, Ye Fan learned that the closest cultivation world to Guanghe Prefecture was that of Dongshi Prefecture, and he also got a map to Dongshi Prefecture.

Ye Fan planned to go to Dongshi Prefecture after a period of time, to buy some resources.

The resources of Guanghe Prefecture were ultimately too scant. Many things that Ye Fan wanted could not be gotten.

Also, Ye Fan needed to purchase a batch of Foundation Establishment Grass and seeds of various Spiritual Medicines, to enrich the Ye Family’s reserves.

Having attained the second order in formations allowed him to set up Foundation Establishment Stage formations.

Thinking about going on a long journey, Ye Fan became more focused on formations.

There were many second-order basic formations, but a single formation could only withstand the early stage of the Foundation Establishment period.

Ye Fan was not impressed by such formations.

If he was going to set one up, he preferred to go all out.

The Nine Turns Yellow River Formation, composed of nine formations.

The first three curves were for the Foundation Establishment Stage, and these were the formations that Ye Fan set up.

Due to Ye Fan’s insufficient formation level, he could only deploy a condensed version of the Three -Curve Yellow River Formation.

Once his formation level improved in the future, he could continue to enhance the condensed version of the formation itself.

The first curve was for defense, the second for concealment, and the third for attack.

Three formations cost Ye Fan a total of 100,000 Spirit Stones and half a month’s time.

When the formation was set up, Ye Fan placed the Spirit Stones in the heart of the formation.

The next moment, three semi-circular formations enveloped the entire Ye Family Estate.

The Spirit Stones in the heart of the formation burned wildly.

Ye Fan tested it and found that as long as there were enough Spirit Stones, there was no problem in resisting cultivators from the mid -stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

Even a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator who didn’t understand formations could get injured if they were careless within the range of the formation!

After teaching Su Yan and Ye Jintian how to control the heart of the formation, Ye Fan, with ten storage bags, left.

Each storage bag was filled with 50,000 low-class Spirit Stones, nearly taking away most of the Ye Family’s Spirit Stone reserves.

Not long after Ye Fan left, chaos unfolded in Guanghe Prefecture.

Within Long River Sect, ten Foundation Establishment cultivators all came out of seclusion.

“The development of the Longevity Sect over the past few years has surpassed our Long River Sect. We can’t just sit back and watch.”

Before the rise of Longevity Sect, Long River Sect was basically the number one Sect in Guanghe Prefecture.

A prefecture only has limited resources.

As Longevity Sect began to rise, Long River Sect’s resources began to diminish.

In cultivation, one must strive against the heavens and fight against destiny. Without competition, eventual destruction is certain.

Long Klver sect was unwilling to see tnelr own sect decline, so It was only a matter of time before a decisive battle broke out between them and the Longevity Sect.

And for now, the strength of the Long River Sect was still at its peak, it was the best time.

“We agree, it’s about time to move against Longevity Sect.”

Several Elders of the Foundation Establishment Stage who were not far from their lifespan limit, immediately spoke up.

They had been coveting the Longevity Elixir of the Longevity Sect for a long time.

“We should also make a move on the Ye family who have been causing a stir in Guanghe Prefecture recently.”

Thinking about the fact that the Ye family could even bring out Spiritual Artifacts and Foundation Establishment Elixirs, the people of Long River Sect were already tempted.

It’s just that on the surface, the Ye Family seemed to be protected by the Longevity Sect. If they wanted to make a move against the Ye family, they would have to consider the Longevity Sect.

However, now that they were going to make a move against the Longevity Sect, there was no need to worry about these things anymore.

“MO Bei, you and Second Elder go to the Ye Family, exterminate them, then come to the Longevity Sect to join us!”

After a long half month, Ye Fan finally crossed the boundary of Guanghe Prefecture and arrived in Dongshi Prefecture.

It must be said, the grand world of cultivation surprisingly doesn’t even have a teleportation array. Disappointing.

Ye Fan’s first impression of Dongshi Prefecture was its prosperity.

Whether it was the towns of ordinary people or the gathering spots of cultivators.

Moreover, the cultivators of Dongshi Prefecture, compared to those of Guanghe Prefecture, generally had higher cultivation levels. freeweb

Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators, who were rarely seen in Guanghe Prefecture, were quite common here in Dongshi Prefecture.

And the most powerful sects in Dongshi Prefecture all had Golden Core Stage cultivators.

Swallow a Golden Core, and destiny is in one’s own hands, not heaven’s.

Golden Core Stage, five hundred years lifespan.

Only by stepping into the Golden Core Stage can one truly enter the gateway to longevity.

Rare ingredients like Foundation Establishment Grass, while not exactly common, can be found in Dongshi Prefecture as long as one has Spirit Stones. fr eewebn

One Foundation Establishment Grass plant for two thousand low-grade Spirit Stones, I’ll buy fifty.

Gold Light Stone, the main material for crafting the Golden Light Sword, three hundred low-grade Spirit Stones apiece, I’ll buy it!

Spiritual medicine seeds, what, one hundred low-grade Spirit Stones a pack? Buy, buy, buy!

Ye Fan went on a shopping spree, originally thinking that five hundred thousand low-grade Spirit Stones were more than enough. However, in just half a day, Ye Fan had spent everything.

Ten storage bags were almost filled to the brim.

With these resources, the Ye Family could once again experience rapid development once he returned.

After another half month journey, Ye Fan returned to North Mountain.

From afar, Ye Fan sensed something amiss.

The Ye Family’s defensive array was activated, and the area outside the array seemed to have been bombarded by countless spells.

However, there did not seem to be any problems inside the Ye Family, which made Ye Fan breathe a sigh of relief.

Ye Fan rushed back to the Ye Family and gathered everyone.

“What happened!”

Ye Fan’s face was icy cold.

How could he not be angry when his family’s stronghold was nearly destroyed while he was away?

“Father, it was the Long River Sect!”

Ye Jintian explained everything to Ye Fan.

The Long River Sect descended upon the Ye Family a few days ago, and launched an attack without any explanation.

Ye Jintian and others were injured by the middle-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators of the Long River Sect.

Fortunately, Su Yan activated the Nine Turns Yellow River Formation at a critical moment, stalling the Long River Sect.

After the Long River Sect retreated, they made a move on the Longevity Sect.

The Longevity Sect was no match for the Long River Sect, and they have now lost a considerable amount of territory and suffered many casualties.

Ye Jinhai and Yuan TingHan have returned to the Long River Sect to provide support, but their fates are unknown.

The Long River Sect, again.

Since they believe that the Ye Family is in league with the Longevity Sect, then there’s no reason for the Ye Family not to lend a hand now that the Longevity Sect is in trouble.

“Jin Tian, summon all the Ye Family’s alchemists, artifact refiners, and talisman makers.”

I suppose the Longevity Sect must be in a tight spot now, severely lacking resources.

In that case, the Ye Family can help.

The Ye Family may not have much, but they certainly have a lot of secondary occupations.

If the first tier isn’t enough, then we’ll go for the second tier. Ye Fan will show the Long River Sect what being a high roller means! Alchemy, artifact refining, talisman making, all systems go!

Arm up the Longevity Sect!

Take down the Long River Sect!

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