Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3593: Two Hundred Thousand Five-coloured Immortal Crystals
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Chapter 3593: Two Hundred Thousand Five-coloured Immortal Crystals


“Looks like no one has any high hopes for me. Though, that does make sense. After all, who can help the fact that my cultivation is the lowest? It’s no exaggeration to describe the difference between the Sixth Heavenly Layer and the Ninth Heavenly Layer as an insurmountable chasm.”

“Apart from that, I’m an independent cultivator too. How can the foundations of an independent cultivator compare to those Immortal Emperors from great organisations with great backgrounds?” Jian Chen mocked himself, as he was also aware that it would be very difficult for him to make it to the very end if he only relied on his current Chaotic Body and his mastery over the Way of the Sword if he did not use the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike and the sovereign god artifact, the Source of Life.

None of the Immortal Emperors who managed to make it so far were ordinary. All of their battle prowess was extremely great, and they all possessed high quality god artifacts due to their backgrounds.

Moreover, the cultivation methods they practised, the abilities they possessed, and the legacies they received could not be rivalled by any regular Immortal Emperors either.

If he wanted to contend against these people, the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike and the Source of Life would serve as his greatest support.

They were also the only two trump cards that he could use right now.

He had to keep the twin swords and the Profound Sword Qi hidden during the battles in the Observance Heaven City.

That was unless he was prepared to completely expose his true identity to the world!

He had no plans to expose the Divine Armour of Heavenflight, which ranked among the very top of high quality god artifacts. Since the Source of Life gave him an undying body, there was no need for him to expose even more trump cards.

“Senior, are you looking to place a wager?” said a female Daluo Golden Immortal to Jian Chen with an enthusiastic smile.

“Tell me, how are the payoffs calculated here?” Jian Chen asked in thought.

“Alright, senior!” The lady bowed towards Jian Chen slightly before giving him a detailed explanation about the payout.

The highest payout here was two to one. For example, if he successfully wagered on someone who would enter the next round, he would receive twice as much as he wagered.

Of course, not all of the payoffs were two to one. If the amount in the pool was not enough to cover all the payouts, then the winners would receive a lower rate. As for how much lower it would be, that would be determined by the pool.

If the pool still had any left over after paying out all the winnings, that would all go to the gambling parlour.

Moreover, each wager came with a five percent fee paid to the gambling parlour. It was given a nice-sounding name, management and operating fees!

In short, this was a business that guaranteed profit for the gambling parlour. They collected management and operating fees from every bet and used the pool to pay out all winnings.

If the pool was not large enough, then the winners would receive a smaller payout.

If there was spare money in the pool, then it would all go to the gambling parlour. It would not be passed into the next round.

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up when he heard the rules from the lady. He felt like he had just found a fountain of wealth.

“The next round is for the top six. If I wager on the final victor now, what’s the payout?” Jian Chen asked.

The lady maintained a professional smile and said, “According to the current stage of the competition, wagering on the top six has a two to one payoff and wagering on the top three has a five to one payoff. After the top three will be first place. If you wager on first place, the payoff is ten to one!”

“Of course, if you place a bet on first place after the top six has been determined, the payoff is capped at five to one!”

The highest payoff of ten to one would only occur if there was enough in the pool.

If the pool was less than ten times the bet, then they would receive whatever was in there.

Jian Chen glanced at the number in the air. Because of the tremendous sum, the pool was measured in terms of five-coloured immortal crystals.

By now, the pool had already reached over eight hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals!

Moreover, the number continued to increase.

“I want to wager two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals that the independent cultivator Chang Yang will become the Thousand Immortal General in the end.” Jian Chen took out a Space Ring. There were mountainous piles of various immortal crystals in there. Even the lowest were supreme grade immortal crystals.

He had left all of the immortal crystals beneath supreme grade with the sect.

The supreme grade immortal crystals made up for an extremely small fraction of them. Most of them were one-coloured, two-coloured, and three-coloured immortal crystals.

A million supreme grade immortal crystals were roughly equivalent to one five-coloured immortal crystal.

Ten thousand one-coloured immortal crystals was equivalent to one five-coloured immortal crystal.

As a result, the various immortal crystals in Jian Chen’s Space Ring happened to sum to two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals.

That was basically all of the immortal crystals on Jian Chen.

After all, he could not take out the divine crystals from the Saints’ World in the Immortals’ World. He only had so many five-coloured immortal crystals on him.

And he had only gathered so much after destroying multiple organisations and killing several Immortal Emperors.

Of course, the total value of his spoils were far more than that. However, most of the value lay in the various god artifacts, pills, and heavenly resources.

The immortal crystals only made up for a fraction of it.

“T-t-two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals? S-s-senior, a-a-are you sure you’re not joking?” The lady was tongue-tied. She even began to stutter.

After receiving an affirming gaze from Jian Chen, the lady immediately became extremely respectful. She obviously understood that those who could produce two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals were no regular people.

“Senior, p-p-please give me a moment. I will contact the manager immediately. The manager will come and receive you personally, senior,” the lady said with a trembling voice.

Jian Chen nodded. Then he turned his gaze towards the rapidly-growing pool, and his lips curled. “Given the size of the pool, two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals should be enough. If I put in any more, the pool won’t be large enough to pay out all of it even if I win.”

Placing two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals as a wager, he could receive two million five-coloured immortal crystals if he was lucky!

Very soon, the manager of the gambling parlour appeared before Jian Chen. He was an Immortal Monarch old man.

However, Jian Chen could clearly sense a different presence from him.

The presence seemed to possess some kind of strange connection with the Observance Heaven City.

The old man studied Jian Chen. He was unable to tell Jian Chen’s exact cultivation, but he could roughly sense that his strength should have been around the same as his. He immediately smiled amicably and clasped his fist. “I am Yu Changkong. May I ask how I should refer to you, fellow?”

“That won’t be important. You can just call me fellow.” Jian Chen smiled.

“You sure are interesting, fellow.” Yu Changkong smiled and said, “Please, fellow. We’ll go upstairs and talk!”

Afterwards, Jian Chen entered a guest room upstairs that was extremely over-the-top in terms of decor. Maidservants served up fruits and liquor to receive him.

“I heard that you want to place a wager of two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals?” Yu Changkong said sternly. Two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals was definitely a tremendous sum of wealth. Even many Immortal Emperors were unable to produce so much money.

Jian Chen directly tossed over a Space Ring. “Wager it all on Chang Yang inheriting the post of the Thousand Immortal General!”

“Fellow, you want to wager this all on Immortal Emperor Chang Yang who’s only at the Sixth Heavenly Layer?” Yu Changkong was surprised. Out of the eleven Immortal Emperors so far, Chang Yang was the only one that no one felt positive about.

No one had even considered that Chang Yang would win.

This was quite obvious from the fact that only Chang Yang had not received anyone’s support, while the ten other Immortal Emperors had all received bets.

“That’s correct!” Jian Chen was unfazed.

Yu Changkong’s eyes flickered as he smiled. “Fellow, you’re the first one to place a wager on Immortal Emperor Chang Yang, and you’re betting two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals right off the bat. Looks like you’re extremely confident in Immortal Emperor Chang Yang’s strength. Don’t tell me Immortal Emperor Chang Yang is hiding some kind of powerful trump card?”

“Now that’s not something that I would know,” Jian Chen said softly.

Yu Changkong accepted the two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals. At the same time, he took out a specially-made tablet. After recording Jian Chen’s details and the wager on there, a tiny golden seal flew out from his body. He pressed down on the tablet firmly with the seal and channeled a wisp of presence into the tablet.

Jian Chen stared straight at the golden seal in Yu Changkong’s hand. He could clearly sense a power from the Observance Heaven City from the seal.

“Is this an official’s seal of the Observance Heaven City? Looks like you hold a post in the Observance Heaven City, fellow Yu Changkong,” Jian Chen asked.

Yu Changkong chuckled. “I’m just a commandant. There’s a total of five hundred commandants in the Observance Heaven City, so it’s absolutely nothing.”

The commandants were also known as Hundred Immortal Commandants. The meaning behind the name was they commanded a hundred immortals of the Observance Heaven City.

The one hundred immortals referred to the regular soldiers who served beneath the commandants.

The Observance Heaven City had a total of fifty thousand soldiers. These fifty thousand soldiers fell under the control of the five commanders.

As a result, the commanders were also known as Myriad Immortal Commanders.

Each commander had ten generals beneath them. Each general controlled a thousand soldiers, which was why they were known as Thousand Immortal Generals.

Beneath the generals were the commandants. A general had ten commandants and each commandant commanded a hundred soldiers, which was why they were known as Hundred Immortal Commandants.

Fifty thousand soldiers, five hundred commandants, fifty generals, five commanders, two vice city lords, and one city lord.

Those were all the posts of the Observance Heaven City.

Of course, despite the hierarchy, basically all of these people minded their own business in the Observance Heaven City.

To them, the Observance Heaven City was only a land of cultivation and opportunities. These prodigies from various organsiations rarely care about these posts.

In the Observance Heaven City, there would regularly be Hundred Immortal Commandants that obeyed some regular soldiers.

There were even some regular soldiers that ordered multiple Hundred Immortal Commandants around.

That was due to the fact that the identities and backgrounds of these regular soldiers were greater than the Hundred Immortal Commandants.

Yu Changkong passed the stamped tablet over to Jian Chen and said, “Fellow, according to the rules, you need to pay an additional five percent of fees on top of your two hundred thousand immortal crystals.”

Jian Chen accepted the tablet before passing over a Space Ring. “I’ll use these heavenly resources and God Tier pills as collateral for that. Are they enough?”

Ye Changkong immediately checked the Space Ring and smiled widely. “It’s enough, it’s enough. It’s completely enough. Fellow, you sure are generous. You must come from a certain peak organisation.”

Jian Chen left the gambling parlour with the tablet. After he left, the wager under Chang Yang’s name among the eleven dazzling names in the air immediately skyrocketed from zero to two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals, which led to quite a stir in the gambling parlour.

The immortal crystals in the pool had grown by two hundred thousand all of a sudden.

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