Chaos Of Beauty

Chapter 4 — The Capital Is Very Small
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Chapter 4: The Capital Is Very Small

The sun was shining, birds were singing and flowers fragrant, above in the obsolete loft room, there stands a young man, eyes looking out of the window, his face showing no expression, attentively looking into the distance, immersed in his inner thoughts.

The wind picks up.

Lifting the youth’s hair as it blows, his sleeves billowing. Gradually getting irritated, Gui Wan takes out a silver ribbon from her sleeve, tying her hair high up. Knitting her brows, she looks into the distance, patiently waiting.

Suddenly a snow white pigeon flies in from the north, circling above the old loft room several times, and suddenly flaps its wings. The little dove calls out as it settles down on the handrail, its head turning side to side. Gui Wan walks up close, lowly mumbling: “It’s finally here.” Grabbing hold of the pigeon, she extends her hand and holds the capsule on the pigeon’s foot, from it she extracts a note, thoroughly looking over the details, she becomes slightly disappointed.

Raising her head, she ponders a little, turning her body to enter the room.

The inside of the loft room looks shabby compared to its outer appearance, consisting of two rooms, the one outside is a simple study room, inside is the bedroom. Gui Wan steps into the bedroom, there, a maid sits by the bed.

Hearing the sound, Ling Long turns her head, her voice carrying disappointment as she speaks: “He still hasn’t woken up yet.”

Glancing over towards the bed, the Nu man lies there with his eyes closed, his breathing is calm, sleeping with an overly peaceful expression, making one think that he is only having an afternoon nap, and will wake up once a while has past.

He has clearly been unconscious for three days, why has he not waken up yet? Thinking back to two days ago, the physician had vowed to her, today he shall be waking up. It is already nearing dusk, yet there is not even the slightest hint of waking up soon, seeing his sleeping face, looking as though he’s at complete peace, Gui Wan carries a trace of sarcasm in her laughter, at a time like this, he can still sleep so soundly……

Three days ago, she had swallowed the “venom pill”, in order to search for the antidote, she had put the power of the Prime Minister Estate to full use, and even sent out investigators everywhere, however, the information gathered during these three days, from all over the place, was actually very little. Looking at the unconscious and unwilling to wake up person, she wonders, could it be that he is still the last of her hope?

Gently sighing, she says to the maid who is still sat beside the bed: “Ling Long, you go back first.” Within these three days, it is Ling Long who has been rushing back and forth from here and the Prime Minister Estate, constantly delivering messages, and taking care of the patient, she must be exhausted.

“Lord Prime Minister is very worried about you.” Ling Long gently reminds.

She doesn’t understand why they must save this Nu man with unknown origin. Her way of doings things has always been done with a sense of propriety, people often say that she lives up to her name, a smart and well behaved smooth worker, but in reality, the one who is truly smooth and slick, is the young lady she has served for many years, never once has she seen her slip from her sense of propriety, so what exactly has gone wrong here?

Understanding what she is worried about, Gui Wan lets out a little laugh, how could she have wanted to provoke such suspicion, but between life and death, she too cannot stand by and do nothing. This matter cannot be explained, if she tells Ling Long, then it will be stirring up a storm for no reason.

The corners of her lips hooks up, she smiles in a relaxed manner, “Don’t worry, Ling Long.” Seeing Ling Long be put at ease from her words, Gui Wan urges her, “Quickly go, go back and tell the caretaker, my orders cannot be known to others. Everything must be done in secret.”

Ling Long answers with a word of yes, neatening up her outfit, she was just about to leave the loft room, when Gui Wan suddenly calls out to her again: “Ling Long, everything that’s going on here, you cannot tell my husband, got it?”

Ling Long reveals a look of puzzlement, but seeing a face that’s not willing to speak anymore, she can only nod her head compliantly and leave the lofthouse.

Seeing that she has left, Gui Wan sits down on the seat that was previously occupied, feeling the warmth that remains on it. Looking down at the bed, he has fallen deep into unconsciousness, but is looking a lot better than he did three nights ago.

Having eaten six hundred years old ginseng, of course he’s looking good. Gui Wan secretly harbours great annoyance, she feeds him ginseng and ling zhi mushrooms, he feeds her a secret poison, this really is a difference between heaven and hell.

Just as she was about to stand up, she suddenly catches glimpse of the person’s eyes gently twitching. Gui Wan’s entire body freezes, then sits back down again, her eyes locked onto the person. Inside she was secretly filled with pleasant surprise: he’s going to wake up.

Ye Li feels the piercing pain in his left arm, forcing him to completely wake up, his eyes slowly opens. Before his eyes was a blurred vision, and amongst such fuzziness, sits a person, who is it?

It’s him, it’s the ridiculously pretty young man from the back alley that night.

His head was overcome with dizziness, feeling everthing spin all around him, suddenly a hand supports his body, turning his head, the youngster was by his side, he asks him: “How long have I slept for?” His voice was scarily hoarse.

“Three days.” The youngster’s voice was pleasantly clear and crisp, completely different to the brave people of the Nu. He feels a strong sense of discomfort as though his throat was on fire, just when he was thinking this, a bowl of hot soup was brought in front of him, he raises his head to see a smiling face.

Extending his hand to take hold of the bowl, he felt a little guilty deep inside, he had poisoned him, yet he takes care of him with such hospitality. He takes in a big mouthful of soup, suddenly feeling his whole body warm up, his strength has also recovered, this must be ginseng soup, the people of the Nu only uses such precious ginseng when someone has contracted a severely incurable illness, yet the Celestial Empire just uses it as they please.

Seeing him stop drinking after that one mouthful, Gui Wan urges: “Does it not taste good?”

Gently, he gulps down the rest of the ginseng soup, Ye Li places down the bowl, gently saying to Gui Wan: “Thank you.”

Gui Wan was startled, responding: “No need to be so polite.” Seeing him gulp down a bowl of ginseng soup, his spirit getting much better, she can now ask him some questions, for some things, she had waited for three days already.

Without waiting for Gui Wan to speak, Ye Li suddenly asks first: “What’s your name?” Don’t know for what reason, he just really wants to know his name.

“Suo Ge Ta.”

“What!” Ye Li loudly exclaims.

Seeing this man show such a big reaction to this name, exclaiming in surprise, Gui Wan had secretly got a good laugh inside, that day she had heard him mumble “Suo Ge Ta”, and after falling unconscious, he would sometimes call out those three words, so she had wanted to test it out, didn’t think his reaction would be so big.

Seeing him look at her with a touch of wonder, alarm, and even awe, she couldn’t hold back her laugh, “I’m just joking with you, how could I have such a strange name, I’m called Yu Wan.”

Only when he heard this reply, did Ye Li feel relieved, so it was just a joke, but why is it that he can feel the slightest bit of disappointment pouring out.

This person really is rather interesting, hearing that fake name, his face was rendered in shock, his expression going through three different changes, really is strange, telling him the real name, he appears to be slightly disappointed, looks like the people of the Nu are really na?ve, thinking this, Gui Wan asks him: “My name, you know it now, what’s your name then?”

He remains silent for a long while, just when Gui Wan thought he would not be answering, he suddenly curls his hand into a fist, placing it against his chest, reciting a line of the Nu language, and then turns his head, saying to Gui Wan: “I originally wasn’t going to tell anyone here my name, but you saved my life, we Nu people value such graces the most……” Speaking up to there, he suddenly comes to a halt, rapidly glancing over at Gui Wan, “I’m called Ye Li.”

“What!” This time it is Gui Wan who exclaims in surprise.

Although she exclaims quietly, Ye Li had already looked over to her with interest, his movements as fast as lightning, “What’s wrong? You heard of this name before?”

Of course she heard of it. No wonder he had escaped from prison, no wonder the Capital City has been so heavily guarded these past three days, no wonder she had even heard that General Lin is personally leading the soldiers in search for the fugitive, turns out……turns out he is the prince of the Nu.

Laughing to herself, her face showing no change, “I haven’t heard of it before,” Seeing him look as though he still doesn’t believe her words, she adds, “It’s just that the surname Ye has never been heard of in the Celestial Empire.”

His heart was slightly put at ease, Ye Li’s stern expression calms down, he does not want to kill someone because his name has revealed his identity, subconsciously, he does not want to wield a knife against this young man.

But this youngster mustn’t be an average person right, for him to be able to safely hide him away for three days, this isn’t something that’s within the capability of the average people, thinking this, his mind was put on alert again, suddenly thinking of an important question, he asks: “Where is this place?”

“We’re in the courtyard behind Lai Fu Restaurant.” Gui Wan sees that Ye Li does not understand, and remembers that he is a person of the Nu, further saying, “This place is Bai Hua Street, it’s not far from that alleyway.”

At the mentioning of that alleyway, Ye Li frowns, “Why would we be here?” It’s too insecure, to actually be in an area within the heart of the Capital City.

“This place is most safe.” Seeing through his thoughts, Gui Wan’s voice carried no fluctuations, explaining in a leisurely manner, “There’s two reason for this, reason one, this place has already been searched through on the day you had escaped; reason two, if I had sent you to the remote outskirts that day, I’m afraid you would have already lost your life.”

Seeing Ye Li nod his head in display of agreement, Gui Wan continues to speak: “Now that I have already saved you, you should also give me the antidote for the ‘venom pill’ right?” Having waited for three whole days, her patience is quickly wearing thin.

Appearing troubled as he looks at Gui Wan, Ye Li ponders for a moment: “I cannot give you the antidote.”


The atmosphere suddenly turns cold, both people gazing at the one another, in this moment of silence, both have their own worries, thier thoughts going through twist and turns, leading back to irritation.

Ye Li thinks: He cannot give him the antidote, he doesn’t seem to be as weak as he appears, if he gives him the antidote, then maybe he would no longer help him. If he wants to leave the Capital, he still needs his help. As long as he has safely escaped the Capital City, he shall repay this favour from then onwards.

Gui Wan thinks: Him not willing to give the antidote, must mean that he wants her to aid him in escaping the Capital. Really have to inch forward and temporarily tolerate it. Once she gets the antidote, then he shall not even think of leaving the Capital City alive.

Thinking up to there, Ye Li sincerely speaks: “Yu, as long as I am able to leave the Capital, before that, I definitely cannot give you the antidote. You do not have to worry, as long as I don’t blow the Dong Gu flute (Moving Valley Flute), the venom poison in your stomach shall never act up in your lifetime.”

Gui Wan was not angry, continuing to gracefully smile: “Brother Ye Li should also rest assured, this little brother shall think of a way and safely send you out of the city.”

Both people exchange smiles, thus reaching an “agreement”.

Since an unwritten agreement has been reached, Gui Wan is also relieved from the hidden danger of the poison acting up at any moment, within that little moment, it felt as though the big burden in her chest has been lifted. The people in the bedroom, calling each other brother, was also quite a pleasure, especially when Ye Li spoke of the scenery and humanities beyond the Great Wall, letting Gui Wan gain a lot of insights.

Suddenly thinking of something, unable to refrain from being curious, Gui Wan asks: “Brother Ye Li, this Suo Ge Ta, what exactly does it mean?”

Ye Li was just about to speak, when he suddenly sees Gui Wan’s sparkling smile, the image of what happened in the alleyway that night, returning to his mind, he had mistaken this beautiful boy in front of him for a god, for a moment he is rendered speechless, unable to answer him.

Seeing that he is not answering, Gui Wan thought that she had committed a certain taboo within the Nu Tribe, saying: “Please do forgive for what happened before, I’m young and inexperienced, misappropriating the name of the Nu.”

Thinking back to what just happened, Ye Li waves his hand, “It’s nothing.” His face calm, with a slight touch of seriousness, Gui Wan sees this, and is unable to say anything.

Another moment of silence, Ye Li reveals a troubled expression, Gui Wan was secretly curious, when Ye Li speaks: “In fact……you really suit this name.” Saying that, his expression turns worse, as though he is blaming himself for something.

Hearing this, she was stupefied, and was just about to ask him what he meant, when a burst of rapid sounds interrupted their conversation.

Gui Wan’s expression immediately changes, making eye contact with Ye Li, she points to underneath the bed, Ye Li understood her meaning, sitting up from the side of the bed and immediately rolled under the bed.

Seeing that he has rolled under, Gui Wan smooth out the sheets, and then calmly walks to the entrance, opening the doors.

As soon as the doors were opened, she came face to face with a pair of beautiful eyes, seeing him, Gui Wan could not help but to feel a little taken aback. That ice cold expression, those beautiful orbs, it is clearly the handsome youth who paid up for her three days ago. Besides the young man stands several soldiers, right when Gui Wan experienced a little moment of enlightenment, two soldiers jogs up, bowing to the cold youth by the door, they speak in unison: “General, there’s no gain in the front hall.”

So he is the young and talented, along with Lou Che, assisting the Emperor, with one civil, one military, General Lin. The moment Gui Wan figured out his identity, the moment she became aware of the current crisis.

Noticing that the other person is also looking at her in slight surprise, Gui Wan stays calm and collected, smiling as she greets: “Looks like the Capital is indeed very small.”

They say extraordinary men would definitely have extraordinary encounters, does this point towards situations like this one, Gui Wan bitterly jokes.

Noticing the surprise in the opposition’s eyes flash by, Gui Wan ponders a bit, thinking to herself, maybe this could be the perfect chance, to give Ye Li to General Lin, and then she can seek for a detoxifying solution from General Lin, she does not believe that Ye Li will be able to withstand the heavy punishments from the punishment division.

Just as she was thinking that, she suddenly catches glimpse of a silver glint under the bed, Gui Wan’s heart was suddenly alarmed, she of course knew that that was Ye Li’s flute, that day’s unforgettable pain returns to her head, it was Ye Li reminding her not to betray their “agreement”!

She is caught in a dilemma now.

“So you’re that remarkably famous General Lin, many thanks for that day.” Heartily speaking to the opposition, Gui Wan reminds herself to remain composed.

Lightly nodding, Lin Rui En was momentarily speechless. Three days ago, the detained criminal of the Nu who had been sent into the Capital has escaped, he has since took charge for the search. The criminal has escaped in this area, and he has already laid out all the traps[1], yet has still hasn’t been unable to catch the person, with three whole days, could Ye Li have disappeared into dust? He has searched through the entire Capital once, but still didn’t manage to catch him, where exactly does the problem lie? Could there be a place they have passed by?

Today he can only lead people to search around again. Never did he think that he’d once again bump into this young man.

Could the Capital really be this small? Lin Rui En upon hearing these words of his, also feels puzzled all the same.

Why would he have remembered him? Is it because that day he had dressed wealthily, yet was unable to pay up his food expenses, hence leaving a deep impression on him?

Vaguely feeling that this isn’t the right answer, Lin Rui En frowns, saying: “I am hunting down the escaped fugitive. These past few days, have you seen an injured man of the Nu Tribe?” His voice as icy cold as his looks.

Of course she has seen him, in fact he’s under the bed right now.

“No, these past few days I have only been staying in this house, and haven’t stepped out.” Gui Wan spoke with such sincerity.

Slightly nodding his head, Lin Rui En looks around the inside of the house, “We have a regular course of official duties to go through, you wouldn’t mind me looking around inside right?”

“Of course not.” Gui Wan’s voice was brisk, but inside she holds hidden nervousness.

Leading him inside the house, hundreds of thoughts flashes through Gui Wan’s brain, unable to find a solution to satisfy both sides, she turns her head and sees Lin Rui En’s steady face of indifference, and suddenly thinks of something. Turning around with a captivating smile, she says: “General, thanks for your help the day before, this little brother shall always bear it in mind.”

Lin Rui En deeply frowns, how could a man have such a smile? Could it be because of his pretty appearance, such a delicate smile on his face, is able to express a look of such beauty and innocence.

Not saying anything in response, he suddenly realises that the other person had already invited him into the room, Lin Rui En’s walking pace slows.

Seeing him halt there, Gui Wan extends her hands to hold onto him, leading him to the bed and points to the only stool at the bedside, “General, please sit.”

If anyone else had suddenly extended their arms towards him, he would grasp onto their wrist mercilessly, but the moment this youngster had naturally extended his hand to hold onto him, he had only slightly hesitated. Before he could show any reaction, the hand had already taken hold of him, he was just about to throw off his hand, when he could only feel something gentle and delicate on his arm, looking down, slender fingers, a delicate white.

His mind was struck with shock, this is clearly a pair of female’s hand.

Composing himself, he sees “him” pointing at the only stool within the room, and makes the sudden move to throw off “his” hand, looking at the stool, he also doesn’t know whether he should sit down or not.

Seeing Lin Rui En stare at the stool, Gui Wan’s heart starts pounding, she is indeed taking an extreme risk right now, to invite Lin Rui En to the bedside stool, really is because of an ulterior motive, she needs to make a gamble on this, gamble on making Lin Rui En sit at the only blind spot.

But seeing him stare at the stool right now, could it be that he discovered something?

Lin Rui En hesitates for a moment, seeing “him” look over, appearing to be somewhat uncomfortable, he switches his thoughts and thinks, maybe “he” is disguising as man due to some difficulties, so why should he expose “him”, thinking that, he sits down.

Gui Wan secretly lets out a sigh of relief, looking over towards the door, four soldiers have already entered house starting their search.

The more she watches on, the deeper she frowns, in the end Gui Wan could not hold back her grumbles: “How could they be so rough.” The soldiers searching outside were rummaging around, their hands, not even the least relaxed.

Lin Rui En also watches the soldiers searching under his lead, once he takes into consideration that “he” is actually female after all, the soldiers’ actions also appears rough in his eyes, as he thinks this, he hears “him” quietly voice out complains, unable to hold back his tongue, he says: “Act more gently.”

The four soldiers outside raise their heads simultaneously, turning to look at Lin Rui En, seeing that that chilly expression of his, they couldn’t help but to look towards each other, all of them thinking: General sure is acting weird today. Softening their actions, they continue their search with caution.

Very quickly, they have managed to thoroughly search the outer area. The four soldiers walk up to Lin Rui En, respectfully standing there, awaiting the General’s orders.

Typically speaking they need to also search within the house. Raising his head to quickly glance over at “him”, Lin Rui En appears to look hesitant, his eyes scans the place, and finally speaks: “I have looked around here, there’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

Hearing his words, Gui Wan was pleasantly surprised, she has finally managed to fool this cold young General, thinking this, she looks at him, meeting his eyes, but he actually looks away first.

Seeing the four soldiers withdraw, Lin Rui En was just about to get up and leave, when Gui Wan suddenly asks: “General, the Nu fugitive you have just spoke of, is someone from the Nu right?”

Nodding his head, Lin Rui En looks at “him” doubtfully, not knowing why “he” is asking this.

Gui Wan explains: “I’m just thinking, if General is going to search around like this, maybe you won’t be getting any results from doing so, if it’s like that, then lay out an ambush on the road to the Nu, perhaps this would be of use.”

Didn’t think that having listened to that comment, Lin Rui En looks at “him” with a look containing deeper meaning, before turning around and heading out.

Although she did not hear him say anything in reply, Gui Wan knows that he has indeed listened to her, her heart filled with happiness, as long as he listens to her, then she has already succeeded in half of her plan.

Seeing the group of people, and General Lin walk ahead without looking back, Gui Wan slowly closes the doors, her entire body rests against the door, letting out a big sigh, she turns her head towards the bed, saying: “You can come out now.”

Slowly crawling out from under the bed, Ye Li observes Gui Wan in a strange manner, “Why did you suggest for him to block my road home?”

Hearing his dissatisfaction, Gui Wan smiles, speaking calmly: “In doing this, only then would you have the chance to go home.”

Seeing his look of puzzlement and doubt, Gui Wan assures: “Don’t you worry, I’ll slowly explain to you.”


The skies were very dark, with no moonlight, the shadows of two people slowly walks out from the Northern Gates of the Capital City, by the look of their leisurely pace, it seems as though they are out on a stroll, strolling in such a dark, moonless and windy night.

Observing the surroundings whilst slowly walking, Gui Wan was relaxed and carefree, turning her head, she sees that within the darkness, the other person is displaying a burning strong and cautious look in his eyes. she laughingly says: “You don’t need to be this serious do you?”

Seeing such a carefree smile on his face, Ye Li says: “We people of the Nu, as long as we are not at home, we will maintain an alert stance.”

“That is indeed a good habit.” The tone that said those words were bland, as though happy, as though helpless, as though sighing.

Hearing other implications in his voice, Ye Li turns to look at him, but the skies were too dark, no matter what, he cannot see the look on his face clearly, the same towards his inner thoughts.

Within a blink of an eye they had reached the city gates, looking up to the skies, Gui Wan halts in her steps, “Okay, we’re here.”

Also stopping, Ye Li looks towards the city gates where only two people stands, questioning: “Is this really going to work out right?”

“Of course. Right now, General Lin is in the east waiting for you with layers of traps, because that is the direction you will head in. Right now, you shall head out from the north, this way you wouldn’t run into them, besides, although it is the longer way around, but if you steer your way from the Feng City in a month’s time, then you should still be able to return to the Nu Tribe. Whether it is better to lose your life, or better to take the longer route home, I believe you should know best.”

Having said so much in one breath, Gui Wan did not give him time for a breather, continuing to speak: “Today you can leave from here. If you don’t leave now, then you won’t get another chance.”

Attentively looking at Gui Wan, Ye Li nods his head.

“Now then……” Gui Wan smiles, reminding him, “I have fulfilled my side of the agreement……”

Silently, Ye Li rolls up his sleeve, seeing Gui Wan defensively step backwards, he laughs: “Don’t misunderstand, actually, I have raised this poison with my blood, the antidote is my blood.”

Looking at him, Gui Wan suddenly understands, her anger building up inside, had she have known that the antidote has been lying in front of her for three days, would there be any need for all this trouble?

She watches on with a smile as Ye Li takes the knife and cuts a small wound on his wrist, the blood slowly flowing out. Gui Wan was met with another headache, forget this problem of needing to drink his blood, right now there isn’t even any bowls or anything of that sort, could it be that she needs to go up and drink from him?

“What’s wrong?” Ye Li asks in puzzlement, not understanding why he isn’t drinking the antidote, and even showing a troubled face, shouldn’t he be delighted to be able to detoxify the poison?

Forget it, life is more important than anything, thinking this, Gui Wan walks up, drinking the blood from his wound.

Ye Li freezes, the moment Gui Wan gently closes in, a limp and numb feeling spreads out from his wounds, the wound no longer feeling pain, only feeling his entire body slightly heat up.

What was he thinking, even if the other person is an outstanding beautiful person, in the end he is still a man. These past two days, forget having repeatedly see a flash of a god in him, but to actually feel moved by him, Ye Li-ah Ye Li, what exactly is wrong with you?

Secretly struggling with his inner self, he could no long hold back, towards the young man who’s drinking the blood with his head lowered, with black silk-like hair, white as jade skin and chin, a beautifully graceful neck, and also……

Suddenly grabbing hold of the youngster’s arm, Ye Li tingled with excitement, “You……you’re not a man?”

Suddenly grabbed by the arm, Gui Wan feels the pain and raises her head, looking at Ye Li in shock, puzzlement, joy, hearing his question, she was surprised for a moment, but calmly answers: “That’s right, not like I ever said I’m a man.”

Seeing Gui Wan’s calm expression, the blood still not cleaned off her lips, within the darkness, she reveals an appearance that looks even more like the brilliance of ripe peaches and plums. Ye Li’s heart suddenly bursts into cheerfulness, little bits of joy accumulate, causing him to let out a sound of hearty laughter.

Gui Wan looks at him as though she’s looking at a lunatic, reminding: “There’s soldiers up in the city towers.”

Once she’s said that, like a testament to her words, two gate watching soldiers runs up from city gates, Ye Li doesn’t even bother looking, shining more brightly as he looks at Gui Wan, “You are indeed Suo Ge Ta……”

The two soldiers closes in and Ye Li makes a sudden move, once again acting with the sensitivity of a leopard, drawing out the opponent’s waist-side sword, with a swift move, neat and tidy, both soldiers could not even utter a single word, and were sent to report to the netherworld.

Coldly watching the opposition’s actions, Gui Wan’s eyes reveals a hint of mysterious treachery.

Ye Li who had just dealt with the two soldiers, turns around, placing the sword on his own waist side, and strides towards Gui Wan.

He had just killed, feeling that his body seems to have the bloody smell wafting around him, Gui Wan backs away.

Quickening his pace to close in on her, he grabs hold of Gui Wan’s shoulders in one move, pulling her in front of him, with a look of joy, Ye Li mutters: “Suo Ge Ta, you are Suo Ge Ta.

Simply unable to understand what nonsense he is speaking of, she summons up all her strength to push him away, her voice coldly reminding: “If you’re still not going to leave, it’ll be too late.”

He did not care about being pushed away, but her following words snapped him awake, letting go, he composes himself as he looks at Gui Wan, saying word by word: “I will come back.”

Saying that, he immediately turns, and runs towards the stairs by the city gates. Whilst doing so, he seems to have thought of something, bringing his figure to a halt, turning his head, he once again makes a commitment to Gui Wan: “I will come back, Suo Ge Ta.”

Gui Wan says nothing, watching as his figure gradually disappears into the darkness, she then hears the sounding of the city gates, suppose he’s left the city now. The look on her face turns treacherous, a scornful smile suddenly floats to the surface of her face as she lowly speaks: “So the Nu people remains vigilant at all times?” Lowly letting out a laugh, she raises her hand and waves, within the originally empty darkness, two shadows leaps out in a blink of an eye. The two figures that have been summoned before her are clearly skilled masters.

Behind her, the two people stands shoulder to shoulder. One of them speaks with a dull, hoarse voice: “We’ve already notified General Lin. Leaving from here, there’s only death waiting for him.”

Looking into the darkness, Gui Wan shows no expression. She gently speaks, as though she’s speaking to the people behind her, but also seems to be speaking for herself to hear: “You can’t even go back alive, how can you come back?” She pauses, as though she cannot bear it, softly explaining, “This is really cruel, who told you to be of a different race? Such a helpless fate, ah……”

No one responds to her. There is only the wind that picks up, carrying away her voice in the darkness, sinking into the immensity between the city gates.


[1] To lay out all the traps is expressed in Chinese, with the phrase bù xià tiān luó dì wǎng / 布下天罗地网 which translates to prepared nets from above and laid out snares below.

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